Creator: Airbo || First Published: 07/25/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x17
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
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Headphone (07/25/2012 09:57pm):
Not enough dead space.
walkerboh01 (07/26/2012 03:13am):
Map name is terrible, but the map itself is solid. I don't really like some of the property clumping
(the 3 diagonal cities and just abundance of properties near those bases in general), but it's not
too bad.
Airbo (07/26/2012 09:29pm | Edited: 07/26/2012 09:41pm):
Itīs an awesome name!
Well i think the 3 diagonal cities actually look good, after all everything behind the rivers is
space as HP implied, besides i wanted to have a bit of high income but i cant just clump
everything in the fronts. i prefer that the properties in the front remain a specific controled
number to inflict pressure but not too much so it doesnt get too easily to lock stuff.
But iīll see what i can do about the aesthetics if they really look bad.
DuelStriker (08/01/2012 12:56pm):
Gosh airob stop being so indecisive with the map title!
airob (08/02/2012 08:37pm):
Asday (12/09/2012 07:53pm):
The map name is a reference to a Streetlight track, I think? In that case, it's bloody awesome.
airob (05/30/2013 03:11am):
Indeed, my friend.

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