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South America (Design Map by borgez)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 7.08 in 25 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
borgez (05/10/2005 07:58pm):
Basically this is the four player map from Diplomacy with the colors representing Brazil,
Columbia, Peru, and Chile as the four powers on this continent. Orange is in the least
favorable position both on defense and offense, but they do go first.
rougewisp (05/11/2005 03:13pm):
I think BM has a bit of an advantage because of the distance from everyone else.
borgez (05/14/2005 12:08pm):
I rotated the colors slightley to give them a more balanced distance between one another.
Now Blue really has to get those two factories to its north or Oranage and green will make
Blue's life hell. I think each nation gets a fair shot now. Yellow and Blue only have to
face two fronts but they are harder to fortify than the other two.
armorforSLEEP (10/28/2005 08:38am):
borgez....this map is wonderful...its good looking and functional....looks just like south
america...i started a game on it and hopefully after thats done ill love it more...i give it a 9/10
as of now...BM is the best protected but they can be eaisly cornered...OS can be attacked
by all three teams which lessens the go first advantage..yellow team is well defended
which lessens the going last disadvantage...a lot of land to actually build a strategy off
of....alot of water to actually use and fight on...reefs for protection....ahhh screw it im giving
you a ten....
armorforSLEEP (10/28/2005 09:26am):
although...u did lock some ports...
dboy (07/06/2006 02:42pm):
you mean the one in the Falkland Islands?
JoeVector (10/10/2007 09:51pm):
Who would have though I live in Orange Star? :D
Last Edited on 10/10/2007 09:51pm
Zinco (06/27/2008 11:52am):
Well. the Amazonas isn't like that & by the way, Argentina is actually more powefull than
Peru, so then BM would be Argentina.

Need Airports.
mrapex (09/16/2008 02:08pm):
take a city from bm to try to even it out, 2 would be even better
Ultra Super Duper Noob (01/26/2009 06:16pm):
well im playing as BM now and i think that YC is in the best position. taking a city or
two from
BM is disastrous

well, YC is best with sami, sensei, or sturm... GC is really spread out and OC takes on
all 3 at once pretty much
Last Edited on 02/15/2009 04:50pm
Einhar (02/08/2009 05:58am):
pen (09/06/2011 07:41pm):
I like Columbia :P.....
Nyvelion (01/07/2013 02:45pm):
This doesn't look anything like Africa!
Ebola czar (11/21/2014 06:58pm):
bretty nice i r8 7/10
UmbraNox (05/04/2016 01:06pm):
Poor orange star... Getting downright gangbanged there. Green Earth is on the opposite side of the
scale on account of that riverside base on the middle-right. Orange Star just isn't winning this one
unless they have a massive CO or skill advantage or make liberal use of diplomacy. Nice map, if
heavily unbalanced.

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