Living Artillery
Creator: mori8 || First Published: 08/13/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x24
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
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pen (08/13/2012 02:52pm | Edited: 08/13/2012 02:54pm):
Funny. I was just thinking of making silo isles connected with shoals on my next map. You
could throw in a ghosted airport somewhere in the middle, it is a big map.
Mori2 (08/19/2012 02:00pm | Edited: 08/19/2012 02:03pm):
This map works exactly as intended. It's a 4 base methodical macro game, but the semi-
contested city at each front keeps things moving. The extra infantry combined with the
starting funds per base give artillery some solid use here, which later copters will help to
break up.

I'd honestly say a 9. There's just not enough 4 base maps that handle the extra pile of
infantry well.

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