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5-D Space (Design Map by mori8)
Categories: A-Rank, Teleport Tile

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Mori2 (08/19/2012 12:50pm):
Claim to not want to make AWBW maps anymore.

Keep making maps.

Yeah I don't know.
DuelStriker (08/19/2012 01:24pm):
This is pretty cool. Not sure I really like the terrain around the center that much, but
this is pretty great regardless.
Mori2 (08/19/2012 01:43pm):
Terrain leading to the center is heavy, and in the center is light, to stop the advantage that the
first recon/tank could have in the area otherwise, harassing and possibly forcing builds early
on the opponent. I do that a lot when it's a two base map that's heavy on tanks, and by the
time copters start hitting the field en masse, the first vehicle center will be a non-issue. I tend
to model these kinds of maps' terrain after nb4DS terrain.

And yeah, I don't mind this. It'll be fun to play on, but it's probably one of the weaker maps on
this account overall. Good for fun matches, not so much for competitive.
Headphone (08/20/2012 12:17am):
Good for fun matches, not so much for competitive.

Good way to go about things.
Mori2 (08/20/2012 10:43am):
The problem is that I'm only really good at making competitive maps, haha.
Headphone (08/20/2012 06:37pm):
One way to make good noncompetitive maps is to dumb yourself down, and think of ridiculous

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