3FFA The Three Islands
Creator: Rockoe10 || First Published: 09/07/2012 || Players: 3 || Size: 29x29
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 7.18 in 11 ratings
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Rockoe10 (09/07/2012 10:44pm):
FFA 1v1v1 map. I think this is my best one yet. Any advice is appreciated.
Headphone (09/09/2012 12:17pm):
OS kind of gets shafted, considering that it goes last on both fronts, while GE goes first
Rockoe10 (09/10/2012 02:47pm):
-Removed GE's infantry unit on the top right island versing OS. This allows each Nation a
FTA on one of the three islands.

@Headphone, Thanks for the input
indaDark (05/03/2013 02:24pm):
why is it that it needs 6 player even they are only 3 countrys? if it's very obvious plz
tell me cause i'm used to play the gba/nds games
it looks cool but i want to test it out
Rockoe10 (07/26/2013 07:11am):
Its 3 nations with 2 HQ's a each. This means that if you lose ANY of the islands, then you lose
completely. So you can use your funds from other islands to help take one island but risk losing
others and in turn the game.
indaDark (11/16/2013 10:55am):
that wasn't the question. if it is a 1v1v1 map, why do u need 6 players for this? i've
seen alot of maps whit more than 1 HQ for each of the 4 nations and it wasn't a 8 player
game if you see what i mean
CCCP (06/15/2016 06:07pm):
It's only a three player, the amount of HQ's don't matter. The amount of nations is the real number of players, if
you lose any one of the islands you will lose by having that HQ being captured. So this is a three player,
CCCP (06/15/2016 06:10pm | Edited: 06/15/2016 06:11pm):
Now, I think this might be very interesting if Grit isn't banned since you could bombard the enemy from one
island and use that island's ground forces to clean up the mess. I would love to see how the tests go with Grit.
Darkenigma (07/23/2016 12:27am):
This map doesn't work. You need to change the hqs to labs.
Nyvelion (07/25/2016 02:24pm):
Lol, a map that doesn't work gets a category.
CCCP (07/26/2016 03:44pm):
Well, I was mistaken. This map is somehow broken. Wonderful.
ichbinsehselber (08/05/2016 11:37am | Edited: 08/05/2016 11:44am):
Yeah the map seems broken with the number of players. Even when there are 3 players in the
game the game does not change its status to ready to start.

I recommend that the game creators delete their games so that people don't join and get
Rockoe10 (03/12/2018 02:04pm):
HQs are now labs. Hopefully that fixes it.

Sorry for the delay. Its nice to see the servers back and better
tha. Before.
Rockoe10 (04/16/2018 02:03am):
All working again with HQs.
SouperPinjew (05/20/2019 04:09pm):


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