Save the Wetlands
Creator: MorganLeah2 || First Published: 09/11/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x18
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
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Rockoe10 (09/12/2012 05:28pm):
walkerboh01 (09/13/2012 01:58pm):
I would restructure the mountain chain in the middle a bit, or move the preowned bases in the SE
and NW corners back a bit further from it. Seems like the front is a bit narrow and will be hard to
get any attacks on, and the space near the pipe seam won't see much action.
MorganLeah (09/13/2012 05:07pm):
Something like this?
walkerboh01 (09/13/2012 09:42pm):
Yeah, that mitigates the problem somewhat. You'll have to test it to see exactly where the fronts
develop, but this is better than the first version.
Mori2 (02/25/2013 02:15pm):
Blooped up to A-Rank so I remember to put it in some public games later.
MorganLeah (03/13/2013 05:29pm):
It's already been DAYS, when are the public games?!?!?!?!?!
MorganLeah (05/01/2013 09:28pm):
I suppose that I can make them there public games now. Once I figure it out.

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