Rend the Earth
Creator: MorganLeah2 || First Published: 09/11/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 7.57 in 21 ratings
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tst5384 (09/12/2012 01:39am):
Nice map, the HQ position is very interesting. Hope to see what the gameplay will be like.
Rockoe10 (09/12/2012 05:30pm):
Interesting indeed. At first I'm confused, and THEN it hits me "Ohhhhh..." :p. Great work, looks
like it would make for a good game.
__________ (09/12/2012 11:32pm):
This map is pretty bad.
________________ (09/12/2012 11:46pm):
This map is really good.
walkerboh01 (09/13/2012 01:55pm):
Really loving the HQ positioning, but you might want to put the airports on the opposite side.
Might be tough to stop a t-copter HQ assault, especially if Sami is being used.
Mori2 (09/13/2012 05:03pm):
What Walker said. So far, I like everything going on here but the airport positioning. Great
terrain, great everything. But the early HQ cap potential here is very high, and I'd avoid
moving the HQs if possible. Airport move, or otherwise delayed air units in that area, seems
pretty logical.

But yeah, overall, one of the best new maps I've seen in a while. Good stuff man, sorry for
taking so long to comment here.
MorganLeah (09/13/2012 05:24pm):
We'll try something like this, then?
Mori2 (09/13/2012 08:21pm):
Preliminary 9 since it's just so damn cool. Will likely change as I look over it more and whatnot.
This is good.
Mori2 (11/14/2012 06:27pm):
Has this map been talked about enough? I don't think this map has been talked about enough.
Daehphone (11/18/2012 04:30pm):
We're supposed to talk about maps?
Nyvelion (11/20/2012 08:38am):
pen (12/27/2012 10:46am):
xushu (12/27/2012 01:03pm):
... huh? Maps? What's a "maps?" Is it like a Bieber?
Xmo5 (01/31/2013 02:03pm):
Did anybody remember the nachos?
walkerboh01 (03/14/2013 11:49pm):
Have always liked this map, I approve strongly of this selection.
FlameSKY (11/02/2013 07:42am):
No matter how many troops you have, you can't get any more cities in the middle!
Even losing some cities doesn`t mean a lot on this rich map.(2cities 18000

I think map commitee should play on such maps several times before rating. This
is REALLY a bad map.
MorganLeah (11/16/2013 04:37pm | Edited: 11/16/2013 04:39pm):
Based on your comment, I assume that when you say "the middle," you mean the middle, both
horizontally and vertically. Yes, it is true, there aren't that many contested cities
there; this is intentional. It's designed this way to force you to attack the top and
bottom fronts in addition to the middle front to take a significant funding advantage,
thus (hopefully) ensuring the map doesn't end up as a one-front battle.

Also, the map committee has extensively playtested this map. We don't add maps to the
league on a whim.
mirddes (01/17/2014 10:17pm):
has not been talked about enough
Red11 (03/13/2014 08:11am):
Sensei would be sensational here.
Nyvelion (04/25/2014 08:24am):
I see what you did there.
Maybe Max would be Maximized here.

Mori2 (09/26/2014 06:05am):
Removed from Global League as of September 26th, 2014.
Meta Rexy (11/10/2014 10:47pm):
This map disproportionately favours copters with the ease in which they can switch fronts. Tanks and anti airs don't have it so they will take twice to three times as long to get to the same place...

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