Solo Island
Creator: Rockoe10 || First Published: 09/14/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 13x13
Categories: None
Rating: 8.33 in 6 ratings
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amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:12pm):
stupid island...
Rockoe10 (09/14/2012 04:18pm | Edited: 09/14/2012 04:18pm):
Wow a comment before I could even look at it for myself lol. Literally JUST posted it

The island from one of my previous maps, I wanted a better 1v1 map than I've previously
created. I've been experimenting with FTA counters.

No one cares what you think....stop commenting on my maps please. It congests the forums
for people who actually matter. And you rated a 1? Thanks.....
amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:20pm):
rockoe10, I create a game on map, we play NOW
amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:21pm):
Rockoe10 (09/14/2012 04:21pm):
I'll pass, thanks anyways
amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:23pm | Edited: 09/14/2012 04:23pm):
amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:25pm):
Rockoe10 tiene miedo jajaja
Rockoe10 (09/14/2012 04:26pm):
No tengo miedo, no vale la pena el esfuerzo
Rockoe10 (09/14/2012 04:27pm):
No tengo miedo, no vale la pena el esfuerzo
amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:28pm):
If you join global league, you rank 600 HUEHUASHUEAHUSHU JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
amigo123 (09/14/2012 04:30pm):
Rockoe10 scared of losing to amigo123
DJ-Moogle (09/14/2012 05:47pm):
Rated 9 to counter Seņor Amigo's 1...
Rockoe10 (09/14/2012 07:12pm):
Thank you!
Mori2 (09/15/2012 03:33pm):
You should really start out each side with two owned bases, and make that pre-owned city
amigo123 (09/16/2012 02:30pm):
ajajaja is beat motherfuck dj-moogle
Fatman (09/17/2012 01:41pm):
I think this actually is a nice map, but I agree with Mori.
Make the preowned cities neutral and start out with two bases.
I would only try to make the map a bit more intresting somehow.
But that is just my personal opinion.
Rockoe10 (09/20/2012 12:00am):
-Turned the pre-owned city neutral
-Two bases are now pre-owned
-Deleted OS unit

Thanks Mori and Fatman for the input. Always nice to have productive feedback to improve

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