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Great Britain & Ireland (Design Map by Ignorance)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 6.30 in 10 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
Ignorance (11/08/2012 04:59pm):
Map of Great Britain and Ireland. I tried to make it look good more than being very
balanced, so anything you guys can point out, I'll be happy to change it.

Red Fire - Southern England, capital city, London.
Orange Star - Wales and middle of England, capital city, Cardiff.
Green Earth - Ireland and northern Ireland, capital city, Dublin.
Blue Moon - Scotland and northern England, capital city, Edinburgh.
Last Edited on 02/22/2013 10:24pm
Nyvelion (11/09/2012 10:30am):
Isn't Ireland part of Great Britain? Looks more like England and Ireland.
Ignorance (11/09/2012 11:26am):
Well, only Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain, the Republic, which is the rest of
Ireland is it's own country now.

I personally thought it was England, Scotland and Ireland, since Wales looks rather
screwed in the middle, unless Southern England or Scotland quits, it's diffidently screwed.
Nyvelion (11/09/2012 01:48pm):
Nvm, I got england, GB, and UK mixed up again. It's confusing.
DynamiteHeddy (11/29/2012 02:04am):
Map is okay, although I'm having a hard time imagining any scenario where London (Red) wins.

After spending some time on this map, I have to give it a low rating -- it's practically
guaranteed that London will always lose against Wales (assuming relatively equal match
ups). Why? Because London's extra base is placed going back while Wales' is placed moving
toward London, effectively giving Wales a strong upper hand when it comes to advancing
across the map. Because of that, London basically relies on Scotland to interfere with
Wales, although given an FFA scenario there's really no situation where the obvious
disadvantage plays to its favor -- if its not destroyed by Wales, it's stuck in a
relatively lower resource corner while some other nation out-muscles it. Putting its
neutral factory in a forward spot may give it a bit more of a fighting chance, though it's
hard saying.
Last Edited on 12/22/2012 10:00am
Ignorance (12/27/2012 07:44pm):
Okay, I decided to mix things up.

-Added Airports
-Three ports for all
-Factories further away from HQ's
-More funds and movement of properties

I hope it's more or less balanced, hopefully London will have a fighting chance while BM
either focuses on OS or prepares of the GE invasion, of course teams can be turned on, I'd
go for OS + BM vs RF + GE, but that's upto you.

Works on Fog hopefully, and funds can be up to 1,500.
Last Edited on 08/06/2013 10:17am
giggity3000 (08/06/2013 11:07am):
im new to this website :P
Ignorance (08/06/2013 12:40pm):
Erm..Well, welcome to this wondrous website.

This also your first time placing Advance Wars?
Bamboozle (08/06/2013 08:00pm):
Looks great. Only issue I see is that the OS and RF bases are too close (units with good MP built on
one base can attack units freshly built on the other, and could possibly occupy the base).

Ignorance (08/15/2013 11:21am):
You're right, it's either RF or OS who loses out on the base issue, depending on the player.

I'll swap the base placement around for RF then, make sure they have an equal chance of
victory, since BM is bound to want that 3rd base, so maybe I should give OS a bit of an
advantage or just make sure GE is more likely to fight BM.

Still not 100% on it though. xD

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