Just Hesitation
Creator: mori11 || First Published: 11/26/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x16
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 7.86 in 7 ratings
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Mori2 (11/26/2012 05:29am):
No towers, lots of low terrain, and some chokes to take advantage of. Copters will be
useful for breakthroughs.


Mori2 (12/20/2012 06:35pm):
An 8 or a 9. Deceptive complexity here.
the FANG (05/07/2013 01:44pm):
I don't like this map really. It always makes me feel bad during every turns. The infantries have to walk for a
long distance for occupation. My troops have to reach to another place far away to set defense and it's
possible to be attacked from one side. And it's hard to attack through the centre part. I think there's still lots of
things on this map need to be changed. For example the river in the middle. I don't want to see the map any
more on GL.
airob (05/29/2013 11:54pm):
That a player doesnt like a specific gameplay characteristic of a map isnt reason enough
deem a map unwhorthy of the League. When selecting maps, MC reviews them and checks out
for any gameplay imbalances. You dont seem to like the far away fronts and the zig-zagging
around the map, but that doesnt necessarily make it a bad map. Having several balanced
fronts is also a very good quality for a map this size. If you can, however, find any errs
in this map design as to indicate one side is favored, then it will be further reviewed to
see if removal is an option.
Mori2 (10/03/2013 01:12pm | Edited: 10/03/2013 01:12pm):
Removed after a lengthy analysis on how the fronts develop at high level play. The Fang is
somewhat correct, it's just not as great as some other maps that are much more deserving of
the Global League position. Retired to the Hall-of-Fame.
pen (04/24/2016 12:39am):
Well utilized shoals on maps look REALLY nice, but tbh they still
make analyzing a map way more difficult for me.
pen (04/24/2016 12:42am):
And I too do not like the no man's land in the middle. A very good
map, but not an S rank imo.

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