6P - Immigration (Redone)
Creator: el_B || First Published: 12/07/2005 || Players: 6 || Size: 33x33
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 9.24 in 54 ratings
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el_B (12/07/2005 01:48pm | Edited: 02/24/2006 02:07am):
I redid this one completly - The concept stayed though: Get into your copter and find your
Every player has got 2 Bases he can reach in time (AB and BD get 3 to choose from
because their turns are the last ones). The HQ's are safe, so you'll have to fight till the last
enemy Unit falls.
I recommend again to play this in FoW, as it supports the map's variable starting positions
and sneak passages.
Sami (and perhaps Sensei) gets some advantages here, so watch out.
EDIT: Oh, and Eagle can defend his T-COpter in the center, so make sure you're going to play
with non-stupid and non-stallish people, who just don't want to lose. (Or ban Eagle)

Some Bases got an extra porperty not too far away, but they are harder to defend.
Can be a nice 3vs3-Team Map as well
thedudewhoishere (12/07/2005 04:18pm):
i'M GLAD U REDID it. It's the perfect map besides the lack of battles that will take place.
golden_cow2 (12/07/2005 07:12pm):
Too many forest for FoW thin it out a little. 8/10 though. :D
Captian Octopus (12/07/2005 08:59pm):
haven't seen the first one but I like the idea 9/10. If you were to play with a capture
limit what would it be?
el_B (12/08/2005 02:34am | Edited: 12/08/2005 02:34am):
@C. Octopus: The total amount of properties (excluding HQ's of course) on this map is 72. I
don't know exactly how to choose a capture limit though. Maybe something between 15 and

Also thanks for the comments.
RDS (12/08/2005 08:12am):
Hey this one is much better than the last one :D. The idea is worked out far better now.
Hobo_neojkx (12/13/2005 02:20pm):
I've never seen anything like this, yet I love it! The idea of having a rush to capture and
establish yourself is something that is often missed on AW. Well done.
matiascoloma (12/15/2005 02:17pm):
the map is great and i like the way every city and base was placed. Bravo!

bismark (12/22/2005 08:06am):
TheGeneral (12/27/2005 07:39pm):
Good for me! 10/10. Good concept and excellent execution on creating the map.
FEfan88 (01/09/2006 06:52am):
Cool map, but there is turn advantage.
technolink (01/22/2006 01:39pm):
Very cool, Its kinda like you wait like 10 turns before you battle, still a fun map. I
like the idea of having to start from nothing, to make something. Very balenced too, the
closer, easier to get properties are harder to defend. A little too many forests, that's
about it. Nice going!
Shadow Star (08/19/2006 07:41pm):
with 72 property, i'd say a good capture would have to be 29, that way you have to fight for
the last 12 property, and everyone else will be doing likewise.
your biggest thign about capture though is with Fog, you can't tell anything.
Tyrael (10/11/2007 09:18pm):
Yea, it'd suck to just randomly lose because someone on the other side of the world got
enough properties. But maybe their neighbors could broadcast that team X is about to win,
come help kill them? Or they could just be lying to get everyone else to eliminate their rival
for them. I'm liking the capture in FOW thing.
2v2v2 would be interesting if the teams start opposite each other instead of next to. Split up
or stick together? Immigration maps are the best thing ever, there's so many possibilities and
every game's different. Superten/10
tsoukinator (01/07/2008 08:01am):
looks like an amazing map and game
i really look forward to playing on this one, i just hope that that guy in front of me moves his
soldiers so i can finally establish my area in the two bases of the northern part of this map
just right of the river =D
lol i'm really getting into this map, thanks for making it =D

Woo! For brown desert!
Vekter (07/17/2009 02:48am):
It's a nice map, but I'm not a huge fan of the whole "Run to the factory" thing.

IPS (02/13/2015 07:44pm):
That T.Copter values gold, don't lose it c:

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