Je M'amuse
Creator: mori11 || First Published: 01/04/2013 || Players: 2 || Size: 29x16
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 9.00 in 2 ratings
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Mori2 (01/04/2013 03:41pm | Edited: 01/30/2013 02:29am):
This one took a while. Last map on this account, moving on to the next one.


Slight changes to center.

blozzee (01/04/2013 06:16pm):
Rocket would be much more secure on this map, and to be owned by rocket lock in the center
is such a sadist humiliation I must say -.-;
Mori2 (01/04/2013 07:28pm):
If you can get the funds together for a rocket and not lose a front, go for it. 15k for a single unit
early on is going to hurt, and all they have to do to counter it is build a rocket themselves. The
travel time from any 1 base to a position where they can zone another base with a rocket takes
2 turns. If it's a serious problem in testing, somehow, I will move the base accordingly.
Ignorance (01/05/2013 06:51pm):
Cool map, like the style of how it's set up, roads and terrain esp. However I think I'd
rather if the port and city island wasn't shore connected. Least so close to the factory,
but that's just me. Good job, 9/10
Mori2 (01/06/2013 03:15pm):
Originally, it was like that, but it really made that base's capture phase so weak compared to the
other, which would have likely caused a small amount of STA. Had to change a bunch of stuff,
including that edit.
Mori2 (04/08/2013 12:17pm):
Map isn't as good as I would like. The fronts don't develop as interestingly as they could. I'll
bump this down to A-Rank until I figure out how to make it more interesting.
Mori2 (05/01/2013 03:34pm | Edited: 05/01/2013 04:49pm):
Edited it, just taking a while for it to update on the site I guess. Will appear as edited shortly.

Edit: There we go.

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