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Zombies (Design Map by GhostCalib3r)
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Rating: 3.33 in 9 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
GhostCalib3r (02/01/2013 03:54am):
Any feedback is appreciated.

-Black hole is SENSEI ONLY
-Weather: RANDOM
-Fog: ON

All except Sensei and Andy. Is anyone doesn't follow the rules above, kick them from the

The basic idea of this map is for Sensei to swarm endless amounts of zombies, and the
Teams in the centre fight them off, either betraying their fellow humans, or working together.
The humans (Andy's) can 1 hit the zombies (Sensei, Black Hole) but their massive numbers
never stop coming. If the andy is good enough, he can heal his units with his COP and SCOP.
But if he loses a unit, it's gone FOREVER!

It's a test of the survival of the fittest!
Last Edited on 07/16/2013 02:25am
SandSkin (02/01/2013 04:48am):
Weather being snow might have a bad outcome for the zombies if you look at it this way
they cant cross mountains which makes 4 super easy choke points for the humans. Leave the
weather random and it should be good. I like the concept.
GhostCalib3r (02/01/2013 01:43pm):
Yeah that's a solid point, the map is in testing atm.
Nyvelion (02/01/2013 01:47pm):
BH should have a mix of mechs in there.
xushu (02/01/2013 02:14pm):
So many towers.... @_@
Xmo5 (02/01/2013 03:12pm):
Is it really necessary for each player to have 24 towers? Why would they build anything
but infantry anyway at that point? Also, I agree with the chokepoint comment above. That
is a realllllyy long area that is only 1wide with only 1 move in snow. All the allies have
to do is camp infantry on the mountains on the way in and they can pick of every last
zombie that goes by without a problem (and they'll hardly ever die with 24 towers and 4
star terrain)

Way too many good (well, at least better) zombie maps out there to make this one
worthwhile as it is. Make some changes for playability and come up with something to make
it unique/different than other zombie maps. (The snow/olaf thing doesn't count, Charleslie
just did that, if not others before him)
GhostCalib3r (02/01/2013 05:26pm):
Yeah I'm testing this map at the moment all these are just theories, testing will confirm or deny
Charleslie (02/01/2013 08:51pm):
It's nice to see inspiration drawn from me. :P

One of the main problems with zombie maps is all the work the zombies have to do which is
why they usually drop after a few days. I gave the zombies 40 infantry in my map with 20
spawning every COP. You made 53 infantry with 104 spawning every COP. I think that's too
much for any human player to bare.

EDIT: I see an extra infantry near Yellow's towers.
Last Edited on 02/01/2013 09:00pm
GhostCalib3r (02/02/2013 12:13am):
Yeah I should probably cut down the amount of infantry, lol. Hopefully only players that think
they can handle the amount of zombies actually pick black hole.
khdou (07/17/2013 06:53pm):
Assuming all players play optimally, the zombies will win. Since there are no cities or APCs,
each CO's rockets will eventually run out of ammo. After that's done, it's easy to kill the
remaining units. Not to mention, there are so many cities BH will effectively produce infinite

How to make it actually strategic (maybe even... interesting?): Remove cities and mechs until
BH has JUST barely enough mechs to trigger his SCOP if they all die. And then have it so that
BH has just enough cities to barely produce enough mechs to trigger his SCOP a second time,
and so on. Then he will actually need to be careful of his positioning and not suicide mechs
Last Edited on 07/17/2013 06:54pm
mrbananas8 (07/18/2013 04:25pm):
No possible way to restore ammo, impossible to win. Needs APCs
crunch (07/18/2013 04:46pm):
Needs more Jess. A mixed team of Andies and Jesses may hold out a bit longer.
GhostCalib3r (07/18/2013 07:13pm):
The zombies are supposed to win. It's just to see who holds out longest, @khdou.

Added some APCs as well.
Last Edited on 07/18/2013 07:30pm
RNT (09/05/2013 09:53am):
dat javier
ichbinsehselber (03/18/2017 12:55pm):
if the zombies cannot build, they should loose heavily. Though it will take a looong time
to chase down all the zombies which obviously have to stay away from the center.

So this is probably very boring to play (if played optimally)

Edit: Ok the Sensei COP/SCOP makes it less clear. But still the map is too choke pointy
for BH to get very far
Last Edited on 03/18/2017 01:19pm

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