Astral Body
Creator: mori12 || First Published: 02/06/2013 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x18
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 7.57 in 7 ratings
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Mori2 (02/06/2013 03:48pm):
No towers what is this crap


xushu (02/07/2013 02:17pm):
This reminds me of a number of classic maps... I bet it would be fun to play on!
Mori2 (02/23/2013 06:45pm):
Yeah, this is awesome. I really need to make more maps like this.
the hawke (03/28/2013 05:37pm):
lol ive never played b4 but im going against you now!!!!!!!!! p.s. your army color is honey!!!!!!!!!

airob (06/16/2013 05:20pm):
I won in this map with just copters and artilleries lol.
Mori2 (01/02/2014 05:32am):
Yeah, it definitely has a unique feel to it. Lots of fun unit compositions work here.
rusty4tw (04/01/2014 03:14am):
Bans : Colin, Flak, Grit, Hachi, Jugger, Kanbei, Nell, Sensei, Sturm
Mori2 (07/07/2014 04:42am):
Retired from the Global League and moved to the Hall of Fame as of 7/7/2014.

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