Three Ring Circus
Creator: ChristIsFreedom || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.71 in 56 ratings
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borgez (05/23/2005 05:55pm):
A very interesting layout for a 6 player map. Nice and balanced on all sides. Ever think
of making this a naval map as well? With ports on the insides and outsides of each ring,
just a thought.
Kamuscha (05/26/2005 04:55am):
Where are the lions, tigers, and bears?
(06/25/2005 07:56am):
i like borgez port idea you could make one point where ports connected from one shore to
the other (allowing boats to swop from the inside to the outside)
(08/12/2005 03:14pm):
gosh y did you ban eagle!!?!? GRR...i will play anyways lol it is a good map
(09/04/2005 05:41pm):
This is really aestheticly nice. I bet the ports make it even more interesting :D
danet (10/04/2005 08:31pm):
From looking at the map, whomever gets a few battleships in the midle of the ring gains
control of both bases. Looking at it from a purely, "Artillery covering the entire ring" point of
view. Sure, they could be overtaken, but it'll be hard.

Cool map, though.
Dullahan (10/16/2005 08:44pm):
Then again, by the time somebody manages to get "a few battleships" into the middle of the
ring, the other person will have an equivalent naval force.
pazman (12/03/2005 03:58pm):
nice. did you make it?
AdvanceBurns37 (01/21/2006 09:17pm):
pretty balanced and not symettric!
foliage3 (03/10/2006 01:12pm):
good and nice

Subatai (04/20/2006 07:15am):
Compelling and rich.
ColdFocus2 (06/02/2007 09:28am):
Also, the funds needed to build those battleships would require an almost complete neglect of the ground war. Also
FOW would pose a problem to that strategy. Oh yeah, I love the map! 10/10
tubes (06/13/2007 10:56pm):
FTA is a problem here. Otherwise, pretty decent map. 8/10
chicobo329 (06/30/2007 12:55pm):
FTA is overrated. 9/10
Lloyd_Wells (08/08/2007 08:43am):
DJ-Moogle (07/11/2008 08:06pm):
nicely said, chicobo329

also 9/10
Armageddon07 (04/23/2009 03:34pm):
how about some reefs?
Tyrantboy (09/05/2009 07:48pm):
nice map

CompleteDuck (09/26/2009 03:37pm):
this map drastically needs moar funding...

Falconewing (09/26/2009 05:22pm):
more funding, and less bases.
Falconewing (09/26/2009 05:23pm):
Nyvelion (08/10/2012 11:09am):
Yeah, needs reefs. Probably your best map though, pretty good theme there.
pen (09/02/2012 11:44pm):
contested bases?

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