.4 Corner Battle 1.
Creator: whitedude || First Published: 12/08/2005 || Players: 4 || Size: 10x10
Categories: None
Rating: 5.60 in 15 ratings
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Omen Alexander (12/09/2005 05:12pm):
Sami would kick ass on this map (she'd own much of the middle territory by mid-game)...and
maybe Koal too, with all the roads and such. Consider expanding the map size a little and
adding more terrain variety and spreading out the buildings a little more. However, if you
wish to stick with an enclosed all-out free-for-all slaughterfest, the map is fine as it is. Still, I
must admit that it's a good idea...but poorly executed. [6/10]
Ryuu (12/23/2005 02:24am | Edited: 12/23/2005 02:26am):
The map actually is very challenging, with players fighting among themselves to gain more
territory. It would be difficult to gain a definite advantage over the others because there is a
possibility of becoming a target of attacks by the other three players.

Overall, it all matters on who gets the most territories and letting loose a constant stream of units.
jhuni (08/13/2006 04:29pm | Edited: 03/01/2011 12:47am):
This map just takes the problems that the original four corners had and it makes them
worse. Here are some examples:

1. One of the main problems with four corners was the central airport. In this map there
is not just one central airport there is four.
2. Four corners was basically just an infantry/mech flood war because of the number of
bases. In this map there are four more bases.
3. Four corners suffered from FTA. This map cramps things together making the FTA even worse.

If you want a decent remake of four corners look at nahbiens map here which actually has
FTA counters:

jhuni (02/18/2011 12:45am):
To fix this map switch GE and OS and give GE and YC an infantry to counter the FTA.
blozzee (12/21/2011 03:44pm):
you can't fix this, the map is imbalance by nature of the map size itself >_>
Nyvelion (05/01/2012 01:09pm):
Can't fix this without redoing the whole map...
zaykho (05/03/2012 06:28pm | Edited: 05/03/2012 06:29pm):
Spamming your face FTW !!!!!

I give a 10, cause i like this "tight" map so much :p
Nyvelion (08/10/2012 11:46am):
...what exactly do you like about it?
pen (11/12/2012 11:48pm):
i like the contested bases, chokepoints, and infantry spams the most
Nyvelion (11/13/2012 06:10pm):
Oh, I see.
sniper06 (12/04/2012 07:28am):
too small but easily to make that map i guess 10/10 is better than amigo's junk maps
Nyvelion (12/11/2012 01:41pm):
Every map would have 10/10 if they just needed be better than amigo's maps.

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