(4) 2v2 Inflationary Gap
Creator: blozzee2 || First Published: 03/13/2013 || Players: 4 || Size: 28x19
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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IceyBlader (03/13/2013 11:17am):
I think you placed a Blue Moon HQ where you meant to place the Green Earth HQ.
DJ-Moogle (03/17/2013 01:22pm):
I was gonna flip out but then I remembered it was a 2v2 map ^^;
blozzee (03/21/2013 10:33am):
I don't make 1v1 map anymore, just remember that.
Meta Rexy (08/01/2018 06:32pm):
Interesting how you have to free OS and BM's third base to use it. This will inevitably
slow them down and give Green and Yellow a chance to consolidate territory up to the
mountain range (further protected by an OS or BM piperunner on the east or west side,
which can help with defending against units emerging from the teleport tiles).

There are plenty of places to move units with landers and assault a beach to break
stalemates. I want to see more maps that innovate like this. :)
lacking sleep (06/17/2020 03:04am):
teleport tiles and fog do NOT mix

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