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拜占庭 (Design Map by gk_hod)
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Rating: 4.33 in 3 ratings
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cowsheeppig (04/07/2013 05:15am):
I can tolerate your '官渡之战' in this english website because it is originally wrote in
but i can't stand you made such a map named '拜占庭' but not 'Byzantium',
it makes me feel strange.
joeli50 (04/08/2013 03:46am):
i have no idea why you use chinese instead of english, since '拜占庭 is translate from
other language.

sulla (04/15/2013 05:14pm):

Nyvelion (05/28/2013 09:30am):
This is the internet, use english here.
datwill310 (07/18/2017 07:33pm):
I'm OK with the Chinese language being used in this way; geez you would've thought it was a crime...
Last Edited on 07/18/2017 08:17pm

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