Dramatron VIP
Creator: mori14 || First Published: 04/26/2013 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x17
Categories: A-Rank
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Mori2 (04/26/2013 01:41pm):
New account, new maps, new ideas on what we can do with towers.


walkerboh01 (06/29/2013 01:38pm):
That is a very interesting idea, good job! I'm not sure if it works on this map necessarily, but it's
a cool idea nonetheless. I would have to play on it though, I'm having a hard time deciding
exactly where the fronts will develop.

Just another note, I think the inclusion of the lander and positioning of the port is quite good.
Zeronix (07/28/2018 12:21pm):
There's some STA on this map.

If you rush the lander to the enemy port, the enemy will be forced to send the first inf from factory
closer to the HQ on the 2-base side straight for the port to prevent the lander from blocking that port.
The second player can do this without consequences, but the first player will have to delay capping
the FTA counter city for an extra turn.

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