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(三国志)--群雄割据-2 (Design Map by Gold Rush)
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Rating: 8.25 in 4 ratings
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xushu (05/09/2013 11:01am):
Lemme guess here...

OS = Gongsun Zan, etc.
BM = Cao Cao, Cao Pi, etc.
GE = Not too sure... perhaps Liu Yao/Wang Lang/ Yan Baihu? Maybe even Yuan Shu?)
YC = Yuan Shao
BH = Meng Huo
RF = Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, etc (mainly due to the color)
GS = Tao Quan / Lu Bu
BD = Ma Teng / Ma Chao
AB = Liu Yan / Liu Zhang
JS = Hmm... Zhao Fan, Han Xuan, and the other regional lords?
CI = Liu Biao (that dude is set up with the rivers allowing for all those funds...)
PC = Zhang Lu
TG = Han Sui? Perhaps Dong Zhuo pre/post Luo Yang?

Just a guess though... I'm probably wrong, lol.

Cereal Killer (05/10/2013 12:13am):
Nice, good to see some Three Kingdoms love, I contemplated doing something like this
earlier but didn't execute on it. Looks good enough, I'm in a game on it right now, so
we'll see how it goes.

Edit: Also no Liu Bei/ Shu Han makes me sad. :(
Last Edited on 05/10/2013 12:44am
xushu (05/10/2013 12:59am):
Hey, I totally can be wrong here; it would help to know where this map is on the timeline. AB
could be Cheng Du / Liu Bei... but from the setup, I doubt it.
Cereal Killer (05/10/2013 05:04pm):
Yeah, I do too, unless it's a mixed timeline, in which case I could totally see it. My
guess is that's probably what it is.
Nyvelion (03/02/2014 09:59am):
Rivers are off but otherwise nice to see 3Ks.

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