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Creator: Duf || First Published: 05/19/2013 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
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Duf (05/19/2013 02:05pm | Edited: 05/29/2013 12:21am):
This is a 3v3 map. Intended for 1000 funds. It's my first map so hopefully it'll turn out well. Quite
obviously there are 3 broad fronts that should develop. The middle nations gain more resources so
they will be able to support their allies on either side. Labs are meant for the side nations. This is
all I have for now, so hopefully I'll come up with some ideas to improve the map. That or maybe
someone will have some good ideas down below? Hopefully both. Thank you in advance. : )
airob (05/19/2013 09:13pm):
you have to keep an eye on the land to sea ratio on each map. By experience, naval maps or
maps with high seamass are harder to design in order to have a dynamic game. Right now i
can list the major issues with your map:
1- the sides landmasses are alright, but at the point where they connect with each
country´s(BH and RF, GE and YC) "territory" has a big chokepoint (the bridges). Commonly,
you´ll want to avoid chokeypoints in key advancing areas. Thing is, the map is
straightforward, so units will definitedly clump at those parts once one country controls
the center-side landmass. But the other country has a very high opportunity to clump
indirects behind the bridge and effectively deter the opponent from advancing further,
even when facing higher and better numbers. The same happens with the center.

2- Dont expect much naval play, the map doesnt need it. It has airports, and it has enough
land routes and there´s literally nothing to fight for at sea. Landers and Bboats are
rarely seen in maps which have accesible airports to the frontlines because copter spam is
a very viable strategy. Copter spam makes almost always naval play useless, as copter spam
is more viable than wasting a lot of funds in a single Bships or carrier.

3- The map has few things to fight for, given it´s size. A map this big must enforce
players to split and have to come out of their safe zones. It also seems there is not
enough funds overall.

On to solutions, i think the best thing you can do right now is increase the landmass, and
have various routes to reach the opponent. Having various fronts adds more options to a
game´s development and thus, contributes to a more dynamic game, one with less stall.
TheOutcastsOwn (05/20/2013 01:01am):
You should change Blue Moon to Cobalt Ice :P

and for the record i've always kinda liked choke points
airob (05/20/2013 01:43am):
Choke points arent bad. But there are various types of chokeypoints. When you´re only
option is said choke point which at the same time is nearly impossible nor advisable to
push on forward, that´s the problem.
airob (05/20/2013 01:57pm | Edited: 05/20/2013 02:03pm):
Do you want naval units to be important? i would advice on cutting any land link to the
central area, so that landers are a must to capture those. (that would also give you more
space to widen the side areas a bit more if you want.) And you should add isles, small
isles with properties that actually need to be reached by sea. you have to look at other
maps which involve sea warfare and get a general idea of how naval sea is developed here.

Check out delirious
and Endless Ocean

These too maps dont necessarily have big sea masses, but they have plenty of funds to
spend, and ground units have a hard time reaching the frontlines while Bships have a very
easy time covering sea spot. Your naval warfare map should revolve around how much a Bship
is affordable and usable, because if Bships are made, subs are, and consequently, so are

As for Bboats and landers, you just need to have key spots to transport these units to. There, 74 maps which involve a
very good usage of naval units.
Duf (05/20/2013 03:06pm | Edited: 07/26/2013 06:15pm):
Changed much of the map. What do you think?
mirddes (11/29/2013 03:36am):
needs more reefs
Nyvelion (12/01/2013 03:43pm):
Make the armies face the correct direction.
JacobP14372 (07/11/2018 09:28am):
Looks cool... I would give you a ten for design but it is too complicated in the middle.

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