Continuation War 1941 WW2
Creator: LaserDatsun || First Published: 06/26/2013 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
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LaserDatsun (06/26/2013 08:14pm | Edited: 06/26/2013 08:20pm):
It's the beginning of the Continuation War 1941 between Finland and the Soviet Union.
Finland wants to take back the territories it lost to Soviet in the winter war. Soviet
troops are scarce at this moment defending itself against Germany in the south. But can
little Finland really overcome its foe before Soviets massive resources and long cold
winter kicks in?

It is suggested Green Earth (Finland) plays with Javier (one tower) as Mannerheim
(stronger defence) and Orange Star as Olaf (Soviet) due to his winter and snow special
powers. For more WW2 authenticity I would also suggest to ban the units: B-copter, Black
Bomb, Mega Tank, Neotank, stealth and T-Copter.

Iíve tested this map on my DS and itís winnable and losable with both teams although itís
not perfectly balanced. I made this map more as a lighthearted historical recreation.

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