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Four element's (Design Map by Alegem)
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alphe260 (09/29/2013 09:04am):
this card is very well imagined, but I think a second airport would be required to include
BM nearest YC.
Also, I find that the position of the BM forces to attack mainly because its orange star
bases may be located a little to the bottom of the map, and the only airport is also
located downstairs.
Similarly, it is difficult to try to invest based BM for other armies because I think the
position of BM is mainly defensive.

one last thing, orange star has too much forest.
In any case, this card is really interesting

Last Edited on 09/29/2013 09:05am
Duf (10/14/2013 03:06am):
The game I played on this map had GE (I was OS) and it allowed me to focus all my efforts on the middle and
side. It was easy for me to shutdown BM and then only focus on holding the middle and expanding into GE's
That being said, I think BM needs to have a better way to expand eastward. It's a pain as orange star to move
rockets and missles -which is a good thing considering the amount of forests surrounding it. I suggest
experimenting with more funds per property to see how that affects BM's play style.
Nyvelion (06/22/2014 11:17am):
"element's"? With an apostrophy?
Element's what?

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