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Land of Glory (Design Map by airob7)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds

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airob7 (06/30/2013 03:30am):
High funds game. 2- 2.5 K income should do the trick. Land units should dominate. There
are seaports but they can be overwhelmed by earlier rockets. There are airports but they
are missile lockable. Enjoy :)

PS: im working on a normal-play map with this same style.
Last Edited on 06/30/2013 03:30am
Walker Boh (06/30/2013 09:35pm):
This looks really cool. And I don't even like mixed base maps.
Mori2 (06/30/2013 09:56pm):
I like a lot of this, especially the city placement, but the tower placement seems kind of...meh.
blozzee (07/01/2013 01:02am):
I haven't play on high fund map for quite awhile >_>. Btw, I think those towers are too
close together.
Last Edited on 07/02/2013 02:16am
xushu (07/02/2013 06:24pm):
This looks rather nice... I hate to repeat it, but the towers probably should move...
otherwise, I bet it would be really fun. ^_^
airob (07/03/2013 05:06pm):
Alright, ill move them. Any idea where?

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