Swirl 3 player land, sea, air
Creator: LaserDatsun || First Published: 07/02/2013 || Players: 3 || Size: 22x23
Categories: None
Rating: 7.67 in 3 ratings
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armogo (07/03/2013 03:54pm):
This map favors orange star too much, still a cool design though.
amigo1234 (07/04/2013 01:01am):
no... os is ff(funfair) gm(GOODMAP) FWTSFB i will give 10/10
LaserDatsun (07/04/2013 05:31pm):
Hi thanks for the feedback guys. I "borrowed" the idea from helghastking's map "3-way
(helghast) spinlet" but I wanted it to be a bit smaller and also with naval units.
Actually I wanted it to be a fairly balanced 3v3 map but I can see it favours orange star
a bit now -_- Does anyone have a good idea of how I could make it a bit more fair for GE
and BM if I would update it? Maybe I could put in one city more on GE and BM mini-islands?
airob (07/05/2013 11:03am):
The "islands" respective to each army are farther away than OSīs. Then, there are no FTA
counters. And lastly, the lone base is the problem, as OS can reach it faster, not only
due to FTA but due that itīs the only neutral base and itīs in the middle(a tad inclined
towards OS).
LaserDatsun (07/06/2013 05:38pm):
Thanks for the feedback airob, I'll make some small adjustments to make it more balanced asap.
LaserDatsun (07/09/2013 04:51pm):
I now tried to make it more balanced by moving the ports so that everybody is eight spaces
from their islands and everybody has 13 spaces from nearest factory to the neutral factory
in the middle. Also to adress FTA I made one of OS cities neutral and gave GE one infantry.

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