Alora Bridge... broken? (2vs2)
Creator: tmassing || First Published: 08/07/2013 || Players: 4 || Size: 28x28
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tmassing (08/07/2013 03:40pm | Edited: 08/08/2013 05:51am):
1. This map is meant to be played with broken COs (Grit, Hachi, Colin, Sensei, Kenbei)
2. Orange/Blue get considerably less funds per turn and all their cities are ghost cities. This means
they can heal on the cities but can't build on them. So useless for COs like Hachi or Sensei. The
advantages of
picking these countries are their proximity to trees/reefs. A perfect environment for Colin or Grit.
Colin because of the lack of
cities, which he doesn't need later in the game AND 2 seaports, 2 factories, and an airport. Grit is
a great choice because of the trees.reefs, and chokepoints on the mainland.
3. Yellow/Green receives a lot more funds than their partner. They also have about 9 neutral cities:
2 on the island and 7 on the mainland. Having this many funds should motivate people to choose
Kenbei. The
neutral cities on the island and other neutral cities should motivate choosing Hachi or Sensei. Note
that 4 of the neutral cities are surrounded by water or mountains so only infantry can be
built...unless you are desperate and need to build an indirect. lol.
4. I think it should only be a slight advantage to have a lab. Maybe make the only lab unit the Mega
5. I would ban bombs and stealth. Bombs are too much of an advantage to Colin and Hachi and too
much of a disadvantage to Kenbei. I would ban stealth because too much of a disadvantage to Grit.

Hope you enjoy it and good luck!

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