A Memory of Light
Creator: Bamboozle || First Published: 07/13/2013 || Players: 4 || Size: 34x26
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 6.67 in 6 ratings
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airob (07/14/2013 12:48am):
Teams should be ABBA.

Bamboozle (07/14/2013 01:08am):
Switched BM and YC, teams should work now.
Walker Boh (07/14/2013 05:30pm):
It needs to be OS/YC vs. BM/GE. I don't think it works quite right as it is now.
Bamboozle (07/14/2013 06:14pm | Edited: 07/14/2013 06:15pm):
Otherwise there would only be one front, no? OS has a front with BM and GE, etc. So OS and YE are on
opposite sides and are on teams.
Bamboozle (07/15/2013 05:44pm):
Wait I see it now. Fixed it (hopefully)
Walker Boh (07/15/2013 10:09pm):
Even switching BM and YC's positions could be good. Just depends which type of front you
blozzee (07/16/2013 01:34am | Edited: 07/16/2013 01:37am):
nice map, I always wanted to make 2v2 map like this though I happened to running out of
idea :< ...
Madd Maxx (08/10/2013 06:33am):
If its ABBA, I don't think you need fta counter. Each team has fta over their counter part...but
maybe I'm wrong.

-1 for no airports. If you dont want to play with air units you can ban them. Doesn't make
sense not giving that option.

Also -1 for too many properties I think.

Looks like a lot of fun though and the sea is a major part of the game. 8/10. Make the above
changes (fta I dont care about) and I'll give 10/10

Green and Orange too far from the islands. I would think that Amber and Blue shouldn't have
a hard time capturing the far factories on the islands before the other team knows what
happened.Why not switch orange and greens factories so the neutral factories are behind
them and they start near the seaports? Also means the battle will start sooner. As is must be
a long time before the first attack. I think switching the factories would help the map a lot.

Also I reocmmend making at least 2 of the 4 towers contested bc as is they are useless.
Who cares if everyone has +10 for the entiure game. What's the point? If two of them are
more contested then that makes things more interesting. Teams have to strategize which
player will get the uncontested tower (other team doesnt know who has it) and the other
tower adds more reason to fight.

-1 until towers fixed

so now 7/10.

I hope you make some changes because this map has serious potential!

Good job!
Bamboozle (08/11/2013 04:45pm):
Thanks for the feedback, I'll edit as soon as the games are done
blozzee (08/12/2013 04:54am):
I think the property distribution is alright here, I don't see anything wrong with it.
Also the contested tower idea would be a nice touch up. If this map is played on a
competitive level, I guess the game might resulted into a stalemate at some point, which
is good because the stalemate wasn't the cause of some unbalance design like chokey front
for instance. Thus, there would be a lot of strategy repositioning unit going on at that
point. Afterall, a high level awbw gaming is all about the art of breaking the wall of
stalemate imo.
Bamboozle (11/23/2013 10:49pm | Edited: 11/23/2013 10:51pm):
Changed base placement, removed towers, added airports, made some terrain and city
changes. Should be more balanced now.
the-deadly-shadow (11/24/2013 07:32am):
I played the map in the 'old' style and prefered that way it was before.

The island can now be reached with air units, that means that the game will not have as much
naval combat as before. I think this game is more fun without air units, so the map does not need
an airport. Secondly I don't think your city placement has been improved.
Bamboozle (11/24/2013 12:44pm):
Surrounded airports with pipes to prevent early t-cop rushing?
Some folks are telling me it need airports, some are saying no, I dunno what to do :(

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