Creator: GhostCalib3r || First Published: 07/16/2013 || Players: 5 || Size: 31x31
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Rating: 6.33 in 3 ratings
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GhostCalib3r (07/16/2013 02:57am | Edited: 07/16/2013 03:01am):
Another one of my infamous zombies maps!

-Ban ALL COs except Jess and Sensei.
-Sensei is Black Hole, EVERYONE ELSE is Jess.

The idea is the recons try to escape from the endless swarms of Mechs (due to Sensei's CO
power), and once the mechs capture all the cities, the recons can resupply fuel with Jess'
CO power. Obviously try to hold on to the cities as long as possible to heal more easily, but IT

Also can be played free-for-all, or teams (black hole team A, rest team B).

Really simple map, but has some REALLY FUN gameplay elements to it. : )
airob (07/16/2013 10:20pm):
Making the allied armies Hachi could make this an interesting game.
GhostCalib3r (07/17/2013 07:22pm):
I think the polite term is "more interesting" airob. :p

I dunno if Hachi could get enough funds to do much with though. Half price helps though.

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