Towers of Midnight
Creator: Bamboozle || First Published: 07/20/2013 || Players: 6 || Size: 38x38
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.93 in 14 ratings
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Bamboozle (07/20/2013 03:44pm):
FFA. Didn't take teams into consideration when making this so they probably won't work.

Thoughts/feedback/accusations of heresy?
Walker Boh (07/20/2013 05:54pm):
Sweet design.
blozzee (07/21/2013 01:13am):
This is a mix map?, I didn't realized it until I saw top and bottom are actually the same
symetrical bases. This would be epic if it's a Left vs Right team game map.
Bamboozle (07/21/2013 12:20pm | Edited: 07/21/2013 02:09pm):
So AB, CI, TG vs the others?
blozzee (07/22/2013 05:07am | Edited: 07/22/2013 05:25am):
yeah, though if that's the team, the JS and AB hqs need to be replace somewhere else since
it's very vulnerable. There are also 2 com towers for each player. I dont think those are
necessary. One tower for each player should be enough.
Veritech (08/09/2013 06:57pm):
^Or ban Javier.
100 games (08/14/2013 01:33am):
yes.. don't forget to ban Javier..
Very Fun Map
Bamboozle (08/14/2013 09:13pm):
So far from what I've played, CI and PC on the corners tend to get squished and my mountain placement was
meh. Adding more terrain, rearranging roads and mountains, removing one tower a side and other stuff next
edit. Any more feedback?
Bamboozle (08/14/2013 09:14pm | Edited: 05/09/2016 03:56pm):
Swag editing this from 3 years ago because I can
Ignorance (08/16/2013 06:18pm):
Well, not much feedback on the map's placement, but I do love these kinda maps with all
the chaos in it. :P

But, if I were you I'd swap TG or CI's second bases, since they fight each other on both
fronts they have and CI is at a disadvantage because AB is right above and has no where to
go, so he loses his second base pretty quickly, while TG can attack his HQ from both of
TG's bases. Especially if TG gets some rockets to attack CI's main factory..Same goes for
CI's second base.
Bamboozle (01/24/2014 01:35am):
Made some radical base changes and moved a lot of terrain. Completely removed comtowers
because lol.
Anathema! (01/24/2014 01:50am):
You forgot the comm tower in the south region.
Artamiel (07/05/2017 09:17pm):
Is it possible now TG+JS+PC vs others?

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