Empires at War - British, Spanish, Russian, Ottoman Empires
Creator: dmichev || First Published: 07/14/2014 || Players: 4 || Size: 40x40
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Rating: 10.00 in 3 ratings
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Nyvelion (07/15/2014 01:30pm):
And which empires would those be? This doesn't look like middle earth.
MorganLeah (07/16/2014 02:27am):
It is most clearly the game of thrones
Xmo5 (07/16/2014 11:04am):
Pretty sure you don't know what you're talking about. Clearly the title is referring to
ESB, so therefore, this is taking place in the Star Wars universe.
dmichev (07/16/2014 11:49am):
I hope you guys are kidding! This is Europe and the empires are British(red), Spanish(green),
Russian(blue) and Byzantine(jade). I know that the 4 empires did not exist at the same time in
history but it is for the sake of having 4 players at each of the 4 corners of the map.
Nyvelion (07/16/2014 04:08pm):
What is "Byzantine"? Is that like Renly's forces as Storm's End? Or is it the Trade
MorganLeah (07/17/2014 03:12pm):
Oh I see, it's skyrim
Xmo5 (07/17/2014 09:50pm):
Yeah, yeah you're right; JS perfectly represents the Borg in all their cybernetic hatred. How did I
not see the Harry Potter connection before now?
H0RSED1K (07/20/2014 10:43pm):
Guys, c'mon we all know that is Japan vs. China. Let's stop with the jokes now....
the-deadly-shadow (05/18/2015 08:49am):
I think it is based on Rage of Mages 2. I guess it needs more ports
akichann (11/07/2015 07:54pm):
Is this a map from chronicles of narnia?
akichann (11/07/2015 07:55pm):
Is this a map from chronicles of narnia?
srstarry (02/09/2016 09:36pm):
blue moon is clearly too strong. he is almost guaranteed to get four bases, plus two with ease.
furthermore, he starts with two bases instead of one.

a9977321 (02/11/2016 02:56am):
So it is a 3vs 1? By giving BM extra bases you sucessfully made the rest 3 kingdoms allies
against Russia.

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