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Sightblinder (Design Map by Bamboozle)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Bamboozle (08/21/2013 05:30pm):
I could really use help with terrain placement here, I think :(
blozzee (08/21/2013 08:20pm):
no airports?
Bamboozle (08/21/2013 10:26pm):
I always forget them lol, fixed
totallynotmori (08/23/2013 01:51am):
This looks very solid.
Mori2 (08/23/2013 01:51am):
I agree. I am a little worried about those two center cities and how they might take away focus
from the really, really cool side fronts, but I'll run some M Games on it, I could be wrong about
Daehphone (08/23/2013 04:00am):
I kind of don't think they will, considering how easy it is to arty lock them.
Last Edited on 08/23/2013 04:01am
Walker Boh (08/23/2013 07:56pm):
Seems to me that the side fronts won't attract much attention anyways. It all seems a little bit too
tight, I think you need some more space between the bases and the fronts.
Reducing/repositioning the amount of mountain/pipe tiles near the fronts might help too.
Bamboozle (08/23/2013 08:58pm):
The side fronts were actually an afterthought (lol) so they weren't very well planned out. I just
thought of them as moar routes to the mainland/routes for attracting enemy units away for a
diversion at the sides.

I've already started a test so I can't pull the bases back or redistribute anything yet, we'll have to
see the results :/
Walker Boh (08/24/2013 01:59am):
Let us know how it goes. =)
Bamboozle (09/05/2013 05:56pm):
Made the following changes:

Repositioned mountains and cities near the fronts
Repositioned bases
Removed pipes
Slightly changed side fronts
Made it more open in general
Last Edited on 09/05/2013 05:58pm
walkerboh01 (02/07/2015 03:49am):
Looks like a stalemate to me. You need to shift the cities in the center around a bit, right now
there is a large gap between cities that will be safely captured by either side, with no really good
way to launch an assault.

There also is effectively no side front, as one country controls both routes into the side area on
either side. I recommend moving TG's southern base south and east, making the central
access to the side route an east/west bridge rather than north/south, and heavily reducing the
terrain between TG's base and that route.

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