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Crimson Typhoon (Design Map by mori14)
Categories: A-Rank

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Mori2 (08/27/2013 01:37pm):
As I nearly complete another account full of maps, I'd like to take the time to say a little bit
about why I'm here, and why I do what I do.

Advance Wars by Web is by far one of the greatest games I have ever happened to stumble
upon. I simply cannot thank enough the wonderful people who keep this site afloat, including
but not limited to Amarriner, Glen, and Walker. You guys know who you are, from the site
proper to the forums and even those who manage the IRC, and I hope you also realize how
much we appreciate your hard work. Similarly, though, I'd also like to thank the players and
mappers, like Hellraider, Ultra Storm, Headphone and Airob, who have helped to keep this
incredible community afloat these many years. You are the people that have inspired me to
contribute (as of this writing) over 400 maps towards this site with the intent of carrying on
where some of you have left off, and to help shoulder the workload of those still here.

As such, I've taken a page from some older mappers here and whipped up this little number,
inspired by many of the maps on the Walker Boh account. I'd hate to say all of this on a
crappy map, so I was sure to think this one through pretty thoroughly before posting, haha.
Here's hoping you guys have fun with it.

Thanks for everything. Let's keep making this the best turn based strategy game on the

Walker Boh (08/27/2013 08:29pm):
Right back at you. I still remember the first few maps you made... you've come a long way, and
dragged some of us further along with you. Thanks for continuing to pump out great content -
you do your thing and do it well. =)

Oh also this map sucks.
Mori2 (08/27/2013 10:21pm):
Needs more piperunners.
Veritech (09/07/2013 09:36am):
Looks pretty good, as always, but please stop abusing Jaeger names.
Strike (09/14/2013 01:25am):
Agree 100% with mori - advance wars by web is excellent - still fun after all these years and
the online maps are much better than the original ones on gameboy which were more suited
for short games

Thanks for contributing so many maps and keeping the website afloat so the rest of us can
play an awesome game called advance wars

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