Titans Rise GL
Creator: mori420 || First Published: 09/04/2013 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x19
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 7.60 in 5 ratings
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Mori2 (09/04/2013 07:55pm):
Original map by Walker Boh:

A normal funds version of Titans Rise for tournament and Global League play.

lazernerd (09/04/2013 08:35pm):
Did you accidentally swap the positions of the HQ's? Right now they can be captured in 4 turns.
Mori2 (09/04/2013 08:53pm):

Walker Boh (09/04/2013 09:00pm):
Mori2 (09/04/2013 09:23pm):
Yeah, I think it will do nicely there, along with some of your other maps.

rusty4tw (02/15/2014 06:18am):
League COs:
Adder Andy Drake Grimm Jake Jess Kindle Koal Rachel Sonja
blanci1 (03/14/2014 05:35am | Edited: 03/14/2014 07:23am):
Interesting or quirky ?
Wondering what are players experiences here? No one has commented on what happens and whether games
are fun or whatever yet.
I had one game here a while back but i think it got cut short or something.

blanci1 (03/16/2014 02:45am | Edited: 03/20/2014 02:42am):
It seems the whole lander and piped in lake thing is just a red herring. Seems to be no way to use lander for
anything useful , even in unusual situations...Pity... Also the black boat will almost never be useful, even for
It could be interesting and fun to allow the lander to land at both lateral holes by putting beach tiles by the
holes lacking them.
blanci1 (03/16/2014 03:01am | Edited: 03/18/2014 03:17am):
Also This map seems to be very highly sensitive to early deployment . There are very few contested
resources, and the few that exist are immediately up for grabs, which thus may require a very precise opening
line. There may even be a guaranteed winning line.
walkerboh01 (07/09/2014 03:06am):
The 2v1 base setup helps to counter any issues. And yeah, the lander was more useful in HF
setups (which is what the map was originally designed for), since you could use it to transport
megatanks right to the front after destroying the pipe.

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