Creator: Bamboozle || First Published: 09/07/2013 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 7.67 in 15 ratings
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Mori2 (09/08/2013 02:45pm):
I like this.

Walker Boh (09/09/2013 12:54am):
I like that you like this.
walkerboh01 (02/07/2015 03:39am | Edited: 02/07/2015 03:39am):
In seriousness I really love this map, and it just gave me an idea for a potentially cool setup.
The only obvious room for improvement that I see is the HQ position. Preliminary 9/10, I'm S-
ranking this and putting it in Under Review.
Everdan (07/25/2015 12:30pm | Edited: 07/27/2015 11:56pm):
Sami really shouldn't be allowed in high tier. With so many mountains right in the contested
areas and so many contestable properties, she's bound to profit off her OP infs and capture
ichbinsehselber (09/02/2018 07:54am | Edited: 09/02/2018 07:56am):
The fact that there is no way to heal on the strong side (during the early battle for the
contested properties) together with the fact that there are 6 contested cities leads to
some interesting
non-standard play. I like this map (10/10)
shen150 (01/29/2019 11:35pm):
What's the point of the ports surrounded by shoals?
Bamboozle (04/27/2019 02:39pm):
Honestly, looking back, I don't even remember. I think I just threw them in there for anyone crazy
enough to want to try naval plays and the like (and aesthetics)

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