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Empire of North America (Design Map by borgez)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 7.55 in 51 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
borgez (05/15/2005 04:33pm):
The map of North America after some unforseen but truly awful catastrophe has given life
to 8 separate powers. Those pesky Alaskans and British Colombians have banded together as
blue, The Northwest territories have claimed the Canadian Bay as Black, The French
Canadians in Quebec have claimed all land north of them as Gold. The united States has
been divided in half with the red Westerners and the Orange Easterners. Mexico is not
going to stand by and get taken over as Green. Cuba sees this as a chance for expansion as
Yellow, and playing the part of Grey today will be the nations of South america who
finally get the chance to take out their big brother to the north.
This is my first 8 player map. I based it loosely on the Empire variant in diplomacy. let
me know what you think.
Mother (05/21/2005 10:43pm):
Canada looks squished eh?
(07/06/2005 06:52pm):
With a biography aswell, and cuba trying to take over...I knew those basterds would do that!
I love this map!
(08/10/2005 08:14pm):
Red westerners WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i'll play them every time.WEST SIDE. (looks like the
capital is either oregon or washington)great map.like the way you seperated the
country.plus i love well made country map mostly because i find it hard. 10
(08/18/2005 05:48pm):
it's a good map but the contries aren't good for tactical reasons, like grey sky for instance
yellow comet isn't placed well either.
(08/18/2005 05:48pm):
it's a good map but the contries aren't good for tactical reasons, like grey sky for instance
yellow comet isn't placed well either.
(08/26/2005 11:40pm):
Excellent, I like Diplomacy. 10/10

P.S Yellow Comet's postion is bad.
TheGeneral (10/30/2005 08:11pm):
You could've placed Yellow Comet in the entire Carribean to start with, but still 9/10.
green rampage (12/12/2005 03:40pm):
I like it besides yellow comet
technolink (01/23/2006 08:16pm):
make cuba to florida a river with a bridge for YC, that'd even things out. 9/10
slydog18 (03/20/2006 09:06pm):
Just take yellow out and touch it up a little for grey sky with watever you need to make
it fairly even or evenly fair.
Last Edited on 03/20/2006 09:07pm
smahlt (03/20/2006 09:34pm):
What kind of pathetic excuse for the Great Lakes is that?

Ha, I kid you. Looks good!

The only suggestion I have is that you should remove the shoals right next to the Hawaii
seaport so that the Subs and Battleships can make it out to sea.
Last Edited on 03/20/2006 09:36pm
MooglePirate (04/25/2006 03:29pm):
Calvacadeofcats (04/25/2006 03:46pm):
Michigan has... um... six, maybe eight tiles. That's not bad! It might be as much as
Hawaii got!
sportzfan0110 (06/14/2006 06:10pm):
great map
sportzfan0110 (06/24/2006 02:26pm):
ummm... it's been that zero person's for like who knows when...
mysmallaznworld (11/08/2006 08:20pm):
"it's been that zero person's for like who knows when... "
wat the hell did u just say?
Pyrranha (11/08/2006 08:46pm):
"MooglePirate (04/25/2006 06:29pm):
punyinfantry (11/14/2006 02:00am):
actually Koal and Adder is needed. Lash is pretty good on this map with all the mountains
and trees.
Last Edited on 11/14/2006 02:04am
moizeus (11/10/2007 07:09pm):
I love it
snaged911 (11/10/2007 08:17pm):
by diplomacy do u mean that like players can make secret alliances? I dont care, but
communism must not win, i think everyone should gang on cube and then go on from there
snaged911 (11/10/2007 08:24pm):
hey whens the game start?
Zinco (06/27/2008 11:24am):
MMM, where's the braver river? where's TEXAS? where's Monterrey?

DJ-Moogle (07/24/2009 09:35pm):
this map was completely boring when i played on it -.- i'll give it a 6
Nyvelion (03/23/2014 08:47am):
Only as boring as North America really is.

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