God's Land: A Tribute of Blood and Metal
Creator: excomotive || First Published: 10/04/2013 || Players: 3 || Size: 39x17
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 8.63 in 8 ratings
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excomotive (10/04/2013 06:18pm | Edited: 10/26/2014 10:21am):
Welcome to God's Land, fools.

You thought all those fairy tales you read in your "holy books" were true? Haha! Guess
again. Kindness and mercy are for the meek. Strong gods rule with an iron fist and demand
sacrifices from their subjects. Fail to deliver upon my demands and you shall feel my wrath.

I have placed two unfortunate souls in this combat arena against their will. Here they will
fight to the death for my amusement. I shall spare the life of the winner until the next duel -
where his life will be put at stake once again.

I don't expect you peasants to understand such a complex idea, so I will lay the rules out for

1) To sacrifice a unit, order it to the designated tribute zone behind either combatant.
2) I may, at any point, demand a sacrifice from both combatants. The combatants who's sacrifice
does not arrive, or is delayed, will be punished.
3) Combatants may offer additional sacrifices to gain temporary favor with me.
4) When one combatant is eliminated, I shall offer up a draw with the winner.

Please me, and I may just grant you access to higher income, better equipment, or
aeronautical technology. Cross me, and you can kiss your only life goodbye.

What will you sacrifice to win?

Edit: Ban Hachi.
BamboozleII (10/04/2013 07:31pm):
This looks really cool, the idea of a "God" type player overlooking a 1v1 sounds interesting.
Gonna have to try it out.
crunch (10/04/2013 10:32pm):
I like the idea, but... 12 missile silos for the entire stage isn't actually menacing.
Okay, two com towers and an airport is actually good stuff, but... only 12 missile silos?

Unless you're Grit, you can't snipe units on the bases, directly hampering production. And
once all 12 silos are used up, OS has little to no say in what occurs in the 1 vs. 1 map.
As long as I play as Colin and mass-produce units, the missile silos will have little
effect on gameplay. If BM and GS collaborate, they can wipe out all of the submarines and
destroy OS's vision. Then they can just wait out the randomly fired missile silos, build
up a massive force of Rockets, and snipe OS forever. It's silly how weak OS is...

Give OS more silos, more pre-deployed units, maybe a couple of Piperunners, make the bases
adjacent to the pipes, give OS more funds, increase the advantage for gaining OS's favor,
add ports on the outside (and maybe a few battleships), and make the airports pre-owned by
OS for swift punishment to those who don't sacrifice.

Those minor problems aside, looks like a really good idea. :)
excomotive (10/04/2013 11:54pm | Edited: 10/05/2013 10:57pm):
Thanks for the input!

I thought 12 silos was pretty menacing, but I could definitely be wrong. To clarify my thoughts
behind the current iteration of the map, I wanted OS to have some influence over the match
without being too powerful (I know a lot of people consider their gods to be omniscient, but I'm
also a stickler for balance).

A collaboration between BM and GE is possible, but I see that as an opportunity for one player to
defect. Though a match where both players honestly team up against god would be a unique
strategy of the map. I can't imagine it being a common strategy, however, granted OS can't
actually lose unless they drop out.

I had tinkered with the idea of piperunners, sea units, higher income, more pre-deployed units,
and other bonuses for OS, but decided against them for now. I plan on playing a few games
(with and without fog) before I make any changes. I could use feedback after our game to see if
your initial thoughts still hold.
Mori2 (10/05/2013 01:38am):
1 or 2 missile silos can easily determine the entire outcome of a fight. 12 is terrifying. Cool idea.
crunch (10/05/2013 09:50pm | Edited: 11/01/2013 12:37pm):
Oh hey, you edited it. Orange Star is invincible now. :P
excomotive (08/03/2014 02:47pm):
I added the cities around OS because I didn't like it when CO powers damaged OS units
and they had no easy way to repair. It only really increases their strength in defending
the sacrifice zones.
Meta Rexy (10/25/2014 01:53am | Edited: 11/01/2014 06:10am):
This is hilarious XD
Hachi can still deploy piperunners btw :P
I really want to try this out. Will edit once done.
Edit: If you want to give OS more power and not worry that much you can give him a few comm towers and let him be Javier. That way his units won't fill the power bar for the other players :P
(In my test game both players chose double Hachi and are filling their bars by shooting OS's subs, though I've deployed piperunners as revenge for their foolishness > : ) )

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