(FFA) Orbit
Creator: Cpt_Klutzershy || First Published: 10/19/2013 || Players: 4 || Size: 55x55
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Rating: 8.25 in 4 ratings
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Cpt_Klutzershy (10/19/2013 07:03pm | Edited: 10/19/2013 07:04pm):
Rivers around the sun make it inaccessible.
This is obviously a heavy navy map.
Reefs simulate orbital issues.
Small planets get refill ports only.
Home planets have spaceport moons.
Large planets have mineral-rich rings around them, but are hard to traverse and barren.
The cities in the ring around the sun are solar satellites.
The cities in the reef are mineable asteroids.
All factions have something celestial in their name.
FTA countered by neutral home cities.
Ban Drake, Sturm, any other broken CO really. And maybe movement COs. And even
possibly Eagle to stop his battleships moving and shooting with SCOP
Cpt_Klutzershy (10/20/2013 07:11am):
Symmetry error in the top right.
I'll fix it later.
the-deadly-shadow (10/22/2013 03:24pm):
eagle is not overpowered, His naval units are very weak, so his SCOP will not make up for a
30% attack loss. I think this is a fine map.
Cpt_Klutzershy (10/22/2013 04:41pm):
Yeah, I guess the cut in navy power doesn't make him op- especially seeing as there are no
airports (oops :p). I'm just waiting to see whether this turns into an absolute submarine-fest or
mirddes (11/11/2013 12:33am | Edited: 11/11/2013 01:37am):
(FFA) Orbit (with air)

i would like to produce a modification of this map with support for bcopters and fighters

mid corner and mid edge cities replaced with airfields and the 4 islands with ghostport+city replaced with
ghostport+ghostairport, no other changes.

banned units == all air except for bcopters and fighters

minimal gameplay changes are intended, i just really like the synergy this creates for carriers and
cruisers while still emphasising blackboats.

t-copters are definitely a ban.

otherwise i really like this map.

tried making one but half way through i quickly realised its not 40x40, it seems to be 55x55 and ive never made
such a large map
mirddes (11/11/2013 01:24am | Edited: 11/11/2013 01:24am):
should yellow comet own the neutral city on yc home island?

guess not blackhole has neutral also.
mirddes (11/14/2013 09:59am | Edited: 11/14/2013 10:46am):
i feel like forests could be added to the islands with base+ghostport+3cities; jutting from the 3

they are important islands have have comparatively few reefs

mirddes (11/14/2013 10:01am):
is neutral cities the best fta counter?
Cpt_Klutzershy (11/20/2013 05:44pm):
In my opinion, yes, otherwise you could launch your black boat on the first day if I gave an

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