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Stranger Tides (Design Map by mori18)
Categories: S-Rank

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Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
Mori2 (10/23/2013 02:39am):
Testing out some ideas on overpowering copter options.

Argodan (04/16/2015 05:08am):
Not sure how I feel about piperunners being viable. They're able to control 2 out of 3 fronts and restrict enemy
copters, all from relative safety. Otherwise, map looks pretty good.
walkerboh01 (04/21/2015 12:01am):
I agree. As it is, piperunners need to be banned. Another option is for the base to be moved 1E
(for GS), the pipe due north of there could be turned into a road tile (for aesthetics), and the
mountain blocking the center could be moved 1S as well. That probably wouldn't hurt the
capture phase and front dynamics, while eliminating piperunners shenanigans.

I also don't really like the forced pipe seam break. You basically have to spend your first vehicle
on an artillery to break the seam into the center. And after doing that, the route around the HQ
side of the piped section becomes irrelevant. I'd prefer if the seam started off broken, and the
base was moved a space or two closer to the HQ (use forests placement to slow down units to
the center as needed).
the-deadly-shadow (10/30/2017 01:43pm):
I played this map 3 years after its creation and I found out that this map has FTA(First
tank advantage).The area in the center is very hard to reinforce, so the one who produces
his first tank will get there first. That means he will deny some capturing and he will be
able to take a beneficial position in the center.

uhm. I just saw the game of Walkerboh and it seems like you need to break the pipe to
arive earlier in the center. That might help.
Last Edited on 10/30/2017 01:49pm

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