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CrimsonKing (Design Map by jimmy)
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Rating: 7.67 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
jimmy (11/02/2013 01:43am):
3V3 teamplay map, FFA if you want to make it (more) unbalanced.
Last Edited on 11/02/2013 01:46am
crunch (11/02/2013 02:51am):
AB+OS+PC vs RF+PC+BD would be VERY interesting.

I really like this map; there's plenty of properties scattered about. I would remove OS's
and RF's guaranteed lab, though; those properties should be contested. Javier loves this
map, given the four com towers. I'd move the bases between OS/RF and their vertical allies
closer to the corners. As it is now, a troll OS player can end up with 5 bases after the
capture phase. The airports are a nice touch - I'd suggest adding a couple more to
guarantee an airport for each nation.

I like this map. 9/10
jimmy (11/02/2013 04:39am):
Thank you for your comment!
Edits have been made, but I'm not sure about the airport attribution problem, I think
this could make teamwork more important. Which a troll would definitely ruin this.
Symmetrical map = even labs :(
Should I remove the labs from center or just leave it there?

crunch (11/02/2013 07:11pm):
Nah, I think the labs' positions are good.

Oh hey, there's a symmetry error. There should be a forest 3 spaces left and 5 spaces up
from Red Fire's northern base. Sorry, had to point that out. :P
lavagainer (08/31/2016 02:15pm):
This is a very nice looking map, but the fronts here are so incredibly choked out..

Every single front that happens on this map happens on or around a singular bridge tile. I can't
say that is necessarily a bad thing in certain areas, but with a map this size you really want a little
bit of diversity to the different fronts..

Like, there are all these beautiful looking open areas in between the players of each team that
you would love to see some combat go down on, but the vast majority of these open areas on the
map are never going to even get put to use. The river down the middle of the map is essentially
going to create a massive blockade of units going all the way down the center, and pretty much
no where else on the map.

If i could, I would like to make a few very specific, yet small, suggestions to help widen out the
fronts a tiny bit, just because I see that you could change maybe a couple tiles here or there and
make the fronts a lot more versatile.

Here are the exact changes I would suggest using the tiles as coordinates like this: (from left to
right, from bottom to top)

1. Add a bridge tile at (12, 19) and (19, 21)

2. Add a bridge tile at (15, 12) and (16, 28)

3. Add a bridge tile at (17, 6) and (14, 34)

4. Remove the mountain tile at (18, 10) and (13, 20)

Just those 4 changes alone will add a lot more ability to flank around the fronts and prevent much
of the clutter around the river.
ichbinsehselber (09/09/2016 07:04am):
From symmetry point of view there is a forest missing at 16,3
ichbinsehselber (09/25/2016 10:22am):
These forest patches (for FOG) together with the choke-pointy bridges make this map
partially bad. (6/10)

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