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3 vs. 2 Stronghold (Design Map by demoninnvolt)
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demoninnvolt (01/10/2014 01:47am):
This is, as the name would suggest, a 3v2 game with BH and GS going against OS, GE and CI. I would highly
suggest keeping the teams this way, but if some of you want to try a FFA or switch the teams up, what am I
gonna do about it? Now back to business. BH and GS are sheilded from a quick rush from the OS team by
pipes. When the OS team is finished conquering, or are close to finishing, they must bust open some pipe
seams and fight their way through the middle, capturing properties and weakening GS and BH as they go.

OR, while the OS is still busy capturing properties from their side or fail to make headway in the middle area,
the BH team can push back and be on the offensive. The neutral cities to the side are to ensure that if the OS
team does break through the second set of pipes, GS and BH will still have some funding, and if one of them
gets booted or they quit, the other can capture those cities. The OS team cities are also their so they can still
get funding, but the pipes can be broken to capture those cities unlike with the BH team proteced cities. There
are also Com Towers inside the pipe area that players can get to.

Obviously ban Kindle and Sasha (thanks Xmo5) plus the broken five and whoever else you want or don't ban
anyone at all. That could be
a fun game. I hope everyone enjoys this map, and if you have any suggestions you think could make it better,
feel free to tell me.

EDIT: Added lots of roads, changed OS teams side cites to neutral, deleted the towers and the pipe seams.
Took away some mountains and cities in the middle area to open it up more. I also deleted some cities in the
GS/BH area and added more to the OS team area and moved The BH/GS HQs down a little.
Last Edited on 01/10/2014 06:26pm
Xmo5 (01/10/2014 10:22am):
For this much income, Sasha should be banned too.

As far as the map is concerned, I would add some roads for both easier movement of
recons/rockets (or any vehicles in bad weather for that matter) and aesthetics. Roads
don't have to make a specific path from starting point to destination- just make something
that looks nice and has some roads that units can piggy back off of here and there.

Watch the side bases within artillery range of each other. The bottom team has a distinct
advantage there with having a place to put the arty that locks the enemy base while
leaving theirs open. And if I were GS/BH, I would camp 3 rockets/missiles in the trees
just north of the mountain range in the middle plus maybe a couple more missiles on the
cities in the back to protect against bombers/copters. Infantry on the mountains to top
off with meatshielding and vision and you have a recipe for an indestructible defense that
will buy you a ton of time and money.

Also, with uneven team games, you have to be careful with funding. Teams A and B should
make almost the same amount of money at any given point in the game from the beginning
until all properties are claimed by the side that "should" own them. This is difficult to
do because you have to calculate out the expansion of each individual player so that each
team plays out similarly. Its very hard to balance a trade off like "Team A makes more at
the start, but eventually Team B will make more" unless they are very minor. It is
important to keep in mind that the team with more players will have their Team income
split up more and will be less powerful. To compensate, that team usually gets a little
extra money per player. (Think, who's stronger: two players with 10k vs 1 player with
20k... The 20k player can alternate powerful units and meatshields on opposite fronts
leaving them with a strong army while the other team has to save up a lot more to get
powerful units since they can't borrow money from their teammate.) The amount of money you
give will depend on the size of the incomes (should scale up like a percentage) and the
design of the map. Who can get what units and how frequently and what would make that more
fair? Again, take a look at a starting, expanding, and fully expanded army and compare.

That said, I do like the idea of the untouchable funding for GS/BH, though they are in a
fortress with only one heavily guarded access point so they might be hard to bring down.
I'd recommend making their position more vulnerable. I would also either give them more
starting funds, or take some from OS/GE/CI. I don't like the idea that one team can access
the side towers/cities but the other can't- though keep in mind, the bottom half of the
cities are easy to guard by indirects that will be safe in their own territory so in
effect nobody will capture the towers until they've pushed the enemy back far enough that
they've already won. Maybe its better that way since it will act as a way to quickly end a
fight that's already basically over.

Wow, sorry for the ginormous text wall of poorly organized criticism, but hopefully some
of this is helpful for you. Let me know if any of that is hard to decipher, I'm not always
the best at explaining things =/
Xmo5 (01/11/2014 10:14am):
My intuition says to make the starting funds closer, like maybe 20-21 each. You might give
BH/GS each 1 and make one of each of the other players neutral. I know this seems to go
against my previous advice, but judging by how quickly OS/GE/CI can expand on the sides. I
would sprinkle a few more neutral cities close to BH/GS's starting bases (maybe inside the
protected range)

Oh I would also move those bases I was talking about another space back (all 4) so neither
side can snipe with artillery.

Otherwise, very nice edits with a lot of good improvements :)
demoninnvolt (01/11/2014 12:47pm):
Okay, I'll make those changes when the games are finished

I also need to even out the number of properties(CI has an extra pre-owned city and BH has an extra city on
it's side if the map)
Last Edited on 01/15/2014 08:41pm

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