(4) Pony Canyon
Creator: blozzee3 || First Published: 01/15/2014 || Players: 4 || Size: 37x27
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay
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MorganLeah (01/16/2014 02:16pm):
So is this meant to be 2v2, or is it a radical experiment in asymmetrical FFA?
blozzee (01/16/2014 05:00pm):
Either 2v2 or FFA would do.
mxe (01/19/2014 10:29am):
hemisymmetrical ffa looks cool. im joining your game
Veritech (01/21/2014 04:27pm):
What pony? Looks more like a flying dragon to me.
Nyvelion (04/04/2014 10:47am):
There is no pony. Ponies are not allowed here.

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