Blazes Of Glory
Creator: BountyFrog || First Published: 03/26/2014 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x15
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 5.00 in 11 ratings
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Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:06pm):
Open it up some more near top right/bottom left.
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:08pm):
Also, labs are useless if safer than HQs
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:12pm):
Move them near TR/BL
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:12pm):
Good map though
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:12pm):
Man this sucks...
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 03:16pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:17pm):
What I do is edit it and add a little at a time. And, thanks for the advice. :)
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:18pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:30pm):
Hmm... all my edits have failed so far. But I never tried that exactly. And now I did.
Seems to work! This is a much better approach. Thanks! If this keeps working I will add
more input:

The single front in the middle doesnt offer much variation in strategy. Opening the
corners up means you have more possibilities to consider. By adding the labs and/or towers
closer to those corners, you encourage fighting because you can win valuable properties
by pushing your opponent back. The HQs already do that in the middle.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 03:26pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:30pm):
No problem!
P.S. I will move the labs and towers closer to the corners.
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:30pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:32pm):
Whew, that was effort. I figured you would but my short comments came off more demanding
than friendly. I think my last comment is more polite and helpful. :P
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 03:32pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:35pm):
Yeah, it does get tedious.
Edit: And yeah, it was.
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:32pm):
Better than trying dozens of times to submit the same comment
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 03:36pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:40pm):
That is why I edit. ;)
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 03:40pm):
Nyv`s comment on your other map makes it sound like the apostrophes are the problem here,
as evidenced by my use of "doesnt" and "I will" in my comments above since I couldn`t even
add them in 1 character at a time. Without them screwing things up we can probably post
normal length comments! Yay!

PS this is my first attempt posting this.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 03:46pm | Edited: 03/26/2014 03:48pm):
Let me try that. I will now type an incredibly long message, just to see if Nyvelions theory works. But now I
cant think of anything to type so I will just type really random stuff... Dolphin monkey ape gorilla human city
base airport 747 flying bird eagle america peru india china... Dolphin to china... yay!!! :) LOL
P.S. I only edited because I misspelled some stuff...
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 03:46pm):
It worked!!!!!!
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 04:07pm):
dolphin monkey human airport city flying eagle china... hmm sounds like you have a case of
Trochee Fixation:
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:12pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:14pm):
And besides it goes, Dolphin monkey ape gorillahuman city base airport 747 flying birdeagle americaperu
india china. :)
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:15pm):
And besides it goes, Dolphin monkey ape gorillahuman city base airport 747 flying birdeagle americaperu
india china. :)
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:21pm):
Lol, this map has 20 comments and the one below it has 1.
Nyvelion (03/26/2014 04:30pm):
Let's break a new record for map comments!
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:34pm):
Thats gonna be a lot.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:35pm):
Once I saw a map with 100+ comments, but even if we wanted to....
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:35pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:35pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:35pm):
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 04:35pm):
haha yeah, I figured the trochees were in high enough concentration that I could consider
the quantity of all other words in that string to be of negligible value. Therefore, it
was a string of (probably) all trochees! Or something like that.

Also, considering the first 18 or 19 would have been about 4 or 5 under normal
circumstances, I feel especially proud. Wait, is that backwards?
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:35pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:36pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:36pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:36pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:37pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:37pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:37pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Or we could just go like this.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Or we could just go like this.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Or we could just go like this.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Or we could just go like this.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Man, this is fun!
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Or we could just go like this.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:38pm):
Man, this is fun!
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:39pm):
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 04:39pm):
I have no patience for entropy.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:43pm):
Aww, why not? :)
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 04:48pm):
Because every time it does something all I can think is "That was completely out of order."
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:50pm):
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:50pm):
Fine then, how do you suggest we do it?
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 04:54pm):
I suggest we wait for it.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:56pm):
Wait for what?
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 04:57pm):
It of course.
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 04:58pm):
Xmo5 (03/26/2014 05:02pm):
Well, sure. Time takes time doesn`t it? I don`t think that leaves much for us to do but
wait for it. I mean we could try running, but I think we`re making more progress this way.
Besides, who types while they run?
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 08:07pm):
Me. :)
BountyFrog (03/26/2014 08:07pm):
Im running right now. :)
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 09:36am):
Well that makes one of us. I prefer to be comfortably seated for any and all typing and
typing related activities. Its a workout for my fingers, not my legs and I don`t want
there to be any turf wars over who gets preferential treatment here. How would my fingers
feel if they couldn`t do anything without my legs tagging along and what`s gonna stop my
legs from rubbing it in my fingers` faces? That`s a line I don`t want to cross, and trust
me when I tell you you don`t either.
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 11:25am):
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 11:25am):
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 11:25am):
I guess this is how we are gonna do it.
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 12:17pm):
Indeed my young padawan. In time you will learn.
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 01:38pm):
Lol! Soo... You like starwars?
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 01:44pm):
Hey, Nyvelion, matt, red, wanna join us?
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 01:58pm):
I don`t think they can hear us from all the way down here. And yes, of course I like Star
Wars. Do I look like the kind of person who wouldn`t like Star Wars?
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 02:15pm):
What if I yell really loudly like...
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 02:15pm):
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 03:06pm):
Not sure that`s working. Maybe we should try walkie talkies. I hear they`re the latest and
greatest when it comes to getting in touch with people that are a little out of earshot.
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 03:08pm):
*crackle* Are you sure this will work? Over *crackle*
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 03:13pm):
*static* Yeah, I`m almost positive! Well... kinda. Over *static*
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 03:23pm):
*crackle* What if they dont have one of these? Over *crackle*
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 03:28pm):
*static* Um, well, thats kind of a *static static static static* -ion.. Wait, I can`t hear
myself *static static* Um... I`ll ... uh talk to you later when there`s a better tr.. I
mean! *static static static static* ... Over *static*
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 03:32pm):
Lol, this is fun!
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 03:33pm):
*crackle* I a.. ree , we... alk lat... O..r *crackle*
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 03:36pm):
*Static* What, uh *static* time *static static* uh.. *static* that? Over. I mean *static
static*-er *static*
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 03:49pm | Edited: 03/27/2014 03:51pm):
Well then, guess these dont work. *Throws the walkie-talkie*
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 03:56pm):
Ow! *static* Hey, I think I just got hit by a walkie talkie! I think it was one of theirs,
but I`m not sure why they would get rid of it if we were trying to contact them. Oh well.
Over *static*
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 04:00pm):
*hears something of in the distance* Xmo is probably still trying to talk to me... Maybe I should try yelling
Xmo5 (03/27/2014 04:23pm):
Hey, I think I hear one of them! Must be the one that threw their walkie talkie. *Static*
Hang on, I hear one of them, I`ll let you know who it is in a minute. Over *static*
BountyFrog (03/27/2014 04:30pm | Edited: 03/27/2014 04:35pm):
Hmm, he must not see me... *starts running while waving his arms* HEY!!!!!
Xmo5 (03/28/2014 09:10am):
Wait... is that... HEY BOUNTYFROG IS THAT YOU?!?!
BountyFrog (03/28/2014 10:32am):
Xmo5 (03/28/2014 10:46am):
Veritech (03/28/2014 03:28pm):
Probably next to my sandwich.
Nyvelion (03/28/2014 06:36pm):
If your sandwich was eaten by another long ago, I sure hope your walkie talkie is not
currently near it.
BountyFrog (03/28/2014 06:49pm):
Uhh.... That was your sandwhich!? Uh oh.....
BountyFrog (03/28/2014 06:56pm | Edited: 03/28/2014 08:55pm):
By the way Xmo I saw on the forum you asked the mc to veiw your map... coulf you please also ask them to
veiw mine? Please.....
Xmo5 (03/31/2014 09:10am):
If you`re talking about this map, I would make the changes we talked about above first.
Also, its important to decide what exactly you want your map to be used for. For example,
I have maps that I consider to be good for a fun game that I would never put in a GL maps
category but I have others that I designed for more competitive play (ie if they were good
enough they could potentially be considered for GL) If you just want it to be a fun 2P
map, I wouldn`t bother too much with the MC (not to say they won`t ever comment of their
own accord) On the other hand, if you want something designed for competitive play, the MC
is a good resource for feedback on how your map will play out and what flaws there will
be, but remember they aren`t the only resource. There are plenty of other members (fewer
and fewer of which are still active, unfortunately) who are great at designing maps that
can give useful input.

I know enough about map making to give you some general advice but eventually I hit a
point where I would consider a map to be good while someone with more experience might be
able to say "Hey, this will be an issue" about something I didn`t think of. For now I can
work on giving you advice until I think you have a map that could be considered for
competitive play (such as GL style maps) and if that`s the direction you want to take with
it, I would have them look at the map at that point. Also, don`t expect that making a good
map with MC feedback will necessarily get you a category assigned; especially GL. See my
comment on the temp forums Global League Map List.
BountyFrog (03/31/2014 02:21pm):
Better? And yeah I know, its a longshot, but still... Could you give me some advice that MIGHT make this a GL
worthy map?
Xmo5 (03/31/2014 04:59pm | Edited: 03/31/2014 04:59pm):
=========== Warning:Giant Comment Ahead!! Proceed with Caution! ===========


Well, first off, in addition to putting the labs in the corners, I would open up that area
a bit to allow for more combat. Maybe even splitting up your mountains a bit and allowing
a couple smaller paths. Be careful though, if you make a path that you intend for players
to use, make sure it doesn`t pinch down too much- try in almost every situation to not
allow chokepoints of 1-2 squares across to be more than 1 space wide.

For example- think of how many different places a single unit can block a single path.
Count double for a spot that is directly adjacent to one you already counted. For GL maps,
this number should be 1 or 0 almost always. Then do the same thing with using 2 units to
block a single path. That number can be higher because you need more power to be able to
block that way. Currently, to get around the top left or bottom right corners, there are 3
places a single unit could block the path and 2 are next to each other. That would score a
4 by the system I just came up with which is way too high. Hopefully this is a helpful way
to kind of check yourself vs what a GL map would be like.

Also, as far as putting labs in the corners you have to be careful. The goal here is to
make them contested properties so that each player (might) consider(s) it worth attacking
in hopes of stealing it from the enemy. For this to work, 3 criteria must be met:

1) It must be worth taking. Cities don`t usually count. Clusters of cities can count.
Towers definitely count (don`t put more than 2 per player on a GL map- 1 is standard) and
labs count if the lab unit is worth it. HQ`s count for sure, and bases/airports/ports can
count, but sometimes aren`t worth it because of either map geometry (ie not heavy naval so
ports are useless except for funding) or because criterion 2 comes into play.

2) It cannot be too difficult to take. If it`s well defended or something like a base that
can produce units, it will not pose itself as a potential target because the risk is too
great. It can be too hard to take when it is too far from your own properties or
comparatively close to the enemy properties. The closer to the battlefront, the easier it
is to take, though terrain can play a big role here so keep in mind movement and defense
values of the surrounding area and how this will impact the ability to attack and defend
that area.** (Pay attention to what types of units are at your disposal... a nearby
airport for only one player can make a difference)

3) It must clearly belong to one player or the other. If it`s in no-mans land, there is
the potential for a player to rush the property. Alternatively, a player may be forced to
gamble on which lab to go for (for example) and could end up losing both. You don`t want
that. You want a property that is clearly in red territory, but in a place where blue can
get it easy enough that it`s worth trying to take instead of building up a massive army
and nobody advancing for fear of getting blown to pieces by enemy rockets.

**Side note on defending terrain- You almost always need a good balance in any given
contested area. Making it terrible to defend except for one cozy spot for a rocket or
artillery to snipe approaching enemies is usually a bad idea because its like mixing two
opposite extremes. So don`t surround all your contested properties with parking lots or
shoals- it makes that property a strong defense point for whoever has a unit on it and
might make some COs impossible to pry off (I`m looking at you Lash and Kindle). If you
have a tough unit on it, nobody will dare to attack with anything but indirects, and once
you start capturing, it will be harder to stop unless you use something better than an

So point here is that you want to position the labs and the terrain nearby so that one
player clearly owns each lab and can defend it, but that another player might be able to
take it easy enough that it`s worth the shot. Also, a final note here that I haven`t
mentioned yet. It might be a good idea to spread some terrain out. Its good to have some
clumps, but you also want to make sure there`s some battle area where its distributed more
evenly. COs like Lash, Kindle, and Sami become too powerful or weak depending on how you
arrange the terrain/cities near the battlefront- make sure each has a chance to use their
powers but not so much that they become broken.

Okay, thats enough to take in for now. Make some changes based on this and I`ll give it
another look later!
Xmo5 (04/02/2014 12:28pm):
I see you've made some changes. Not sure if you're done or not, but I would recommend
opening it up much more than that in the corners. As it is, the entire stretch around the
corner from OS base to BM base never requires more than 2 units to completely blockade the
whole path. The terrain is also very heavy and will slow units down and make the area
easier to defend once a blockade is in place. The goal is to really let some units get

My personal thought is to take the whole mountain range and shrink it by about 50%. Then
move the center of it a couple spaces away from the right and left edges so that it is
almost at a diagonal between the two enemy bases. There should be room to go around either
side with maybe a couple stray mountains here and there to encourage use of indirect units
without making it too easy to block off completely from all angles. You don' have to do
exactly that but it's just an example of how you could make it more strategy provoking.

Also you still should move the labs so they aren't almost exactly halfway between bases.
Maybe make it 2 to 1 or 3 to 2 in terms of distance (i.e. for every one space away from
BM, make it 2 spaces from OS. Or for every 2 from BM make it 3 from OS. Just another
thought.) 4 to 3 is really too centerline I think for a map this size unless it was
positioned so that terrain made a big difference.

Leave a comment when you're done editing so I know to comment on changes :)
BountyFrog (04/02/2014 07:51pm):
Better? And I gotta say, those are some LONG comments.
Xmo5 (04/03/2014 10:24am):
Haha, yeah sorry. Thats what happens when I start giving advice >.> .... anyway, much
better. Lab position is good, but I would recommend moving a couple of the cities. In the
top right corner, the two cities left and up from the lab could stand to slide closer to
the BM base. Same deal in the other corner obviously. Don`t have any time right now, but
give me another 12 or so hours and I`ll take a closer look at how I think game dynamics
will play out.
BountyFrog (04/03/2014 07:39pm):
All right cool, thanks!
Xmo5 (04/03/2014 09:25pm):
Okay, I had a chance to look at it a little more. I would still clear up a little bit of terrain (by OS's base
TR corner and BM's base BL corner) because its both a tight fit and heavy terrain. Lash would love
that corner because it would be easy to defend a rocket/artillery that can provide cover fire for the
whole corner. I'd consider removing both of the mountains touching the city diagonal from the lab
and moving/deleting at least one of the forest tiles right in front of OS's base (TR corner)

Now to talk about the map overall, it could use some more paths. Currently the battle will take place in
the very center and the top right and bottom left corners. It would be nice to see bases/mountains
etc placed in such a way that you can transfer units from one front to another in interesting ways.
See these 2 league maps and how the fronts can connect, especially with shoal bridges in these
two cases at least:
BountyFrog (04/04/2014 09:21pm):
I couldnt see either of those map :/, but still, thanks for all of the advice!
Xmo5 (04/07/2014 02:45pm):
That's strange that it wouldn't let you view the maps. Not sure why it would do that. Oh
well. I like the addition of the neutral base- it will add a different dynamic to the
game, though you have to be careful with funding because having a designated infantry/mech
base might help contribute to spamming if funds are not high enough to afford other units.
For GL maps you want there to be enough potential for meatshielding to be a reasonable
option, but not enough that you can just mass produce walls of infantry all day.

One thing, for aesthetics: I would move one of those cities near the middle back a space.
For example, the neutral city on the 3rd space to the left of the right-side neutral base
that's in the mountains. I would move it up 2 spaces (and mirror the change obviously)
BountyFrog (04/08/2014 02:42pm):
All right, got it.
BountyFrog (04/08/2014 07:59pm | Edited: 04/10/2014 10:49am):
WOOHOO! 100th comment!!!!!!
BountyFrog (04/12/2014 06:41pm):
Hey Xmo, why arent you commenting any more?
Nyvelion (04/14/2014 05:52pm):
I'll comment!
BountyFrog (04/14/2014 08:56pm):
BountyFrog (04/14/2014 08:57pm):
Ya know, im still planning to make this the map with the #1 comments!
Nyvelion (04/15/2014 09:58pm):
Cool, I hope that works out. I'm planning to take the credit for it due to encouraging it.
BountyFrog (04/17/2014 08:52am):
... Fine as long as its still my map ;)
BountyFrog (04/17/2014 08:58am):
Sooo, what do you think of my map? Xmo already helped me ofcourse, but do you think its worthy of on A-
Nyvelion (04/27/2014 02:54pm):
It definitely deserves to be A-Rank more than some of the garbage that got into that
category early and can't be removed now.
BountyFrog (05/03/2014 08:32pm):
Why only new?
Xmo5 (05/06/2014 09:59am):
Getting put in "New" is actually pretty good if you want to get a category. That means you
made something worth being considered and the idea is that people will go check out maps
in the "New" category and play on them if they like them. This ends up working out like a
lot of play tests with different players to help build stats and see if the map is worth a
more permanent category assignment.

It doesn't always work like that, but it's certainly a start. Also categories often get
added much later. I just went through my maps (on this account) and was surprised to find
a couple of my maps made it into A-Rank and a couple made it into Team Play. Who knew?
Also, one of my "New" maps is about 9 months old... so not always the most accurate.
BountyFrog (05/06/2014 10:03am):
Oh, I guess I just had over confidence then... :(
BountyFrog (05/06/2014 10:08am):
Also, a few of my other maps got put into categories so...
Xmo5 (05/06/2014 10:17am):
I wouldn't say you were overconfident, I'm just saying that sometimes it will take time
before you get a category, and sometimes on a map you might not expect. One of my only 2
A-Ranks is one of my least favorite maps (that I made) but it had what it takes I guess.
There's also a lot of chance involved depending on who sees your map and how many people
like it.

If you honestly want a category, your best bet is to keep churning out maps that you think
have a good shot. The more you have, the more people will notice them. The better they are
(consistently) the more respect you'll gain as a mapper. I can pretty much tell by the
name of the map creator whether I have high hopes for the map or not because you get to
recognize who's good and who isn't. I can also usually guess what style it will be,
because everyone has their own unique touch. So keep making new, good, creative, and fun
maps and people will notice.
BountyFrog (05/19/2014 02:22pm):
What is my style? Im curious...
Xmo5 (05/27/2014 12:20pm):
Style is hard to describe, I think, but probably in your case I would say you prefer
tighter maps with a lot of either heavy terrain or barriers. For example, thinner paths
created with rivers, sea, or pipes with mountains and trees in the surrounding areas. HQs
are usually uncontested, but other properties can be very contested and starting
properties are usually more than HQ + 2xbase.

Lets contrast two map makers whose works I'm familiar with: Mori and Madd Maxx.

Mori makes League-style maps a lot. Very consistently 2p maps in the 18 x 18 size range
with mild-to-moderately contested HQs, 2 starting bases per player plus an additional
neutral base (or 2), tower (sometimes), and airport for each player. Depending on the map,
about 20-30k funding per player is a good guess and you'll occasionally find
seemingly-random units (such as landers or land-locked bboats, for example) that serve a
practical purpose if you know what it is. Terrain is usually varied specifically to draw
units to certain places on the map and to create different fronts that intertwine in
specific ways. Often air units are placed to impact an otherwise difficult to
traverse/access area.

On the other hand, Madd Maxx likes big, heavy naval maps, usually 4+ players. While the
aesthetics are nice, they are often very different from a "typical" map in that regard
which gives them a unique visual flavor. A lot of connections between waterways are
common, as well as neutral islands with key properties. Team and/or tournament style maps
are common and symmetry isn't always important, especially in team battles. Also, maps
are designed with certain COs in mind a lot of times (especially the broken COs) which
creates a set of conditions under which the map should be played and still be fair. For
example, designing a map for balanced play between Colin, Grit, and Hachi by altering
available funds and ghosting properties/cities/etc.

That's just what I mean by style and how I have an idea of what to expect based on how
each person likes to design maps.
walkerboh01 (02/05/2015 03:38am):
I'm giving this a 7/10. Some obvious issues with the number of bases and general likelihood of
infantry spam. But the balance is mostly fine and the map is overall well-designed, which helps
make up for it a bit.
Xmo5 (02/24/2015 05:55pm):
Hey look, someone else decided to comment on this! Man, this map's been sitting at the 115
comment mark for ages.
BountyFrog (08/14/2015 05:05pm):
Yeah Lol and now it is 117
Bamboozle (09/28/2015 12:55am):
118 baby. Contributing to history.
BountyFrog (10/14/2015 11:49am):
Oh yeah bamboozle :D this is defeintely going to be history
BountyFrog (10/14/2015 11:53am):
Btw do you think it would help the infantry spam problem if I changed those center mountain covered
bases to cities or even com tower?
BountyFrog (10/14/2015 11:53am):
Wait... Nvm that would be 4... And that is wayyy to much lol
BountyFrog (10/15/2015 08:49am):
Hello people that are coming from the public games...
Xmo5 (10/15/2015 03:31pm):
You can get away with having 4 towers on a map, but you have to be careful. It can
drastically change the way the map is played for certain COs. For example, someone like
Max suddenly gains the ability to OHKO infantry on plains with a tank (40% chance). This
would be a critical factor in forming a line of defense. Javier would be broken with 2
towers, obviously, so that drops him from the list of available COs. That said, adding an
extra tower can be good for chokey or terrain-heavy maps as a sort of compensation. It
makes it easier to break through defensive lines that might otherwise be too strong to
challenge otherwise.
BountyFrog (10/15/2015 08:07pm):
Yeah I guess that is true... And this map is pretty chokey... Do you think changing the center bases to
com towers would be good or bad?
yaldah (10/15/2015 09:19pm):
BountyFrog (10/16/2015 08:24am):
Hello yaldah... What's up?
Jackie Milton (10/16/2015 05:26pm):
Dreadnought (10/16/2015 07:22pm):
BountyFrog (10/16/2015 07:23pm):
Jackie... You are not quite first... Just a hundred or so comments late
BountyFrog (10/16/2015 07:25pm):
An dreadnought... Uhh.... You aren't really quite what you say either :/
Dreadnought (10/16/2015 07:40pm):
Can't argue with that logic, therefore this comment will be nth. Also what history are you
going for? Most comments?
BountyFrog (10/16/2015 07:52pm):
Of course... Do you happen to know what the current record is?
Jackie Milton (10/16/2015 09:02pm | Edited: 10/17/2015 12:09am):
I just wanted to be Y to the chase. I believe I've seen a map with about a 1000 comments
on it. But I'm not sure that it counts. most of the comments occur within 10 minutes...

(The 133 stands for "133st")
BountyFrog (10/17/2015 12:32am):
Oh I see lol .

1000!?! That will be difficult to beat... But we will do it... Together! :D

And nice middle initial lol
Bamboozle (10/17/2015 01:21am):
ayy lmao
Jackie Milton (10/17/2015 09:15am):
Yeah, my parents hate me...

(The "Y" stands for "ayyyyyyYyyy")
InfernusMachine (10/17/2015 09:44am):
So... Is it here that someone is selling hotdog and beers?
BountyFrog (10/17/2015 10:28am):
Not me... Although I had a pretty good sandwich a while ago. :)
Dreadnought (10/17/2015 10:51am):
Have you found the walkie yet?
Dreadnought (10/17/2015 11:25am):
Also does anyone know whatever happened to FEBW?
BountyFrog (10/17/2015 11:38am):
No I never played it... It was for fire emblem though right?
Dreadnought (10/17/2015 07:18pm | Edited: 10/17/2015 09:05pm):
Yeah but it was actually on AWBW the link was but now the link
produces an error of some sort
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_is_registered() in /var/www/febw/pre.php
on line 30"
BountyFrog (10/17/2015 09:13pm):
Hm, i don't know what happened... Probably not enough activity to make it worth it to stay up.
BountyFrog (10/19/2015 09:55am):
Has anyone here played any of the Metroid Prime series?
BountyFrog (10/19/2015 09:56am):
And Xmo, you never answered about the central bases.
Dreadnought (10/20/2015 12:29am):
I've played about 1/10th of the first game and I have the trilogy but I haven't had time
to work on them.
BountyFrog (10/20/2015 09:51am):
I think it is one of Nintendo's best first person shooter game series. I beat the 2nd one, but never
finished the 1st or 3rd...
BountyFrog (10/21/2015 08:02am):
So what do you think of the map dreadnought?
BountyFrog (10/21/2015 01:25pm):
Or anyone else...
Dreadnought (10/21/2015 04:18pm):
Well, I don't know if anyone else has this problem or how to fix it but unless I'm
viewing a map in a game then all I see are the tiles that would be considered man made
(cities, bases etc. also oddly pipe seams but not pipes) but any terrain tiles appear as
if they are not there.
Dreadnought (10/21/2015 04:24pm):
Looking at the thumbnail the map seems cool but again its hard for me to judge. It never
used to be that way but ever since I came back to the site after leaving for a while (I
left after the map maker was broken for a while, and came back a few months later, at
least the map maker is fixed now), I'm pretty sure its been like that (at least for me).
BountyFrog (10/21/2015 05:50pm):
No it is not for me... I can see everything :/ and yes I am pretty glad the map maker is working again...
BountyFrog (10/22/2015 08:10am):
Maybe it's the browser you are using... Or maybe a firewall of some sort?
BountyFrog (10/23/2015 10:11am):
So... Somebody want to bring up a subject so that this will actually make it to the record?
BountyFrog (10/23/2015 10:12am):
Oh I got one! :D


BountyFrog (10/23/2015 10:13am):
I personally prefer the marvel characters they seem more lifelike to me... But I definitely like the DC
movies more. Like WAAYY more.
BountyFrog (10/24/2015 11:32am):
DullPheonix (10/25/2015 12:27am):
You might try the forum instead:

Although, it does not seem to be very active.
BountyFrog (10/25/2015 02:05pm):
How would the forum help? I am only doing the superhero thing to try to get people to comment.
BountyFrog (10/28/2015 04:45pm):
Sooo why does no one comment!?! D:
Jackie Milton (10/28/2015 09:43pm):
It's too forced. Also, only like three people on the site comment on things. I mostly
write mean things and bad poetry. Speaking of such, I hope I didn't scare away Poem-Dude;
I was looking forward to another wordsmith.....

(The "T" stands for "2 snarky 4 u")
Dreadnought (10/28/2015 11:11pm | Edited: 10/28/2015 11:17pm):
C'mon, I comment every once in a while. I suggest unposting the game and making the goal
more apparent. Also add please to the title it will sound better. Oh and if you want to have
a debate like marvel vs. dc you might want to post that in comments too.
BountyFrog (10/29/2015 07:37am):
I didn't think I could get much more apparent than "COMMENT ON THE MAP"
Dreadnought (10/29/2015 09:03am):
Sorry I just meant adding the goal of reaching the most map comments or the specific
number of comments its going to take. As for the other things, I agree with Jackie in
that, as it stands, its too forced and I was brainstorming ways to remedy that.
Dreadnought (10/29/2015 11:44am):
Sorry I just meant adding the goal of reaching the most map comments or the specific
number of comments its going to take. As for the other things, I agree with Jackie in
that, as it stands, its too forced and I was brainstorming ways to remedy that.
BountyFrog (10/29/2015 12:41pm):
Okay I will change it up
ChrisRedfield (10/29/2015 02:25pm):
Is this the new forum?
BountyFrog (10/29/2015 03:17pm):
... YES ... Absolutely :D
InfernusMachine (10/30/2015 02:28pm):
ALL HEROES ARE EPIC! Dont make war between Marvel, DC, DarkHorse, Mang, anything. Just
live freely in a world so vast, so immense, so creative that you can be anyone, anywhere and just

Our world is inside our brain. We just need to make it happy.

With this i will go back to my Hell Chamber drinking juice and making loooooove.
Slazzy (10/30/2015 04:08pm):
BountyFrog (10/31/2015 12:51am):

No we must fight!!! >:-D if nothing else Atleast all supervillains vs all superheros
BountyFrog (11/01/2015 11:13am):
Batman > Superman
BountyFrog (11/01/2015 08:50pm):
So who here thinks the fifth game will suck as much as days of ruin?
Xmo5 (11/02/2015 01:05pm | Edited: 11/02/2015 01:30pm):
You can't say "let's do supervillains vs superheros" and then compare Batman to Superman.
I mean, Batman is certainly not a villain, though he is an antihero. Can antiheroes be
superheros? Superantiheroes? Antisuperheroes? That last one sounds like something designed
to exterminate superheroes, so I vote for not that.

Now, forget Batman, Superman, Marvel, and DC. I'd take Goku any day. Gohan was kind of a
boss, but they overplayed his hidden power thingy and then he got lame as a young adult,
so I'll stick with Goku here. While we're talking about DBZ, I might as well also mention
Crono and Magus from Chrono Trigger, which is one of my all-time favorite games. Great
characters by Akira Toriyama who also does DBZ.

As for a villain, I'd take Sephiroth for being one of the most BA villains to ever exist-
also from one of my favorite games. Also, I think everyone can agree that Itachi Uchiha
was amazing and deserved 10x more screen time than he had. Again, Sasuke was kind of cool,
but he was too arrogant and annoying as a kid and too stupid in Shippuden, though he did
do some cool stuff. Orochimaru, despite his creepiness and disgusting ... everything...
was also totally BA and had the theme to match:

Pain was also pretty intense and so were Kisame and edo tensei (resurrected) Madara.
EDIT: How can I mention Naruto and not talk about how fantastic Gaara and Rock Lee are?!
And Kakashi! Even Zabuza! Also Kimimaro, despite being such an underplayed character, was
easily one of my favorites here. There are actually way too many awesome characters to
list... that show had really good character development.

Quick plug for Sesshomaru from Inuyasha as well... he made everything seem so effortless
and graceful despite being (mostly) a dick and an elitist.

V was a boss because he knew what he was doing and had everything going to plan, like a
master puppeteer. He was actually a lot like Itachi in that way because it's like he knew
every move that would be made and left himself one step ahead. The only difference is that
the viewer knew what V was up to while Itachi was a background element most of the time
and you had to guess his motives.

Oh, and screw Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Harry; Snape was the best character by far. And
sorry Gimli, but Legolas has you beat, especially in the movies; the books didn't make
Legolas seem as fantastically epic as the movies did. Galdalf and Saruman were both pretty
intense too, though Saruman was sort of an idiot for thinking he could cross Sauron (who
was also a boss) for his own benefit. Then again, he was played by Christopher Lee, soooo,
that counts for a lot. Not to say Ian McKellan can't command an audience- look at Magneto!
What a powerhouse!

Now, despite being a Star Wars fan, I can't get on the Luke train- he was just too whiny
in the beginning (as he was supposed to be) and his cool, calm, and collected appearance
in ROTJ just isn't enough to overcome that stain in his past. To his credit, his training
started wayyyyy late, but still. Darth Vader is obviously awesome, and despite Anakin's
similar whiny teen angst phase (see the family resemblance?), he was pretty BA near the
end of ROTS. Also, for as little direct action as Sidious had in all 6 movies, he was a
master orchestrator, so I *have* to back him. Aptly named for being the very definition of
insidious on a massive and horribly detrimental scale. If you're into KOTOR (I've read up
on it at least), Darth Revan just seems to succeed at everything everywhere, no matter
which side he's on at the time. I'm pretty sure he turned the tide of the war multiple
times and in both directions. Obligatory: Han shot first!
BountyFrog (11/02/2015 08:30pm | Edited: 11/02/2015 10:37pm):
Wow... A few comments on that essay...
- I have never gotten into Dragon Ball Z
- Or Harry Potter
- I agree about the whole Luke thing
- And yeah I know about Darth Revan, from SWTOR though not KOTOR, although I have heard of

EDIT: Just fixed a couple typos...
DullPheonix (11/02/2015 11:08pm):
I am fairly certain Xmo5 is teasing.

Since I am here, I should point out that DoR was not the worst-selling entry in the series.
Bamboozle (11/03/2015 01:37am):
Pretty sure Kefka is the ultimate FF villain tho
BountyFrog (11/03/2015 09:54am):
You can never tell with him though whether or not he's teasing... ;3
Idk who Kefka is
Xmo5 (11/03/2015 12:26pm | Edited: 11/03/2015 12:58pm):
I was waiting for someone to pull out the Kefka card. I haven't fully experienced FFVI
yet, but I'll get there. I just beat FFIV for the first time a few days back, and 5 and 6
are next on my list. Then, and only then, will I make my judgement... but I'll just say
that Sephiroth is hard to top.

Also, for the record, the idea behind the comment was to tease a bit, but I was 100%
serious about everything I said :) SO WHY AREN"T PEOPLE ARGUING ABOUT MY PREFERENCES?!

(Except Bamboozle... you get a cookie)

BountyFrog (11/03/2015 01:26pm):
I want a cookie... :'(
Xmo5 (11/03/2015 04:32pm):
You were too agreeable and didn't leave a forward debate path open. We'll never keep the
conversation going that way... No cookie for you!
BountyFrog (11/03/2015 04:59pm):
Oh... Well I think Luke was great and not too whiny... Good enough?
Remagamer (11/03/2015 05:18pm):
Alright, here's a comment...
Xmo5 (11/03/2015 06:02pm):

Jackie Milton (11/03/2015 08:04pm):
Did someone F*ckin' mention, F*ckin' Darth Revan!? Mah F*ckin' boi! With all his F*ckin'
side-switchin' Bad@ss wuss cappin' Motherf*ckin' Sh!t!

Those @sshole F*ckin' Maldalorians were F*ckin' blowin' up the galaxy, an' mah boi said,
"F*ck them!" to which the B!tch@ss jedi F*ckin' Council whined "Nooo... we're P*ssies". So
Motherf*ckin' Revan recruited all the jedi waitin' to kick some F*ckin' @ss. Mah brotha
straight up F*cked up Mandalore and took his Dumb@ss helmet so the F*ckin' Mandalorians
were F*ckin' F*cked. Then, the crazy Mothaf*cker blew up a whole F*ckin' planet of
Madalorian B!tches. B!tch@ss jedi council was NOT chill about that, so Revan said "F*ck
You!" and took off to the far-@ss reaches of the galaxy.

There, the F*ckin' DLotS himself found F*ckin' Revan and said, "Take over the F*ckin'
Republic with the F*ckin' Star Forge from the Infinite F*ckin' Rakatan F*ckin' Empire,
Also, you're now Darth F*ckin' Revan" So Darth F*ckin' Revan and his lil' bro Darth
F*ckin' Malak returned to the republic to F*ck Sh!t up. During a battle, the lil' B!tch
Darth F*ckin' Malak shot Darth F*ckin' Revan's ship and he was F*ckin' captured, while the
F*ckin' snitch Malak got away. The Republic brainwashed Reavn, mah F*ckin boi, so he would
fight against Darth F*ckin Malak.

So, that crazy-@ss Mothaf*cka fought with the F*ckin' Republic and turned the F*ckin' Sith
into a thin F*ckin' paste. Even after discovering his true F*ckin' identity, Revan kept on
like a Bad@ss. Then, when it finally came down to it, F*ckin' Revan and Darth F*ckin'
Malak had one final battle. And let me F*ckin' tell you, when Revan whooped Malak's
F*ckin' @ss, he cried like a lil' B!tch. Revan got remembered as an interf*ckingalactic
F*ckin' hero. The End, B!tches

(The "F" stands for "F*ckin")
BountyFrog (11/03/2015 08:23pm):
Well that escalated quickly
Xmo5 (11/03/2015 11:01pm | Edited: 11/03/2015 11:01pm):
Yeah, that about sums it up! Eloquently phrased, my friend.
Xmo5 (11/05/2015 09:51am):
So that's it? We're just gonna stop there? I'm really trying here, but you kids just
aren't putting in the effort.

You wanna know how I feel? Well I'll tell you how I feel: I feel like Miracle Whip and
Mayonnaise really aren't that different and both are delicious. I mean, sure, there's some
difference, but they're closer than ketchup and BBQ sauce, for example. How can you like
one and hate the other?
Jackie Milton (11/05/2015 01:05pm):
How do people like Pepsi and hate Coke? I really can't tell the difference.

(The "R" stands for "Really")
Xmo5 (11/05/2015 02:43pm):
Whatttt, for real? You're making this one up. Pepsi is sweeter and smoother while Coke has
much more of a bite and maybe more carbonation. I'd posit that I could tell the difference
between the two in a blind taste test, assuming it was factory bottled and not from a
fountain- every fountain is different, and it's not always easy to make a fair judgement.
That said, I like both and will drink them interchangeably... though if I were to order
one, not knowing a particular establishment's affiliations, I would ask for a Coke.

On the other hand, I won't eat at Burger King.
BountyFrog (11/05/2015 04:38pm):
Although I can't tell the difference between miracle whip and mayonnaise, I definitely can between
pepsi and coke (and Btw ketchup is way better BBQ sauce)
Xmo5 (11/05/2015 05:35pm):
Wait, you actually can't tell the difference betwen Miracle Whip and mayonnaise?! How is
that possible?! I mean, I don't care which is used because I like both and recognize they
taste similar, but it's pretty clear which one I end up with, even if it's only being
consumed as part of a composite (such as a burger or a sub etc.)

You guys blow my mind.

Also, ketchup is not way better than BBQ sauce, which is basically just ketchup and brown
sugar (though *good* barbecue sauce has a noticeable amount of vinegar). Ketchup can be
used for fries, but it's only necessary if the fries are of poor quality and can't stand
on their own. I mean, I really have to dislike the fries to use ketchup. Ketchup also
works as a condiment on some sandwiches, and it's good there. BBQ sauce, on the other
hand, has a whole food category made of delicious grilled meats slathered in some version
of the stuff (obviously BBQ does not require BBQ sauce, but you get my point). Keep in
mind that there's also much more variety among BBQ sauces so it should theoretically have
more versatility than ketchup, which is pretty uniform no matter where you get it. You can
have sweet BBQ, spicy BBQ, smokey BBQ, tangy BBQ. You can have BBQ burgers, you can have
BBQ chicken pizza, you can have ribs or brisket, or pulled pork, or even BBQ meatballs.
You can put it on a sandwich, you can pair BBQ dishes with a side of potatoes or
vegetables or cornbread (god I love cornbread). You like your fries with ketchup? Try em
with BBQ sauce. Love ketchup on your burger? Switch it out and make it a BBQ burger. What
about chicken nuggets/tenders/fingers? Yeah, use it there too. You. Just. Can't. Go. Wrong.
BountyFrog (11/05/2015 08:06pm):
Bbq sauce is not even close to dreaming of being just ketchup and brown sugar, obviously to think so
you have never been to Texas... Come over here one timean d taste some really BBQ ;)
Xmo5 (11/05/2015 08:18pm):
Oh sure, there's a lot of other stuff in it.. but the fact of the matter is that it's a ketchup-based
condiment. Also, my preferred bbq is a good, vinegary NC bbq. But I do like many different kinds.
Can't remember if I had bbq while I was in Texas last.
BountyFrog (11/06/2015 09:31am):
Well it is not ketchup based... Although I do admit that some of the cheaper ones (ones that you would
find at a fast food place) this do taste like ketchup with brown sugar. But those are also a shame and
don't deserve to be called BBQ sauce.
Xmo5 (11/06/2015 05:54pm):
There are definitely regional variants of bbq sauce that are not "ketchup-based" like
mustard or mayonnaise based (and I suppose Texas has little tomato in it), but for what
most would consider to be a traditional "bbq sauce", it is a tomato-based product with
added sugar and/or vinegar, along with various different spices. Technically, ketchup
doesn't have to be used to make bbq sauce (though most make-your-own recipes do it that
way), but realistically, the ingredients that go into making ketchup usually also all end
up in bbq sauce.

BountyFrog (11/07/2015 08:16pm):
... Whatever :P
BountyFrog (11/07/2015 08:17pm):
BountyFrog (11/07/2015 08:17pm):
BountyFrog (11/07/2015 08:18pm):
200th comment!!!!! :D
Slazzy (11/08/2015 04:47pm):
Slazzy (11/08/2015 04:47pm):
Slazzy (11/08/2015 04:47pm):
Woe to the Bloody City
Slazzy (11/08/2015 04:47pm):
[Comment Removed By Internet Police...]
Xmo5 (11/09/2015 12:23pm):
Aww c'monnn. I'm trying so hard for you here. We're never going to get anywhere if we
can't have a substantial debate about something. You want something that nobody agrees on,
because then all the people who see the debate will feel strongly and partake in the

Okay, let's try a new train of thought. Here, comment on each of the following things:

-Favorite food (and why)

-Favorite band/music (and why)

-Favorite movie/book/play (and why)

-Dream car

-Something you always wished you were good at

I hope you have good reasons for each of your choices, because I'm probably going to tell
you you're wrong about all of them. I know I have good reasons for my answers, at least,
and if you happen to pick the same answer as me, you'll find that I'm a proficient
advocate of the devil. ;)

If nothing else, at least you'll end up all frustrated and offended, which might not be
the primary goal here, but it'll definitely help you... uh... hmm... scratch that last bit.
BountyFrog (11/09/2015 01:10pm):
It's not my fault I am such an agreeable person!! D:

- Probably Chips and cheese (cause I love cheese)
- I like a wide variety of music... But my favorite song is currently Viva La vida by Coldplay (My favorite changes
- probably A Beautiful Mind because of all of the plot twists and the intensity of it
- my freak car is a 1969 Mustang Gt500 because it is epic
- Drawing and coloring
BountyFrog (11/09/2015 01:32pm):
*dream car
Xmo5 (11/09/2015 01:53pm):
It is so, now cut it out! :P

- Cheese is great. I love cheese. But why chips? Why not something else? What are your
primary criteria for selecting your favorite?

- How do you feel about Buckethead?

- I'm not knowledgeable enough to talk about that movie. I also have a hard time picking
favorites, so I'm not sure I could have a single favorite movie (or series). Books I might
have an easier time with, but I've read some good ones, that's for sure.

- What exactly constitutes the "epic" aspects of it? The look? The sound? The way it
drives? The power? What sets it apart from, say, a '69 Camaro?

How about a '79 911 Turbo?

A newer Turbo?

- Why drawing and coloring? Why not something like computer programming? Or investment
banking? Are you already good at everything else, or does something make artistic ability
really stand out in your mind?
BountyFrog (11/09/2015 03:09pm):
- Yes cheese is very great and chips was just the first thing that came to mind. Fine. Erase the chips
Lol. I just love cheese xD especially Swiss... I love the sharpness of Swiss

- I do not know what that is... Like a heavy metal type of thing?

- yeah... My favorite book series is definitely Redwall by Brian Jacques


- because I enjoy art but suck at it :P and because I would rather wish I was good at something I
enjoy, not something i have to do unhappily.
Slazzy (11/09/2015 04:23pm):
Very soon there will be a WORLDWIDE earthquake.
Xmo5 (11/09/2015 06:07pm):
-Swiss cheese? Really? Of all the cheeses, that's what you pick? I can't get into swiss,
it's too... bland? The prevailing flavor is weak and unenjoyable to me, though it works
just fine on a reuben. So many good cheeses. You know what food is great? Pizza. It's
great because it's a vessel for delicious things like cheese and meat. Make it whatever
type of pizza you want. Yeah, it's got inherent variability built into the design!

- I mean, sometimes, yeah. Buckethead is a guy. Specifically, he's a guy who happens to be
a very accomplished guitarist with over 200 studio albums.

He does some heavy stuff, but also some very emotional and pretty stuff. Look up
Soothsayer- it's sort of his big name song and you'll get a feel for what I mean. He has a
ton of other great songs like that too, like the whole Electric Tears album, but some of
his heavier stuff is fantastic. Check out Final Wars for a good mix between the two.

- I loved that series and I own most, if not all of it. It's been a long time since I read
it, though.

-But that's sooo vague. If you go through life with opinions like that, you'll never be
able to find out what you truly like most. You gotta know what it is that makes you tick. :)

- You and I both, except that I enjoy a great deal of things which I aspire to one day be
adept at. Computer programming is certainly one, as are martial arts, music, and foreign
languages (though I mostly already have Spanish down... I used to be much better). I'm
just not artistic enough to think I could ever be where I want to be, so I guess I can relate.
BamboozleVI (11/11/2015 04:07am | Edited: 11/11/2015 04:07am):
Sadface, no hip hop heads on AWBW

Apparently I'm logged onto this account :/
Xmo5 (11/11/2015 08:25am):
I love hip hop.
BountyFrog (11/11/2015 09:51am):
- Yes I definitely choose Swiss cheese. Pizza is pretty good... But they don't ever have a Swiss cheese
pizza D:

- Okay... I see... 0_0 200!???!? Holy crap that is alot

- Yeah... It is more of a kid's book series in the level it was written... But I like the behind it and the
storyline of the whole thing.

- yeah... I probably should figure out why... It is probably the shape, the curves on it and all.

- I used to do martial arts, I am pretty good at it... I dislike foreign languages though, for example i was
in Latin America for 2 or so years and when I returned, I still don't know Spanish... I know a tiny bit but
no nearly enough to hood a conversation...
BountyFrog (11/11/2015 09:51am | Edited: 11/11/2015 09:52am):
Eh, hip hop is okay
Xmo5 (11/11/2015 11:00am):
- Swiss cheese pizza would be weird. Yo. Cheese bread. That stuff is good.

- Yeah, and like 100 of them were this year alone; the wikipedia article gives a breakdown
of number of solo albums by year. I highly recommend him. Some of my personal favorites
from him are Frozen Brains Tell No Tales, Droid Assembly, Nottingham Lace, King James,
Baseball Furies, Lurker at the Threshold (Parts 1-4), Gigan, Spokes for the Wheel of
Torment, Jordan, Post Office Buddy (I already mentioned Soothsayer and Final Wars), and a
bunch of songs featuring other people from Enter the Chicken, such as We Are One, The
Hand, Botnus, Coma, and Three Fingers. He also has a bunch of cool collaborative projects
like the band Thanatopsis. They have a great sound. (FYI, he was also a member of Guns n'
Roses for a little while after Slash left)

- Yeah that was the first "real" book series I read and I was constantly getting new ones.
The LOTR and HP series were both very good... I kept up on HP as it came out, but I just
read through the LOTR books this past year. Also, the Inheritance series (originally set
to be a trilogy) was really great. Similar type feel to LOTR, but with clear differences.
The thing that bothered me though, was that the movies for LOTR and HP were done very
well, while the movie Eragon sucked- it actually made me really mad when I watched it. I
think the rest of the movies for that book series got cut because of how poor the first
one was.

- A m me encanta hablar espaol y por eso es una lstima que ya no hablo bien. Hace unos
aos poda hablar casi fluentemente y saba las reglas gramticas mejor que mucha gente
hispanohablante. Ahora, tengo que pensar en cada palabra antes de decirlo o escribirlo y
no me siente natural. Je veux parler francais aussi but that's about all I know how to say
except being able to count to 10, tell you the color of my shirt (I know like 3 colors),
whether I'm thirsty/hungry, and say "Je ne peux pas parler francais". I have some assorted
vocabulary and some basic verb conjugation, pero la mayora es debido a mi conocimiento de
espaol. (Google translate sucks at trying to put this back into english, but you'll get
the idea, I think) Also, what did you learn specifically? Karate? Tae kwon do? Chun kuk do?
Slazzy (11/12/2015 04:25pm):
Slazzy (11/12/2015 04:26pm):
eon. aeon
Slazzy (11/12/2015 06:29pm):
Slazzy (11/12/2015 06:48pm):
BountyFrog (11/13/2015 09:36am):
- Stuffed Swiss bread ;3 that would be delicious.

- wow... I like guns n roses... I have never heard of buckethead before this though... Hm :/

- who wrote the inheritance series?

- ahh... I see... Or should I see, si? XD A little taekwon do while I was growing up, but my dad is
roughly a brown belt (one belt before black) in multiple different martial arts... I guess he wanted us to
earn as well.
BountyFrog (11/13/2015 09:37am):
Wow what?
Xmo5 (11/13/2015 12:09pm):
- I prefer asiago when it comes to cheese bread

- Not a huge GnR fan generally speaking... but yeah, that one's lead to a ton of youtube
videos with debates in the comments about "Buckethead vs Slash". Personally, I really
don't see how Slash can stand up against Buckethead, but they're two *very* different
guitarists so it really depends on how you want to look at it. Slash is clearly successful
at appealing to a lot of people with his style/sound while still being a good guitarist
(IMO), but Buckethead is what I consider to be far more technically proficient and a
better writer, though his music style/sound appeals to much fewer people I think.

- Christopher Paolini is his name, I believe. He published the first book (Eragon) at like
17 years old or something crazy like that.

- Indeed. I'd love to learn taekwondo, though I'm afraid that my short legs might hinder
me a bit since it's fairly kick-intensive. That said, I prefer kicking things (8 years of
soccer will do that to you :P) so it appeals to me greatly when compared to something like
karate which is more hand-strike intensive by comparison. Oh, and I'd also love to learn
how to (properly) use all of my swords, so put that up here too.

And probably "wow, nobody else is even commenting" :P
Xmo5 (11/13/2015 01:36pm):
Speaking of Aeons, I'm torn about how the summon system changed in FFX. I really liked
being able to command the Aeons and have them do more than a single attack before being
summoned again (I mean, it's more realistic this way, I think), but in a lot of ways it
made things too easy. I mean, look at Anima or the Magus Sisters. Granted, they're
optional summons, but they're very strong.
BountyFrog (11/13/2015 07:18pm):
- idk what that even is Lol

- WHAT DOES IMO MEAN??? I have been seeing that for months now and still have no idea!

- Oh him! Yeah I know him, I believe it was younger... More like 14 or 15... I haven't read the books

- I believe Habkido has to do more with kicking...
Xmo5 (11/13/2015 09:07pm):
- Asiago? I guess as a first approximation, it's not far off from parmesan, but it's better :)


- If you're into that kind of thing, it's a great series!

- I'm not familiar with it, but from what I can tell I think I like Taekwodo better (it also appears to
be more kick intensive)
Jackie Milton (11/13/2015 10:51pm):
Music... Where to begin?
BountyFrog (11/14/2015 01:09am):
- Alright, that does sound pretty good...

- Ooooohhhhhh... I feel like such an idiot now xD

- Perhaps... I will see...

- Hm maybe it is, but I always thought habkido was... You should must do kick boxing Lol

Jackie... Begin with Country... Not the new crap, but like AlanJackson, George Strait, Johnny Cash, etc.
Xmo5 (11/14/2015 09:10am):
- And indeed it is.

- Happens to all of us at one time or another (at least IMO) :P

Johnny Cash can stay because he talks more than he sings, even if his music has that
country thump in it. Everybody else can be crossed off the list of bands that I can listen to
without vomiting. Okay, moving on from country, we might as well quick breeze over hip hop
and pop. Thoughts on those?
Bamboozle (11/14/2015 10:49pm):
Hip-hop, r&b, neo-soul and jazz are the master race genres of music. Only plebs listen to the rest. That's right, fite
Xmo5 (11/15/2015 12:40am):
Yo dog, if you're into Chrono Trigger and jazz, check out this album:
BountyFrog (11/15/2015 10:59am):
I like some of the pop. But alto of it is crap
Jackie Milton (11/15/2015 03:45pm):
Hah! Country... (Although I do like JC)

I see music in three pieces: The actual music (complexity, technicality, mastery), the
emotion, and the human element. This is my basis for comparing genres. So let's begin.


Yes. An element displaying high conductivity and malleability. But not only that.

Forged in the roots of blues, it sits above all music both admiring and loathing its
predecessors. Rock. Jazz. Romantic. Baroque. Classical. It stands beyond society looking
upon it, realizing why it left in the first place. You see, metal has no political goals
in itself; no room for pandering to a subculture. Rather, it opposes THE culture: such
popular ideas and organizations. It is simply about the music. The feeling. The humanity.
Is other music not about the music then?

Rock: a vessel to money, fame, drugs, and lewd sexual activities ;)
Country: No variance. If there is only one country song, how can it be about the music?
Pop: Need I say more?
Folk: The spreading of tradition and story: utilitarian.
Punk: Political
Rap/Hip-Hop/RnB: Sole conveyance of ideas; the music is only the packaging, frills, icing.
Jazz: Often is about the music. (For the record though, I do not like to listen to it)
Electronic: Also an exception until it falls into the realms of the other categories.
Classical and Affiliated genres: Began utilitarian, became about the music, digressed into
a state of very little substance.
Dance: Function for social gatherings (Both modern and classical)

So other genres are about the music. Jazz takes this path to the end; total musical
mastery and individualism, but at the cost of abandoning feeling for thought and
anayzation. Electronic/house types achieve superior technicality too, but gain the emotion
and lose the individuality. In the same way Classical (and Baroque and Romantic) have
musical superiority, vast feeling, but the person is not part of the equation; no solos,
no input from the musicians. They are controlled by a wizard waving his staff upon the podium

All metal has some degree of these things, even the bad stuff. (Although I generally
wouldn't define "cringe" as a feeling, but I would hate). Does it objectively make it any
better? No, music is a human construct anyway. But what it boils down to is that metal is
often more genuine than other genres and that's what appeals to me.

Some final notes:
My favorite band is REM
Jazz is my favorite genre to play
I strongly admire lyrical mastery in hip-hop type genres
Soundtracks (Modern classical garbage) are my favorite types of music to write
I kinda like Lady Gaga (Although I wouldn't stoop to putting her on my mp3 player)

So that's music, if you didn't know :P

(The "P" stands for "2Pre10tious4U")
Xmo5 (11/15/2015 09:43pm):
*sniff* ... It's... it's beautiful.
BountyFrog (11/16/2015 09:36am):
Lol... Except for part where you don't like country... That's not beautiful :P
Xmo5 (11/16/2015 10:42am | Edited: 11/16/2015 10:42am):
Yeah, I guess you're right; his commentary on country is too straightforward and readily
apparent to be beautiful. :P
Jackie Milton (11/17/2015 06:24pm | Edited: 11/17/2015 11:02pm):
......................................From the dusty realm comes
......................................A fuzzy noise/Conceived from none
......................................Other, the good ol' boys/ Oh! the pain
They find themselves in:/ victims of misfortune, burning within./"My dog has died,
My spouse does cheat/ my rusty old beater just took a shit."/ Mishaps, true that so
They may be,/ but tragedies not, for this, you see:/ The formula repeats, again and
................... Again/ All truth.........................................lost from this
..........................God-Aw-...............................................-ful Trend.

Jackie Milton (11/17/2015 06:33pm):
That better?

(The "D" stands for "the Dots are the dust that dirties the music")
Xmo5 (11/17/2015 06:35pm | Edited: 11/17/2015 06:36pm):
For fear of being as repetitive as country music, I'll change it up a bit and say:

*tear* ... Zis... Zis ist un vurk uhf art.
Jackie Milton (12/21/2015 01:57pm):
Was it something I said?
Xmo5 (12/21/2015 04:28pm):
Nah, I think it was something I said. Or maybe something I didn't say. Can't say which. In
fact I'd say that it's hard to say sometimes, but that's not saying much of anything new.
That is to say, it's obviously related to what you're saying and what everyone else isn't
saying, though I'm not sure I'd say that's a problem, per se. Not that anyone's asking,
but if I had a say in what others say, I'd say "Like my mom always used to say: An apple a
day keeps the Saiyan's away! ... or so the saying goes anyway." ... Just sayin'.
Nyvelion (07/20/2016 11:01am):
Whoa what happened here.
That is a lot of comments.
Probably more comments than any other map on AWBW.
Xmo5 (07/21/2016 10:56am):
You think so? I mean you're probably right, but I'm betting that under the right
circumstances it wouldn't take much more than something worth talking about to end up
longer than this comment thread. Artificial conversation just doesn't generate the same
kind of discussion and lasting interest.
Nyvelion (07/28/2016 11:27am):
I'm okay with artificial conversation right now. Real conversation is too real. And
requires too much thinking. I like to come here to avoid that. Had to leave for awhile
when I couldn't do that.
Who wants to extend the lead on this map having the most comments with a conversation that
will distract me from the pain and horrors of reality?
Xmo5 (07/28/2016 02:13pm):
How's your Pokemon Go life? Catch anything cool recently?
Nyvelion (07/28/2016 08:05pm):
Apparently I live in a boring place with little variety. I'm lvl 22, and yet my pokedex is
only at 45, mostly from the common pokemon and what they evolve into. I also apparently
cannot find any Fighting, Fire, Ghost, Electric, or Psychic pokemon at all, mostly getting
the common pokemon plus water and bug types.
I suppose everyone else around here is having the same problem, all the gyms have water
pokemon on them, especially the newb friendly Vaporeon, which is fine for me because I
have the perfect Vaporeon killer, an Exeggutor named Facepalm, so I'm better for attacking
stupid Valor gyms than for having a wide variety of pokemon, especially until they fix the
nearby list. It would be nice to get some fighting types, Snorlax and Lapras are two of
the only four pokemon I have trouble with, in addition to Dragonite, none of which I can
find for myself.
I am enjoying the gym fighting at least. The way I see it, Valor represents all the
bullies and jerks I've ever encountered in my life, not just because of their in game
description, but because every mean person I know seems be in Valor. I represent Instinct,
the team of emotion, passion, and honor, which is also the smallest team, the team that
gets picked on by the bullies. Well not any more, for once I'll be standing up to the
bullies and beating them back at something for once. I'm getting really into this because
for me, it's personal now.
Xmo5 (07/29/2016 03:35pm):
I think that our general area we have a lot of good variety, but some of the types you
mentioned above are harder to come by. Electric isn't common to see around here and our
only electric types were hatched. Fire is similar, but I know people have found Magmars
and Ponytas around here. Gastly isn't too hard to come by either, but not common, and
slightly more rare are Mankey and Machop. Psychic I haven't had a hard time with because
we find Drowzee, Slowpoke, Exeggcute, and the occasional Abra, plus some non-psychic types
with psychic attacks, like Psyduck.

That said, I don't get out much and the stuff around our house is pretty much all the
standard common ones. Also, we don't play very actively so we're only level 16 and we
don't have anything all that strong. Our best 2 are (you guessed it) Vaporeons because
they're so noob friendly. We also don't do much with gyms... we've fought at a total of 4
gyms: 3 enemy and 1 friendly. One enemy and the friendly gym were both early on and we did
terribly since we had no idea what we were doing. We won at another enemy gym early on and
then stopped even caring about them until last week, when we won at an enemy gym. Never
stayed around long enough to keep knocking it down and take it over though. We also camped
a 978 Vaporeon in the middle of nowhere, which wasn't the first line of defense and it was
gone within 3 hours so that was pretty discouraging from doing much with gyms too.

One day we'll get there I guess. (I just realized... I keep saying "we" which probably
sounds weird... I'm playing together with my wife on her phone, since my phone is
slightly... outdated.)
Xmo5 (07/30/2016 11:20pm):
Yo, suddenly got Diglett nation at the park! 5 in one pass through today :)
Nyvelion (08/01/2016 08:22am):
Sounds very similar to my experience, except that I don't currently have a wife, going
lone wolf on this.
And I don't have a Diglett yet, but I suppose that's fine since nobody around here has
Electric types anyway.
Xmo5 (08/01/2016 06:20pm):
I used to see a lot of people with Electabuzz at gyms around here, but not anymore. The
only electric type I see at gyms anymore is Jolteon who usually isn't hard to beat.I just
like filling out that Pokedex, so I need enough for a Dugtrio :P
Nyvelion (08/02/2016 10:44am):
Electabuzz is catchable? I'm jealous, Jolteon is effectively the only Electric type around
here, and it's basically a requirement to take out Gyarados around here, other than having
like Snorlax or Dragonite to overpower it.
I'm definitely not finding Jolteon easy to beat, but only because there are apparently no
ground types here. Electric types need another weakness...
Nyvelion (08/02/2016 10:48am):
Dugtrio... that pokemon doesn't even make sense.
First time I evolved one, back in the Red/Blue days, I was filling out the pokedex by
repeatedly beating the Elite Four with pokemon I needed to evolve in the party, and it's
like wtf, where did two more digletts come from in the middle of Lance's room, I could not
be further away from the one place that Digletts are other than maybe Articuno's room at
the bottom of cave in the middle of the ocean.
Xmo5 (08/02/2016 02:21pm):
I mean, Magneton is the same way. When you evolve your Magnemite, do 2 other Magnemites
magically show up, becomes yours, and fuse with each other to form your Magneton?

Also, I think most people got Electabuzz from an egg, but I have seen him show up on my
radar... just not by me. I saw him somewhere around Ohio or Michigan on a road trip.
Nyvelion (08/02/2016 03:36pm):
With Magneton, I just assume that it's magnetic power gets stronger every level until it
finally absorbs the two closest Magnemites from as far away as needed.
That at least makes more sense than Digletts suddenly appearing at places they would have
to swim or fly to.

Lucky egg drops then, I'm getting up there in levels and still haven't seen a single 10km
egg, so the rarest thing I've gotten from an egg is one of the starters.
Xmo5 (08/02/2016 09:36pm):
Whoa... Could you imagine being in the middle of a battle with your Magnemite and all of a
sudden in just zooms off to become part of someone else's Magneton. That would be a very
bad day. Ooh! And what if you and someone else were having a Magnemite v. Magnemite battle
and one or both evolve?? Do you get a Magneton with only 2 Magnemites? Or do they each
grab 1-2 others, plus each other and give you a SUPER MAGNETON? That would be pretty intense.

We've had quite a few 10k eggs, but the only "unique" Pokemon we've hatched is a
Hitmonlee. We've hatched Machop and Pinsir too, but I've seen both of those in the wild
(only once with Machop, but we've actually caught a few Pinsirs). We might have hatched a
Scyther too, but I can't remember if our second one was from an egg or wild.
Nyvelion (08/03/2016 08:37am):
It's okay, it always picks two wild Magnemites. I think wild Magnemites have a positive
charge, and switch to negative when caught, only switching back if released.

Hitmonlee, nice. Need a Snorlax killer, those things are dangerous. I hope Scyther is
useful, Exeggutor is dangerous and it's hard to find fire types, which I assume are found
in active volcanos or something.
Nyvelion (08/04/2016 08:14pm):
I think I'm going to stop with the Pokemon Go though, I already didn't have much time for
it anyway, and some of the changes they made with that recent update, mostly the lowered
capture rate, are annoying anyway.

But I figure, since this is the first GPS game, and it was really successful, more will be
made soon by those wanting to capitalize on this, so I think I'll just catch up on life
until the next cool thing comes out, which will hopefully be less buggy.
Xmo5 (08/04/2016 08:51pm):
The unfortunate part about hatched Pokemon is that they quickly become outdated... a 500
CP Hitmonlee is cool to hatch.. until 3 levels down the road everything you have that's
worthwhile is 1000+ CP. Not much of a way to boost it up without tons of Stardust and a
lot more Hitmonlee candy (though hatching eggs does give you a nice bit to start).

Yeah, a lot of the changes annoyed me... like how they got rid of Pokemon distances. I
understand why they did it, but it's times like these when I look at stupid people and say
"This is why we can't have nice things!"

er, sorry... wrong one:

So what are you planning on using that extra time for? Just more time to get things done?
More time to sleep? Other hobbies?
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 01:47pm):
That first image was good, looks like the right one to me.

I don't want to give specifics because my occupation is the opposite of glamorous or
honorable, but I've been increasingly busier with work the past few weeks, so not exactly
replacing PoGo with anything fun.

But whatever. Need money. Especially if Trump wins now that I'm thinking of him again, not
like he's going to do anything for non-wealthy people, just be like all the Republicans
and say I must not be working hard enough, like wtf, I am working hard enough, probably
working harder than most of you, and I've been through worse things than almost all of
you, and getting less in return, don't tell me I haven't suffered enough, I'm getting
really tired of being criticized by jerks right now, I'm doing what I can to survive with
what little I have to work with here.

I hate people sometimes. Need distractions when I can find them. Maybe later I'll find a
new hobby again to distract me.
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 02:02pm):
People are always complaining about things...

you should smile more, sit up straight, stop flipping people off, take your turns faster,
answer your emails, don't wear jeans and then complain about the heat, pay the rent on
time, pick up your child on time, like wtf people leave me alone I'm doing my best
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 02:09pm):
stop being so neurotic, stop trying to sacrifice the NPCs, don't order the most expensive
thing on the menu just because you're not paying, don't hide all the garlic bread in your
purse and then ask the waiter for more, don't dress in those colors, don't hide in the
restroom get back to work... so lame, I think people just see me and suddenly get bossy
because I don't look intimidating. If I were all big and scary looking then nobody would
mess with me and I never would have been in this mess.
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 02:16pm):
If I were lucky enough to be born rich, this never would have happened.
I would have a better job, doing something I like, I'd have a nice house, no college debt,
would have went to a better college, I could afford to have real health insurance and have
time for a psychologist, or maybe I wouldn't need one at all because they wouldn't have
done what they did to a rich girl, everything would be great. Only bad part is that I
probably wouldn't be spending time here since it wouldn't have been necessary for me.

Instead all these spoiled people talk down to us like it's so easy. They don't know what
I've been through, nobody does, so I don't want to hear any more from them until they're
ready to make life more fair and just.
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 02:54pm):
Only one thing might be worse than that, people who dismiss your problems because "other
people have it worse".
I know who has it best, rich white cis men, and who would have it worse than me, an
impoverished black woman who is either a lesbian or is transgender, it would be literally
impossible for someone born that way to succeed or find any happiness around here. That
hypothetical person would have my greatest sympathy for getting poor luck in this place
where the circumstances of your birth are more important than your choices.
Doesn't make my life any better.
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 03:06pm):
Right, why am I on this...

I hate Donald Trump. Always did, but now I hate him more. Have you seen this is the news
recently about him raping a 13 year old and getting away with it. Guess how I feel about a
rich guy getting away with raping an underage girl. It's worse than all the sexist things
he's said in the past year. Or week, he's probably said something sexist since a week ago.

Nyvelion (08/05/2016 03:31pm):
Why do any women support Trump
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 03:33pm):
Also, why do any men support Trump
Just who are these people who hear all the ignorant sexist racist things he says and still
think that he should be the leader of the country.
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 03:43pm):
If I hear another person tell me it could be worse, I'm going to hang around them until
they want to eat, then I'm going to pop up in front of them and yell YOU CAN'T EAT. THERE
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 03:44pm):
If being belittled was a job, I'd be rich.
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 03:58pm):
A girl approaches. She is somewhat short. Doesn't do anything with her long red hair.
Wearing jeans, some other loose clothing, and some cheap wrist bands. Maybe isn't
especially busty but is NOT flat. Plain face with too many freckles. Doesn't smile. Is
looking down a lot. What do you do?
A. Pretend you don't see her.
B. Just stare with mean judgement.
C. Make a rapey comment about wanting the "ginger slut" as she passes.
D. Tell her she's ugly.
E. Ask if she has a soul.
F. Criticize her clothing.
G. Condescendingly tell her it wouldn't hurt to smile.
H. Actually see her as a human being who deserves just as much respect as anyone else.
I. Other?
Nyvelion (08/05/2016 04:03pm):
I'm somewhat upset at life right now.
Nyvelion (08/06/2016 11:08am):
I should be a singer right now. Singers always have great lives. Except for the ones that
get drug addictions, but even now I've avoided that temptation, since alcohol doesn't
really count. Also the singers who do rap, since the good ones get shot, but wasn't
planning on doing rap anyway, though, I don't think they'd let me anyway, which is fine, I
tried it once, it just sounded silly.

All these people cause me pain
Attempts to fix it end in vain.
When everything is going wrong
The only comfort is in song.
Nyvelion (08/06/2016 12:20pm):
Should we just talk about pokemon again.
I can do that instead.
I want Pokemon Moon. Can't have cheating greifers on a single player game.
I want to see what they do with the next one. As long as it's not something dumb like Mega
Xmo5 (08/06/2016 10:40pm):
Re: "I don't want to give specifics because my occupation is the opposite of glamorous or

Glamor is irrelevant when it comes to making a living. Glamour is for pompous people to
wave in the faces of those less fortunate. As far as honorable is concerned, doing an
unenjoyable and "un-glamorous" job to put food on the table for you and your child is as
honorable as it gets. Why is it more honorable for a Ph.D. researcher who had his life
handed to him on a silver platter, getting into college and grad school through money and
connections, etc.? Not everybody starts with the same opportunities and honorable is a
measure of the person, not the profession.

I've always wanted to be able to write songs, but I read something recently that I think
described my writing ability well.... I spend too much time trying to think of just the
right words that I end up not saying anything by the time I'm done. I want to be able to
write in ways that convey the message and emotion without getting caught up in the
specifics, which is why I always like Rob Thomas' lyrics... On the other hand I really
really enjoy and respect poetic lyrics like Adam Duritz tends to use in the Counting Crows.

But Pokemon are awesome. Just like AWBW, I never played any of the original games because
I never owned any of the gameboy systems, but I would play with my cousin when he was
around. I did, on the other hand, collect the cards (avidly... and even to this day) and
watched the anime casually for a while. Anyway, Pokemon are fantastic regardless, and
that's all there is to it. Which Pokemon are your favorite?
BountyFrog (08/15/2016 11:15am):
Holy crap y'all really kept this going...
Nyvelion (08/15/2016 08:11pm):
Other people get to brag about what they do.
My options were taken from me. I have nothing to brag about.
Xmo5 (08/18/2016 10:52am):
Hey, look who's still alive.

And bragging about what the job is doesn't mean anything, it's all about making yourself
look good while overlooking your flaws. You could brag "My options were taken from me, and
look, I'm still making things work in spite of my situation. It may not be 'glamorous',
but I'd like to see you do half as well in my shoes." See?

Respect isn't based on bragging, it's based on character.
BountyFrog (09/04/2016 01:43pm):
Oooh, that's me! I'm still alive! :D
Xmo5 (09/05/2016 04:01am):
And so you're back
From outer space.
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.
I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key
if I'd known for just one second you'd be back to bother me.

Go on now go!
Walk out the door.
Just turn around now,
'cause you're not welcome anymore.
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did you think I'd crumble? Did you think I'd lay down and die?

Oh no not I.
I will survive!
As long as I know how to love I know I'm still alive.
Oh I, Oh, I'm still alive
Hey I, Oh, I'm still alive
I'm stayin alive, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother
you're stayin alive, stayin alive
Fell the city breakin and everybody shakin
and we're stayin alive, stayin alive
Ha, ha, ha, ha, running as fast as they can
Ha, ha, ha, ha Iron Man lives again
Bamboozle (09/06/2016 05:13pm):
Best Pokemon is Psyduck and anyone who disagrees can go psyduck themselves.
Xmo5 (09/07/2016 01:30am):
One time my aunt asked my cousin (piggies and I call him cousin, for those of you who know
what I mean) out of the blue, as she was sitting at the computer:

"What's pussy duck?"
"Pussy duck. It's one of those things I see you play with. There's a costume for it
online, but why is it pussy duck?"
"What?! ... .... .. Mom... that's a psyduck."
Nyvelion (09/10/2016 08:32pm):
Yeah it's kinda awkward when your mom catches you playing with your pussy duck.
Xmo5 (09/11/2016 11:55am):
Yeah, I can imagine.
Xmo5 (09/13/2016 08:29am):
So how do y'all feel about Lindsey Stirling?
Nyvelion (09/13/2016 09:44am | Edited: 09/13/2016 09:45am):
Initially nothing.
First thing I find when searching is that she's a self-proclaimed YouTube star. I consider
anyone who thinks they're important because they have an account on YouTube to be beneath me.
Also, her hair is the wrong shade of red, and the violin is just a guitar for the weak.
Xmo5 (09/13/2016 02:00pm):
Well, I think the self-proclaimed YouTube star part is legit. She was on America's Got
Talent and lost in the quarter finals, but went to YouTube instead where she became
popular enough to have an album hit #2 on the charts and get play on Pandora etc. So,
while normally I'd be wary of self-proclaimed YouTube stars, I think I'll give her a pass

As for the rest of it, I suppose it depends on your taste in music. I don't doubt that
this is a more ephemeral genre, but I think she's done some cool stuff with the violin. My
biggest complaint is that her material gets a bit repetitive, especially in the dubstep
portions.... but then again, what isn't repetitive about dubstep?

BountyFrog (09/13/2016 02:47pm):
I like the way she creates dubstep that isn't solely reliant on bass to
make it sound good
Xmo5 (09/13/2016 05:57pm):
I'll give her that.

How do you guys feel about techno?
Nyvelion (09/14/2016 08:13am | Edited: 09/14/2016 08:14am):
I suppose I'm willing to consider it to be a genre of music. If Country gets to be called
music, we have to let Techno in.
Xmo5 (09/14/2016 09:22am | Edited: 09/14/2016 09:23am):
Hahaha, yeah, I'm not a fan of country either. My biggest beef with techno is that it gets
repetitive, but some of it's really good.

Good, but repetitive... most people have probably heard this one:

Good and less repetitive (probably my favorite techno song.. a lot of build up but it's
definitely worth it):

Personally, I think techno is best for racing video games. The fast tempos and driving
beats just make you want to go faster, yanno? Also pretty good when I'm trying to get work
done around the house. Metal can have the same effect on me but not with the driving stuff.

So what do you normally listen to? Rock? Pop? Hip hip? Classical? Who's your favorite band?
Nyvelion (09/14/2016 10:39am):
I thought being repetitive was supposed to be what makes it techno:
Xmo5 (09/14/2016 12:18pm):
Haha it certainly has that tendency.. I'm not sure I would normally refer to techno as
"musically rich or interesting" but I could say the same thing about pop or hip hop. :P
While musical complexity is definitely something to be valued (I'm usually picky that
way), it's not always synonymous with good music. Sometimes the silly simple music is just
what you need and sometimes the most refined music sounds boring to modern ears (that's
where classical falls).

But! But! Bach is a total boss, by the way. You've probably at least heard this one used
somewhere or another, but who knew someone in the 1700s was writing BA music that I could
imagine a supervillain listening to:

Oh wait, they already have a villain who uses that music. Compare 0:36 of the below to
2:41 of the above:

Like a boss. A totally creepy, self-regurgitating boss.
Xmo5 (09/14/2016 04:48pm):
Hmm, I wonder if The Black Mages' "cover" of Fight with Seymour is techno. I doubt that it
would count because it has components I wouldn't consider to be techno, such as the
guitar, but it definitely has its moments. Anyway, if you want to stretch the genre a bit,
that might be my favorite techno song:

I heard it ages ago on a video some guy made with Pivot Stickfigure Animator which was
really good. I tried desperately to learn what song it was to no avail, so I just pulled
up that video whenever I wanted to listen to it. The video got removed later and I was
unable to fill that void for a while. Then after a couple years I was big into Final
Fantasy music, though I had only played through 7 and 8, and was looking up various FF
songs on YouTube. I came across The Black Mages (which is the composer, Nobuo Uematsu's
band, hence why I said "cover") and found that track and almost died. I recognized it
instantly and was so happy that I found the track, hiding as a cover from the soundtrack
to a video game that I owned and hadn't played much of because the live voice acting was
weird for me. Now I have that CD cuz itz dope. Dancing Mad is on that album and actually
happens to be the song I'm listening to now.
Nyvelion (09/14/2016 08:10pm | Edited: 09/14/2016 08:24pm):
I don't know much about music or care much about it so I'll just wait for Bamboozle or
BountyFrog to show up to respond. I'll come back when there's something I can comment on.
Xmo5 (09/15/2016 10:27am):
Haha sorry, just trying to defend the most comments title.
Nyvelion (09/15/2016 12:00pm | Edited: 09/15/2016 12:01pm):
I'm pretty sure #1 in comments was achieved long ago, with nothing having a chance of ever
coming close.
It's too bad there's no way to verify that, but I'm pretty sure it's true so no need for
anyone to check.
BountyFrog (09/15/2016 04:14pm | Edited: 09/15/2016 04:15pm):
I say we keep defending it just in case :)

And I have been really into Rap/Hip Hop lately, one of my favorites
being NF. And I like country a lot, been raised with so I'm biased
though. :P
Bamboozle (09/15/2016 09:12pm):
If you're into hiphop then the past two years have been gluttony. check out Malibu, Coloring Book, Blank Face
LP, untitled unmastered, The Sun's Tirade -- and those were all from just this year, by big name artists. 2015
was even better. We are really going thru a renaissance of hiphop and related genres right now.

I should really go update the tourney/text adventure. At least on the text adventure there is a ridiculous but
slightly realistic chance to beat this map in comments :P
Xmo5 (09/16/2016 08:48am):
Oh no! Competition! And I'm competing from both sides!

... How exciting. :)

If I had to pick 2 music genres that I don't like, they'd probably be hip hop and (more
importantly) country. That said, country is the only genre I really avoid as a blanket
statement. I don't like most rap or hip hop but some of it's pretty good... I'm just picky
about it. I'm also not a big fan of most pop, but I like more pop than rap, and for both I
tend to favor older material. I guess most of what I listen to would be classified as hard
rock, metal (or metal-like things), or soundtrack music, but I certainly have some
variation. On my limited music library at work, the first several artists alphabetically
are Weird Al (it starts with a ", so it's first alphabetically), 3, 3 Doors Down,
Abstract, Aerosmith, Black Mages, Bob Marley, Buckethead.

For clarification on a few: 3 is a weird prog rock band, Abstract is an instrumental metal
band I learned about from Jackie Milton, Black Mages I discussed above, but basically
Final Fantasy music, and Buckethead is a boss.

Okay, so what about foods? What's everybody's favorite food? Or least favorite food? Ooh!
Ooh! Pick me first!

I actually don't know if I have a favorite food. I'm bad at the favorites game because I
tend to like different things most at different times and I don't know if I could compare
things like pudding and pizza because A) they're very different and B) there are a lot of
different kinds of each. That said, I could live off pizza for the rest of my life. I love
cheese. Pizza comes with cheese. Mmmmmm. Least favorite food is easy: Mustard. I literally
shudder thinking about it. There are few things in my life where I'm utterly and
completely irrational, and this is hands down one of them. Prank me with mustard and,
after vomiting profusely, I'll probably never talk to you again. God I hate mustard.
Mostly just yellow mustard, but honey mustard is just fine so long as the mustard flavor
isn't too strong. Following mustard, if beverages count, beer and coffee, in that order. I
can't stand the smell of either, but beer is definitely worse. Back onto the good stuff,
what I wouldn't do for a perfectly seasoned rare steak. Add in grilled onions and that's
even better. Or how about one of those salads with feta cheese and cranberries or apples
and a sweet vinaigrette? Or big, greasy cheeseburger. Or perfectly smoked brisket, NC bbq
style. What about mangoes and peaches? Those are awesome when they're perfectly ripe. Or
fresh-caught fish, fried up for breakfast. And there are about 1000 awesome ways to eat
eggs. We didn't even get to dessert, but I'm gonna stop there because it's getting out of
hand. What do you guys like to eat?
Nyvelion (09/16/2016 09:33am):
Food... I don't usually like to think about it because I can't afford any of the good
stuff, and usually you can't be a woman talking about food on the internet without random
people making comments on your figure and criticizing your decisions, although I guess
that applies to much more than food...

If price isn't a factor, I love Italian food. Chicken Parmesan is the best. Especially
when made by real Italians with their funny accents and all their hair. Mario and Luigi
totally should have been chefs instead of Plumbers. I was invited to a restaurant called
Mario's once. Best garlic bread and Caesar salad ever. And Italian pizza just goes without
saying, those guys know their bread, cheese, marinara sauce, and spices very well,
although I guess they should since that's the recipe for all Italian food.

The worst is corned beef. Stupid racial stereotypes, just because I have red hair doesn't
mean I like corned beef. I don't need Irish food to survive. Except potatoes, which are
awesome, but everyone should like potatoes.
Xmo5 (09/16/2016 06:23pm):
Potatoes are awesome, but I also love corned beef. It was actually one of my favorite dishes as a kid. Only got it
about once a year when it was in season though.

And I figure figures don't figure into these charts or figures, so go figure.

Bamboozle (09/17/2016 04:13am):
I've never had corned beef, and getting the mental image of corn flavored beef makes me not want to have it in the

Beefed corn tho.
Xmo5 (09/17/2016 10:51am):
Haha, it's not actually corn flavored. It's basically brined beef and it's very salty.
Nyvelion (09/17/2016 06:22pm):
It's basically awful.
BountyFrog (09/17/2016 06:36pm):
I like Cottage cheese, and I honestly don't even know why. I don't
particularly like it with sweet fruit flavors like some do, I just like it
simple and alone. I have literally eaten that alone for whole meals...
Xmo5 (09/18/2016 07:50pm):
I'm down with cottage cheese. Not sure I could make a whole meal out of it, but I've made a whole meal out of other
cheeses before.
Jackie Milton (09/19/2016 07:37pm):
I like the menu at King Hall. But only out of necessity. And something about "school food" gives me some
kind of Stockholm Syndrome anyway... so "yay, deli turkey and chips on Tuesday. Who knew?"

On the other hand, I do like corned beef and cabbage. I don't like cottage cheese. At all. It is a slimy
imperialistic nation that invades the surrounding countries, and then, it creeps down your throat inching its
way, making every second a lifetime of uncomfortableness and agony. I like peanut butter more now than
I thought I ever would. Turns out, it goes pretty good with bananas.
Xmo5 (09/19/2016 09:23pm):
I stopped eating peanut butter because it turns out it gives me bad acne... even in my
20s. Who knew? I used to love it, but now that it's been a while, I really don't miss it.
Xmo5 (09/21/2016 12:14am | Edited: 09/21/2016 12:21am):
Also, not to go back to music, but that one freaking verse from JFSM is so good. It's the
short different verse that starts with "Hear the sound of violence." The lyrics are great
(like pretty much the whole song), his voice is just so smooth, and the subtle vibrato
gives it such a great sound. The only thing I don't like about it is that they didn't have
any other verses like it.

Normally I'd just send you that over Skype, but I'm traveling again so that's not really
an option.

EDIT: Since I guess this is a public discussion, I might as well post the song for
everyone else's benefit. You can thank Jackie for showing me, and by extension, you, this
Nyvelion (09/23/2016 11:53am):
Psyduck isn't the best pokemon, this is:
Xmo5 (09/23/2016 03:09pm):
Bahahaha! That's hilarious!
Nyvelion (09/23/2016 03:44pm | Edited: 09/23/2016 04:06pm):
Yep. Nietzsche-mon is clearly broken tier. Last panel even possibly implies defeating
Arceus. I'd use 6 of these if I could. Or 5 and an Umbreon because Umbreon is so cute and
I want to have one.
Xmo5 (09/23/2016 08:01pm):
We named our dog Umbreon :D (She goes by Brea or even B on the daily)
Nyvelion (09/26/2016 09:17am):
Neat, I like dogs. I'd have one if I could afford it. Can't find that kind of
unconditional love in people, need dogs for that.
Xmo5 (09/26/2016 12:49pm):
Don't be mistaken into thinking their love is unconditional. Quite the opposite, their
love is conditioned based on food, petting, and recreation until you've conditioned them
to love you otherwise ;)

Even then it doesn't always work.
Nyvelion (09/26/2016 01:23pm):
Love conditioned on food, petting, and recreation... I suppose I could find a person who
fits that description.
Well, every dog I've met seems to love me instantly so it seems like that always happens.
Xmo5 (09/26/2016 08:43pm):
That's a pretty good track record... Maybe you're the dog whisperer!
Nyvelion (09/27/2016 11:36am):
I don't know what that means. I do really like dogs though, they're the best. It's too bad
that owning a Husky in this state is borderline animal cruelty during the Summer, they're
the cutest. Maybe a Labrador. They're so friendly. Someday I want one. Not happening
anytime soon though, don't have the time or money.
Xmo5 (09/27/2016 12:03pm):
Huskies are soooo energetic. Not sure I could put up with one. They can also be really
stubborn because they're so smart.

And I mean you have a special talent for dogs. They love you just because. "I can make
animals do what I want without trainin' 'em."
Xmo5 (09/27/2016 01:43pm):
Also, freaking Porcelain Judas:

Your throat cries what used to be my name
Before the guilt drove you insane
Give in, give up, 'cause in the end you'll follow me
I'll reveal the truth and all of my needs
Without the skin, the bones I'm God
Almighty kneel, then fear my love
You'll be tamed
Nyvelion (09/27/2016 02:48pm | Edited: 09/27/2016 02:51pm):
I'm surprised that that too is a real thing.
As if they ran out of song names and are now just using [noun] [name] mad libs.
Which isn't necessarily a bad idea.
Xmo5 (09/27/2016 03:02pm):
I think it was supposed to be a poetic (and slanderous) title for God/Jesus, judging by
the lyrics. Porcelain to give the perception of purity (white), value, and maybe even
pretension, and Judas for obvious reasons. Sort of like a wolf is sheep's clothing kinda
deal. At least that's what I got out of it, but there's certainly nothing to say I'm right.

I guess I shouldn't mention that they also have song names like:

Balrog Boogie
Zodiac Virtues
Kevlar Sweethearts
Ragdoll Physics
Velvet Embracer

And longer, more obscure ones like:

Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball
Justice for Saint Mary
Poetic Pitbull Revolutions
Wedding March for a Bullet
Honey Trap Aftermath
Nyvelion (09/27/2016 03:46pm | Edited: 09/27/2016 03:58pm):
Well I don't mind anything that is against groups that take advantage of poor people, such
as religion, such as christianity, so I'm okay with them doing that then.
I suppose it's okay if many of the title fit a certain formula if they sound good. Not
really interested in looking up songs even though that's what the subject keeps turning
back to, but the names are good.
Xmo5 (09/27/2016 04:50pm):
Yeah, that's my fault, but really it's J.*.M.'s fault for putting these ideas in my head.
I don't expect you to look up songs, but I can't help but share things and I need an
outlet because I haven't logged into facebook for almost a year and I'm intimidated to
show back up and see the cobwebs on my account. It's like when you don't use Animal
Crossing for a really long time and there are weeds everywhere.
Jackie Milton (09/27/2016 08:19pm):
I was almost a Husky. For 17 grand a year tho.

(The "MTU" stands for "Might've Transferred to USNA (anyway)")
Xmo5 (09/27/2016 09:16pm):
Hey, being paid 17k a year just to be a Husky sounds like a good deal to me ;)

(that was supposed to be funny)
Jackie Milton (09/27/2016 10:52pm):
heh heh heh. My parents make too much for them to consider giving me any money. Interesting to think
what it would be like if I didn't get my appointment. I certainly would have had a chillax summer. The
campus is actually about the same size, maybe smaller. Oh! I wouldn't have to always run around in dorms
yelling dumb things. It's pretty up there too; tons of wilderness, and snow. It's just starting to get cold in
Xmo5 (09/28/2016 08:27am | Edited: 09/28/2016 08:28am):
Well, it's just starting to cool down at least. Not sure I would classify this as cold,
though you are a little bit North of me.

Also, the more I think about it, the more I'm in favor of having that conversation with my
boss. "Yes, I think I could be quite a bit more effective as a Husky. ... ... Mhmm,
productivity would be through the roof. Honestly, I think it's worth a 17k raise. ... ...
Yes, I know that sounds like a lot, but trust me on this one, Huskies are really smart and
super energetic, what's not to love about that? Plus I'll be a heck of a lot fluffier and
all the customers will eat that up. C'mon, give it some thought."
Xmo5 (09/28/2016 12:30pm):
So I really liked the rocket game. I vote we make up some more such silly games here. Like
what if we made a story where each person adds a sentence (we've done that before) but
also adds arbitrary restrictions on the next person's addition. For example:

"Frodo decided he would take the ring to Mordor."

Then something like

"The next addition must mention dolphins" or "must use 4 words that start with the letter
g" or "must be exactly 8 words long with 3 verbs and one color" etc.

I would play based on whoever's ready, but you can't reply to your own. (Other people are
more than welcome to add or change rules as we go... like we could make 'restrictions'
(allowances?) that let people add more than one sentence, etc.) If people want to play,
I'll start us off! But I won't make a sentence, instead I'll just place constraints on
whoever does :D

Ahem... The first sentence of the story cannot use any proper nouns, has to be 17
syllables long such that it could be divided into a haiku (no splitting words between
'lines'), and has to use the word "gorilla".

Bamboozle (09/29/2016 04:21am):
Surprise entrance. Just to say college campuses are way bigger than I ever
imagined. Why are parking spots a 15min walk away from the actual class.
Jus why
Xmo5 (09/29/2016 08:42am):
15? Lucky you. I walked about 25 minutes to class from my parking spot. Are you commuting
or are you just keeping a car on campus?
Nyvelion (09/30/2016 08:14am):
What I want to know is why it takes 15 minutes to get from the parking lot to the lobby at
a hospital. Like oh, sure, I'll just go up two or three levels and then stumble down some
stairs. Not like I might be having an EMERGENCY.
Jackie Milton (09/30/2016 11:46pm):
Heh. My whole campus is basically one building. There are very few places you can't walk to in 10 minutes.
Bamboozle (10/02/2016 05:09pm | Edited: 10/02/2016 05:36pm):
I commute from my place on the outskirts of town to the campus at the center. Burns gas but it's worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also updated dat text game.
Nyvelion (10/11/2016 09:06am):
I hope that someday I'll be the winner of the asymmetrical map contest.
Xmo5 (10/13/2016 10:06am):
I hope that someday I (we) muster up the strength to tackle the remaining submissions.
Jackie Milton (10/13/2016 08:07pm):
I've got my bet on Caesar Addresses his Legionnaires.
Xmo5 (10/14/2016 05:02pm):
Astute observation, what a fierce contender.
Nyvelion (10/17/2016 10:38am):
I forgot about that map... grr, I want to win something on AWBW other than basically every
Mafia/Werewolf game I joined, but the competition is tough here.
Nyvelion (10/17/2016 06:16pm):
It's already too late to win a real AWBW tournament, it's not a real win unless the
perfect players are here, and I never did defeat Kamuscha and now he's gone.
Xmo5 (10/21/2016 03:33pm):
I was super excited because I beat Kamuscha in a LIHF match, but I think he was out of
practice, returning from hiatus, and I was in my prime, plus the game style was vastly
different and it certainly wasn't a tournament. Basically, I technically won a game
against Kamuscha, but it's more like an asterisk than anything else.
Nyvelion (10/24/2016 01:52pm):
My "Nasty Woman" stuff came in. Any "Bad Hombre"s here?
At least something interesting came from these awful debates.
Nyvelion (10/24/2016 04:01pm):
I've always thought that rivers should effectively turn into plains during Snow. Shouldn't
they freeze over?
Or maybe that could be part of Olaf's power only, to make him actually useful.
Xmo5 (10/24/2016 10:01pm):
When he said that my wife and I looked at each other like "Did I hear what I think I just heard?" I mean, it's Trump,
so not super surprising, but it seemed even a little beyond him to say it in a live Presidential debate. And here I was
busy thinking that the first 5 minutes sounded so much like a real debate... so much for that.
Nyvelion (10/25/2016 10:52am | Edited: 10/25/2016 10:56am):
I don't know if I can be surprised anymore in this election.
Well, unless Trump did something completely out of character for him like showing any
actual respect for women, now that would be a surprise.

I hear him say something like how because he's a big deal he can just grab women however
he wants, and it's just like, yeah, that is something he'd say isn't it. I'd be more
surprised if he never said anything like that. Especially after dealing with guys like
that in person.
Xmo5 (10/26/2016 09:45am):
That's why I was so surprised at the first 5 minutes. His opening statements sounded too
normal for a presidential debate that they couldn't have been coming out of his mouth.

I think everybody just wants to election to be over at this point... I keep coming back to
chorus lyrics from "Ragdoll Physics":

But I do and I don't want to care anymore
If I close my eyes, would it spare me the sight
Of decay, corruption, how we nurture destruction
... and everything that will doom us all.
Nyvelion (10/26/2016 09:54am):
I've heard that it's only the USA where we have these absurdly long election cycles. Only
in the USA do we treat who leads one of the more influencial countries on this planet like
it's a reality TV show. Only in the USA do we care more about politics than about governing.
Nyvelion (10/26/2016 10:09am):
The SNL version of that debate did that moment well.
Definitely watch all of the SNL debates on youtube. It might be the only time every 4
years that SNL is actually funny, but they really nailed it this time, for all three debates.
Bamboozle (10/28/2016 02:17am):
Just write in Ken Bone and call it a day
Nyvelion (10/28/2016 09:18am):
Ken Bone, the pedostache guy whose only notable accomplishment is owning a red sweater,
and turned out to be a creep (thought not as bad as Trump)? No. I'd rather vote for
clueless Gary Johnson than him.
Bamboozle (10/28/2016 05:09pm):
Turned out to be a creep? Wat, I must've missed this new development.

Then again this whole thing is a meme anyways so I wouldn't be surprised
Nyvelion (10/28/2016 05:16pm | Edited: 10/28/2016 08:12pm):
He decided to do an ImA on Reddit. Using the username he's had for years. People
immediately checked his comment history. Which included some things he might not want you
to know like his thoughts on the murder of Trayvon Martin, and an admission to looking for
the nude photo leak involving Jennifer Lawrence.
Jackie Milton (10/29/2016 12:23am):
I saw Ken Bone on the D.C. mall. My friends took a picture with him, but I was kinda hesitant. I didn't know
anything about him other than the fact he was politically relevant. We aren't allowed to publicly voice
political opinions or be associated with political figures, especially in uniform, so I just kinda stood back.
Turns out, not a big deal, but certainly not something I regret.
Xmo5 (10/30/2016 11:58am):
Whoa, so what are your restrictions on expressing political opinions? Are you just not allowed to do it
while with officers or other academy attendees? I mean, it makes sense to me why they wouldn't want
people talking about it, but I'm just curious.
Jackie Milton (10/30/2016 01:05pm):
It can't be public or partisan. And unless I have a personal relationship with someone, it really isn't
supposed to be private either. We are encouraged to be politically aware and to vote, and we are required
to have opinions about the political climate with an objective approach.
Xmo5 (10/30/2016 06:50pm):
So what would constitute "opinions about the political climate with an objective approach"? Like, where
would the border be drawn in a hypothetical situation?
Nyvelion (10/31/2016 08:35am):
I wish there was a rule for that regarding churches, there's supposed to be a separation
of church and state here.
Jackie Milton (10/31/2016 09:14am):
Like, I would argue that current politics and media representation are insulting to American voters. You see
the debates advertised like a god damn UFC fight, as if the issues in our country are all part of some
entertainment for the masses.
Xmo5 (10/31/2016 04:30pm):
Okay, I see. You're allowed to talk about the process etc. as a whole, but not specific
issue, party, or candidate alignment?
Jackie Milton (10/31/2016 05:26pm):
Even then it's a little iffy, but that's the idea. Since this is mostly private I'm more inclined to express such
opinions, after all, the name on this profile isn't attached to the me at the academy.
Xmo5 (11/01/2016 10:44am):
True. Who are you again? Is Jackie your real name? *Cue Jackie Poem*
Nyvelion (11/01/2016 11:41am | Edited: 11/01/2016 11:43am):
Either it's not his real name, or it's not my real name.

Can't have two people with the same name, I learned that from watching many movies,
reading many books, and studying media from tvtropes.

Well, unless it's a guy passing down his name to his son (never see a mother passing their
name to a daughter for some reason...), but even though I'm no expert on knowing who the
father is, I doubt that either of us is the father of the
other, and I'm at least 85% sure that I'm not a guy anyway, so this exception doesn't apply.

So, which of us is the real Jackie? Who can solve this puzzle?
Xmo5 (11/01/2016 12:01pm):

Okay, looks like the time's up. Let's see what everyone put down as their answers:




Anyone? ... Is anybody even playing? .... Hellooo? ...Well, I'll give you a little more
time, just in case.
Bamboozle (11/01/2016 03:27pm):
Maybe it's Mackie Jilton and he's just trying to trick us
Nyvelion (11/02/2016 01:11pm):
Mackie Jilton is an AWESOME NAME. Can we use that instead from now on, Mac?
Mackie Jilton (11/02/2016 02:06pm):
Hmmm. I don't see why not.
Xmo5 (11/03/2016 08:18am):
So wait, if you're Mac, who's Bloo?
Nyvelion (11/03/2016 08:40am):
Are those teletubby names?
I just like it because it's a strong classic Irish name.
Xmo5 (11/03/2016 09:48am):
Not quite teletubbies
Bamboozle (11/03/2016 11:21pm):
My god. I remember watching that show when I was a lil one but I forgot everything about it until I saw that clip.
Damn, the orphan that looked like a potted plant was the best
Xmo5 (11/04/2016 09:06am):
My sister and I still reference this one all the time:
Nyvelion (11/08/2016 12:20pm):
4 days seems like enough time to wait if anyone else will follow up before changing the
subject since I have nothing to add to this one and apparently neither does anyone else.

Today is an important day. The USA will choose between a not-very-impressive status quo
candidate, and a horrible narcissistic xenophobic racist whose entire privileged life has
been a failure and who doesn't seem to understand what's wrong about sexual assault. It's
important that we ensure that the best case scenario happens here, maintain the status quo
so that we at least have a chance of getting a better candidate next time instead of
voting for the other guy who will end this country and possibly civilization as we know it
if he gets his way and ensuring no chance that things will get better. It's like SNL
Bernie Sanders said: “Senator Clinton is like the prune juice of this election, she might
not seem very appetizing, but if you don’t take her now, you’re gonna be clogged with crap
for a very long time!” and that's really what this election is about. Much like life,
there is rarely a perfect option/candidate (because he lost in the primary to Clinton),
but that doesn't mean you should let the worst case scenario happen, so vote for... well I
don't really want to say 'for Clinton', but at the very least vote against Trump.
Xmo5 (11/08/2016 02:46pm):
Well put.

And 4 days is certainly enough time :P
Xmo5 (11/08/2016 03:48pm):
Can we talk about dessert for a minute? How come pre-made pudding only comes in small
quantities? Is there not a big enough market for it or something? I mean, you can get ice
cream in huge containers and, while I'm not saying I need that much pudding at once, it
would be nice to get larger amounts than the snack pack size or occasional ~20 oz
refrigerated containers. What about a half gallon? No? I'm just gonna have to make it myself?

Let's be real. Everyone knows pudding is one of the greatest desserts of all time. Even if
you make the argument that "All of that pudding would have to be refrigerated", I'd say
that it certainly doesn't stop people from getting that much ice cream to stuff their
(usually) more limited freezer space. Plus it's not as cold, which means you can wolf it
down faster, stuffing more down your throat before you get full, meaning you get a double
helping of regret to go with your double helping of calories. Isn't that what 'Murca is
all about? Get it together people and start supplying (readily accessible) pudding in
larger, more practical containers. Snack Pack is a tease.

That was longer than a minute of typing you nincompoop.
Yeah, yeah. Sue me. Besides, it's probably closer to a minute to read.
Shut up, it is not.
Well if you're so smart, why don't you time it then?
Fine I will..... .... ...
How long did it take you?
... ... ... 45 seconds.. ... ... But that's still 25% off!
Quit grasping at straws.
Mmmm, candy straws.
You're such a baby.
Well maybe you should stop talking to yourself ya ninny!
... Hello? .... ... Wait, come back... ... I miss you :(

----- FIN -----

Bamboozle (11/08/2016 05:05pm):
Bamboozle (11/08/2016 05:07pm | Edited: 11/08/2016 05:07pm):
Only dessert I can truly and properly endorse (for Prez) is caramel ice cream.
No sympathy from me on the pudding aspect #notsorry
Nyvelion (11/08/2016 05:12pm):
Huh, I really should have gotten back to you about the ice cream sooner, got dessert on
the mind today?

I do not know much about pudding, only about buying tubs of ice cream when feeling
emotional. Also Jello, if that counts. Also Italian Ice, but that certainly doesn't count,
just because it would make this one-sided.

Is pudding the one that's thick? I would guess that it would be harder to eat a large
amount of it, that may explain the size.
Having a large amount at once is what ice cream is for. You buy a gallon of ice cream at
the grocery store, come back home and open Netflix, and a few hours/pounds later you
decide to stop thinking about if everyone you know secretly hates you and throw away the
empty trunk of ice cream. This is a task suited only to ice cream and Netflix.

I am uncertain if pudding has it's own niche like that, or if it's just one of those
options that are always there and may be nice but you can easily live without, like nachos
or lunchables.
Jackie Milton (11/08/2016 09:25pm):
A certain owner of a one player profile "Bradley Milton" has been known to be quite the connoisseur of
pudding having been neck-deep cleaning the pot on multiple occasions.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:42am):
What is going on here.
Is anyone else seeing this happen.
This is horrible.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:44am):
The rest of this silly stuff doesn't matter anymore.
I thought we could do it because everything would be okay anyway.
Who are these millions of racists and sexists who actually voted for this idiot.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:46am):
It wasn't going to be great, but I thought at least we'd get a president who doesn't
remind me of sexual assault every time I see them and hear their creepy words, and who
isn't heavily supported by the people I hate more than anyone such as the MRAs who troll
another forum I'm on for sexual assault and rape survivors.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:48am):
I can't afford to move, and I don't think I can get anyone to do a gofundme for me to move
somewhere else. I'm stuck here with president Make America White/Stupid/Rape Again.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:50am | Edited: 11/09/2016 12:50am):
Have you seen these Trump supporters. They're uneducated, and they have gun fetishes, a
dangerous combination. Maybe not as dangerous to me as it is to those with dark
skin, but it's still scary.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:52am):
I can't sleep. I should be asleep.
I have to work tomorrow.
I can't do it. What's the point of it all if there is no future.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:57am):
Is this what it felt like when Hitler rose to power in Germany?
I ask because Trump was literally endorsed by the KKK, and the American Nazi Party. Which
somehow didn't make it to the news because Clinton sent some emails or something.
Maybe I won't have it the worst, but I figure in Trump's America people like me will be
relegated to birthmothers and hard laborers like in the Giver, if we end up going in that
direction instead of 1930's/40's Germany.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 12:58am):
It was predicted yesterday that we'd have our first female president. Which would have
been nice even if it wasn't Elizabeth Warren like it was supposed to be.
Instead we'll have our first president who thinks sexual assault is okay.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:10am):
How did Republicans go from Romney to THIS.
I didn't like Romney for being a typical out of touch rich guy who doesn't care about poor
people, but I wasn't scared of him like this, and I'm at least 99% sure he hasn't raped
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:17am):
Do you see what's happening to investments in the stock market? It's already the biggest
single drop since the great depression.
If I weren't poor and had investments, I'd be scared of Trump too, and if I didn't have
other reasons to feel unsafe right now.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:20am):
What is his first act going to be... death penalty for anyone with brown skin, or death
penalty for all LGBT? Or perhaps legalize either slavery or rape?
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:21am):
Seems unlikely, but if anyone here did vote for Trump, do me a favor and never talk to me
ever again.
If you voted for Romney or McCain, that's fine, just not Trump, this one is personal.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:23am):
One of my best friends is LGBT. Trump supports that bullshit conversion therapy that leads
many of them to suicide. When that starts happening I really won't be in the mood to talk
to Trump voters.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:33am):
Exit polls... uneducated white males are the strongest demographic for Trump.
For example, guys like Brock Turner.
Exactly the same guys I had reason to be afraid of in high school and college.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:39am):
The KKK is alive and growing here in the South.
I happened to grow up in a poor area where there were a lot of non-white people, and a lot
of them were people I liked. They're in more danger than I am now. Apparently it's already
okay int his country for gun nuts to shoot black people for no reason, and there's no
reason to believe that Trump will do anything but make that worse.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:40am):
How can half of the country be this stupid.
Bamboozle (11/09/2016 01:40am):
No no no. This is awesome. We can play Fallout in real life pretty soon now.
Bamboozle (11/09/2016 01:41am):
For real, this is actually pathetic. Stay safe yall
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:42am):
How are parents supposed to explain the things Trump has said to their daughters? Or
explain how the guy who said those things will soon be president of one of the most
influential countries on Earth?
This is going to take us at least 60 years backwards.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:44am):
Unless he's impeached or assassinated or something, I don't know, apparently nothing
happens as expected or following any kind of logic anymore, maybe we'll just have to hope
that something equally unexplainable happens that does good instead of evil next time.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 01:49am):
So this is why republicans cut education funding... to create more Republicans.
Nyvelion (11/09/2016 02:01am):
I don't know what I'm going to do, I can't handle this, people are voting for this who I
wouldn't feel safe being in the same room with. This wasn't supposed to happen. And it's
not just him, it's his sociopathic supporters, have you seen what they do? This is scary.
I don't need this.
Bamboozle (11/09/2016 04:31am):
lowkey wishing the west coast could secede already
Jackie Milton (11/09/2016 06:16am):
Joke's over now... here's to job security. *drinks*...
Xmo5 (11/09/2016 07:46am):
Xmo5 (11/10/2016 02:05pm | Edited: 11/10/2016 02:11pm):
Solemn, staring blankly ahead.
Nothing could break this trance, this paralyzing state of mind
This must be what it's like to be dead
Frozen in place for what seems like eternity
The details are of little consequence

I continue to stare, but I've long since ceased to see
My sight is elsewhere, envisioning all that might be
The future isn't quite that dark, I conclude
Deluded by my desperation again
The spark of optimism quickly snuffed

Slowly I open my eyes
Sleep must have found me, though I can't recall when
Retracing my mental steps as best as I can
That always works, but this is unique
I can't distinguish where I've thought and I've been

Dreams or reality, does it make a difference?
Both transfixed on this inexorable, impending purgatory
This is my future, though it makes no sense
Who casts aside love for violence?

Then again, what makes me the better man?
I claim to know dark from light
Do I forsake my brothers to prove I'm right?
I cannot
I swallow my pride

At last I stand with my conflicts resolved
I feel my strength begin to sprout again.
It grows and blossoms.
I may yet reach purgatory, but for now I'm absolved
I may yet meet my doom, but I'll greet it with a smile

A whisper of a sigh escapes my lungs
With my thoughts reconciled I feel more content
but the sigh betrays my lingering hunch
I still feel I'd make a better president

Jackie Milton (12/02/2016 11:15pm):
Your mention of The Giver prompted me to read it again... one of my favorite books (or the series
as a whole). The book has a somewhat adolescent style in regard to readability, but I think it has
some pretty hefty themes. Surely the consequences of an absolute socialism, but it's not political; I
like the human aspect. I saved one of the quotes I found particularly interesting.

"We don’t dare let people make choices of their own … What if they were allowed to choose their
own mate? And Chose wrong? Or what if [almost laughing] they chose their own jobs?... We really
have to protect people from wrong choices."

What if...

[Continued on another webpage]
Xmo5 (12/19/2016 03:51pm | Edited: 12/19/2016 03:58pm):
Look, I know that's important and all, but like, can someone explain to me who made the
executive decision to spell it "embassy", yet keep "ambassador"? I even looked into the
etymology a bit and this is what I came up with:

late 16th century (originally also as ambassy denoting the position of ambassador): from
Old French ambasse, based on Latin ambactus ‘servant.’ Compare with ambassador.

Unsurprisingly, ambassador is from the same root word in Old French and Latin. Like, I'm
cool if ambasse turns into embassy over time, considering the pronunciations are
relatively consistent, but who thought it was smart to change one but not the other? Are
we going to start using spelling variations like "You should color your picture.", but "I
like coloured balloons!"? The worst part is that the colo(u)r example, as stupid as it
looks, makes more sense to me. I honestly can't believe it never occurred to me before,
but when it finally did, I couldn't help but think that this was one of the dumbest
decisions anyone ever made. Sure, Embassador doesn't look as cool as Ambassador, and
Embassy just doesn't look right as Ambassy, but that's only because it's what I'm used to.
I'm not particularly fond of the way "traveled" (or "travelled" if you're British) looks,
or "cancelled" (which, interestingly only really became less popular than "canceled" in
American English in the 1980's...thanks Grammar Girl!). Preferred looks dumb too, but who
really cares?? Let's focus a little more on making sense a little less at looking pretty,
hmm? (I think we could all take that to heart in in our daily lives too :P)

This has been another episode of "Things Xmo5 Cares Way Too Much About." Tune in next time
for a thrilling discussion about how neuroplasticity is the coolest thing since sliced bread!
Xmo5 (12/20/2016 03:15pm):
Fun fact, while going over the plots of all of the Star Wars movies with my friend so
she's refreshed on the characters and order of events etc. (I know... it hurts... it's
taking me about 45 minutes per movie, on average, and she's taking notes.. but I do love
the excuse to explain Star Wars to people :P) we came across the word "imperial" for
obvious reasons. Then it dawned on me. Who decided to make it "imperial" but also
"emperor" and "empire"?!

Now, the etymology of this one is a little less clear to me, and I admittedly did very
little research, but as far as I can tell, both have bases in Old French (a lot of English
does due to the French conquest of England in the 11th century: which trace back further to the same root in Latin.
Emperor specifically seems to cite an Old French word with an "e", emperere, but
regardless, all of the Latin roots start with i. So again, we have this situation where
the Latin root is changed in some cases, but not in others, and boy is that dumb.

"Based on my evidence, a key contributing factor to my ideology, it should be quite
avident that this was a dumb adea from the start."


Xmo5 (12/29/2016 12:50pm):
Why does nobody seem to care about such pressing issues??!
Xmo5 (01/03/2017 04:06pm):
Okay, let's try something else? Has anyone seen Rogue One? Warning to those who haven't-
Spoilers may follow.
Jackie Milton (01/05/2017 06:46pm):
Hey. Sorry. Lets talk about rogue one.
Xmo5 (01/05/2017 07:51pm):
Sweet! What are your feels? Did you like it? Hate it? What was your favorite part? What was your least
favorite part? Anything that stuck out as a discontinuity for you either within the movie or the saga?
What were your feels on Tarkin? Leia?
Jackie Milton (01/05/2017 11:57pm):
I really liked it a lot. I felt like this was an actual movie and not just a fanservice like numero 7. I liked the
ending a lot for a couple reasons. [spoiler] Obviously they had to kill all the characters, so not like there
was really another option, but I always like characters going out both guns blazing; I hate when they don't
peak at the end of their lives... boo. (Harry Potter [spoiler] they kill Voldemort and peak at 17, turns out
Harry has a shitty kid in his life too, wow that sucks.) Movies like Armageddon, The Bucket List, Bubba
Ho-Tep. Yee. But along with the ending, I really liked that the sexual tension in the film didn't undermine
the plot with a cheap romance - the Hobbit, the Hunger Games. Blegh! (and not a cool Black Metal
"Blegh!"[Attende-Mistur 6:00-6:34]). You might as well just be reading "The Reluctant Cowboy" (Which we
got my mom for Christmas (as a joke)). Y'know, they faced their maker together in a very believable way.

And speaking of believability, I move on to what I liked least. I felt Jyn Erso's change in alligiance/motive
was a little too extreme, as well as the fact that some skrub "Erso" had such sway with the rest of the
alliance being quite deficient in her charisma modifier (imo). She went from "My only priority is freedom
and family" to "Oy ya wankers! Get off yer arses and waste those other wankers!" (straight tellin off my
homegurl Mon Mothma) Little bit of a stretch, and that's being picky. And since I liked it as a whole, I'll
mostly just pick on some things that I didn't like or were at least a little cheap.

All of the characters. Very enjoyable, well-enough-developed, each with their quirks, each had some good
lines, but for that reason, it kinda felt a little like that episode of Rick and Morty with all the wacky
characters. Just a thought on that. Don't get me wrong, I liked them all, but I do also have a high cheese

Darth Vader was a badass every second of screen time, not going to lie, it was awesome. Having said
that, they gave him a pun. It was cool, but out of character. It kinda set me off a little. Yeah make DLotS
Jr. a BAMF, but don't sell him out...

CGI Tarkin and Leia were fine, good for continuity if you suspend your disbelief. Tarkin's character was
good, model imperial.

So there. Great effects, great visuals, great plot.
Xmo5 (01/06/2017 08:19am):
Yeah I liked it a lot too for many of the same reasons. I thought Darth Vader's pun was less out of character
than most, but I agree it wasn't quite *in* character. It was sort of in between because it played to his sort of
dry sense of humor but the pun itself wasn't quite right. Maybe if he had something very similar but without
the pun. On the other hand, it did make a lot of sense... it wasn't just a random pun because he was literally
choking him because he was getting a big head on account of his successes and aspirations for the future. It
almost came off with the warning being more important and the pun being secondary, at least in the way I
received it... sort of like "Don't get a big head or I'll kill you for real next time you bring me into your pecking
order BS" .. "Oh wait, was that a pun?" Anyway, I definitely see the point though.

As far as the plot, I think a lot of it was really good and the advantage of killing off the main characters is that
you can afford to let the bad guys make smart and realistic decisions and by not being one of the 9 saga
movies, it could be a bit darker. I loved how Cassian killed off his informant guy at the beginning because he
knew he would either hold him back or be captured, both of which would risk the mission's integrity. Also how
Krennic immediately ordered the shield gate to be closed and personally went to deal with the problem once
he realized they were in the tower going after the Death Star plans. Also, the ruthless portrayal of the Empire
(multiple tests of "low" powered DS shots likely killing thousands, including imperial soldiers and officers)
and the power struggle within their own ranks. I think that, as good of a movie as it is, it seriously set the
stage for all the tension you feel in ANH during that meeting in some imperial conference room. You always
got a sense of "Wait, I want a chance to be the important one here!" but Vader and Tarkin kind of put their
metaphorical feet down, and also "OMG, wtf do we do... I'm panicked because something big just
happened". Sure, we have some context on that from the opening crawl ("Rebel spaceships, striking from a
hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.") but you really don't get the
atmosphere. Now, seeing it, you can understand *exactly* why everyone seems a bit on edge- it was kind of
a big deal that the rebels were literally able to attack the Empire at home, on a planet where they keep the
schematics and other critical information for all their cool stuff! That's a huge deal!! Everybody's thinking
"Holy freaking balls, we're the big fish here, and they just showed us up hard and made off with the most
critical piece of information they could have stolen on our most recent, massive, dangerous, top secret, and
*expensive* piece of equipment that we *already know has a weakness somewhere*. I'd be shifting
uncomfortably in my seat too...

Anyway... Some other things: My sisters thought the whole "I am one with the Force and the Force is with
me." got old and cheesy fast.. I sort of agree. I think it was overdone, but I don't think it killed the movie or the
character for me, just that it would have been better with a bit less of it. Both my sisters and I thought the star
destroyers looked off for some reason.. like the closeups looked like they were made out of something weird..
like more brittle. My sister suggested Lego, but I'm not sure i quite agree. A lot of people didn't like the mind
reading octopus thing because there was no importance to it in the plot and there were better ways of going
about that. I tend to agree with them. Also, most I've heard didn't like the CGI, feeling that Tarkin fell into
"uncanny valley". If I didn't have context to discern that it couldn't be Peter Cushing himself, I probably would
have thought something was funny, but never noticed the fact that his face was CGI. I thought it was well
done and not worth complaining about. Leia, on the other hand, felt odd to me, almost like she was
airbrushed wayyy too much. Also, her expression was pretty happy for some reason and, while it makes
some sense, it doesn't make enough to me given the whole context of the moment and their situation.
Seemed like an odd way to end the movie IMO, but I know they were going for the "new hope" vibe.
Speaking of Leia, a lot of people think it's stupid that she was there, on her ship, just chilling in the middle of
a battle that she shouldn't even be at etc., but I don't really agree with those people. I think it worked just fine,
though they could have had another 30 second scene squeezed somewhere to make it more obvious as to
exactly why she was there and why, being there, she wasn't fighting. Again, I think there are reasonable
explanations for both, they just didn't explicitly state them.

Okay, that's enough for now... I've already made myself (probably) late for work :P I am, however, (probably)
going to see it again tomorrow with a friend (and my wife in exchange for the big tub of popcorn :P) followed
by coming home and watching ANH so we can experience them back to back. (I say probably because were
supposed to get snow tonight, and round here everything seems to shut down with an inch on the ground...
Xmo5 (01/09/2017 04:11pm):
So after watching it again, I'd like to add some more detail:

Re: Star Destroyers- They only looked funny from a certain angle... almost too white
maybe? But they looked like a model kit material from the front in the light, particularly
right at the beginning of the impact.

Re: CGI- Tarkin was a little more noticeable second time through, but definitely passable.
Leia wasn't as bad as I remember from the first viewing, but the little smile at the end
is still a bit much for me.

Re: Force Chant- This didn't get old as fast as it did the first time, but still got a bit
cheesy for me at the end. Still passable though.

Re: Vader- After seeing some complaints about it, I listened the second time through and
felt I agreed that James Earl Jones sounded more tired out and less menacing in R1
compared to the OT... I mean, for obvious reasons. I didn't notice it at all the first
time through, but I do notice it now. Also, I've been wrestling with Vader's suit...
something just felt off and I think it's that the neck piece is broader or more noticeable
because it stands out for some reason. The transition to the chest plate just doesn't look

Re: Leia- Upon the second viewing, the droids (R2 and C3PO) seemed less likely to be where
they would need to be in order to make the trip with Leia to Scarif since you see them on
Yavin 4 watching other ships take off. However, I don't think it's entirely implausible.
Leia could have been nearby getting the Tantive IV ready to join them and serve the exact
role that she served, should the events come to it, and the droids went with her because
R2 always seems to know where to be.

After my second viewing, I definitely still really like the movie and the emotional weight
of pretty much everything was still there. For the first time, though, I think it's worth
noting that I connect more with the imperial story than I do with the rebel story. Not
because I agree with what they did, but because I find it more compelling. Yes, the story
with Jyn and Cassian is good and they do a great job, but it's a 'hero saves the day at
the last minute story'. I like the Krennic story arc a lot because he's a smart, ruthless
bad guy who does a great job as a standalone villain, but is thoroughly upstaged and put
in his place by both Vader and Tarkin. I love watching the internal power struggle,
Krennic's attempts to redeem himself, and his general reactions to the situation. He
exudes this aura of "Do I have to do everything myself?!" whenever things go wrong, yet
he's the one who gets shafted by the bigger bad guys. Usually that type of character is
the main bad guy, or at least not considered a pawn worth sacrificing by a bigger fish. To
me, that's great world building because now you can imagine that all of the officers you
see in ANH (and maybe others characters you never see) are all their own Krennics. They're
all the shoot first, ask questions later kind of people with their own problems that they
deal with swiftly and without mercy, but they're still small potatoes! Tarkin and Vader
put them in their places. This gives you an idea of not only how big and bad the empire
really is, but also how big and bad the main antagonists must be to reach the top of that
pecking order.

In following R1 with ANH, there are some minor discontinuities, but mostly in phrasing. A
lot of the terms used in ANH might not imply that the information was passed along in the
way it actually was ("Where are those transmissions you intercepted?") or that Vader
didn't personally witness the ship flee the scene. To me, those are pretty minor and
things work out just fine on all the bigger sweeps, at least as far as I can tell. On the
other hand, for the reasons mentioned above and more, it adds a lot more depth to the plot
of ANH, once you realize all of the things that happened for R2 to get those plans they're
trying to protect. In fact, could you imagine the look on Jyn Erso's face if she saw Luke
and Han leave to go save Leia from the detention block while they tell R2 and C3PO to
"lock the door and hope they don't have blasters" when they ask how to defend themselves?
"Wait, you mean all of us died to steal these plans critical to the rebellion and barely
escaped with them on multiple occasions, just so some whiny, snot nosed kid can leave them
unsupervised outside of the cantina in a city where they're being hunted?? Then this kid
and his greedy smuggler pilot buddy can leave them undefended **in the enemy battle
station** because one's thinking with his dick and the other's thinking with his wallet??
%#$*@ %$#* @%#$!!!!!!" If only they had seen R1 first to understand the gravity of the
situation, then they wouldn't treat the droids and the plans they have so flippantly.
Their value is immeasurable and these guys have only the faintest idea because they don't
know the story. It makes it frustrating as a viewer in many ways, but in a believable sort
of way, sort of like when you watch two long lost family members or friends tens of feet
from reuniting but neither happen to look the right way at the right time, even though
they're searching for each other. It's frustrating but it's part of the movie. Of course
Han and Luke have no concept of what those plans are worth, except in the general sense of
"Yeah, it'll help keep the rebel alliance in the game, we got it." (not an actual quote)

Okay, that's enough for today. :P
Xmo5 (02/10/2017 04:13pm):
A map is a map, no matter the comments
Gobble them up, regardless of content
Or just ignore them and keep keepin' on
After all this conversation has run a bit long
A map is a map, but that's just my two cents

A wrap is a wrap at the end of the day
"Call it a wrap" is what Lucas would say
Pass it along to the next guy in line
It's a wrap for the moment, but give it some time
A wrap is a wrap, but we're far, far away

A rap is a rap and it comes from the ghetto
Make 'em buy what you sell, change your name to Geppetto
You don't have to sing, play, or try in the least
Spit sick nasty rhymes and they'll think you're a beast
A rap is a rap, but I'd rather choose metal

A rhyme is a rhyme and my rhymes are the best
I'm tellin' you folks, put my rhymes to the test
Nobody else has rhymes quite this fine
Cuz boy let me tell ya, my rhymes are divine
A rhyme is a rhyme if it's mine, screw the rest

A crime is a crime, but I'm not a bad guy
Trust me for once, would I ever lie?
No need to see what I'm hiding downstairs
Sneak a peek, but I wonder if anyone cares
A crime is a crime, but I'm still not sure why

A track is a track, and it keeps you on course
I covered rap tracks, morals, maps, and the Force
But I think we fell off of the train we were on
This place got real bland with the commenters gone
A track is a track, so (hip)hop on your horse

Xmo5 (02/28/2017 02:14pm):
Hurry, hurry
Scurry, scurry
Don't let solitude make you worry

Time alone should not be feared
These quiet times should be revered

At times we cry, at times we laugh
But in the end time's all we have

Inner peace comes
Bright and crisp like a spring morning's dawn
Still I wonder
The **** have all the commenters gone?!?
Xmo5 (03/01/2017 04:33pm | Edited: 03/01/2017 04:35pm):
Ooh! Cool idea for a game! Okay, so one of us finds source material (which we don't
reveal) about 1 paragraph in length from a book, a famous quote, a song verse/chorus,
etc., preferably in English. Then, we post it here without any vowels in it. Finally, the
rest of us (is there more than 1 of me?) try and repopulate the vowels in whatever way we
see fit. Want to just make the first words that come to mind? Do it. Want to try and get
the correct words? Do it. Want to write a funny story, a poem, or some other creative work
with it? Do it! (Note that you can take liberties with capitalization and punctuation of
source material as you see fit to give the other side either less info or more leeway)

I think this could be totally awesome. Here, I'll give everyone something to start with...
many individual words are probably more recognizable than I'd imagine the usual source
material, but that's easy to plan around when you find your own material to post:

ll tht s gld ds nt glttr
nt ll ths wh wndr r lst
th ld tht s strng ds nt wthr,
dp rts r nt rchd b th frst.

frm th shs fr shll b wkn,
lght frm th shdws shll sprng;
rnwd shll b blde tht ws brkn,
th crwnlss gn shll b kng


2 less obvious ones:

ms Mk nt sn hm n lng tm
wnt t hgh fv hr hm spt nw rhm
lst hrd nt dn t fn
cs tht fn trp gt hm gn t hs mnd
fn trp s tht nw stff Jms bn dln
n lttl ht gt y bncn ff th cln
nw Jms gt m hm by hkd
th wy ts mssn Mk p gt m shk

Y r nt t ll lk m rs. S yt y r nthng. N n hs tmd y nd y hv tmd n n. Y r lk m fx whn frst
knw hm. H ws nl fx lk hndrd thsnd thr fxs. Bt hv md hm m frnd nd nw h s nq n ll th wrld. Y
r btfl bt y r mpt. N cld nt d fr y. T b sr n rdnr pssrb wld thnk tht m rs lkd jst lk y--th
rs tht blngs t m. Bt n hrslf ln sh s mr mprtnt thn ll th hndrds f y thr rss: Bcs t s sh
tht hv wtrd; bcs t s sh tht hv pt ndr th glss glb; bcs t s sh tht hv shltrd bhnd th scrn;
bcs t s fr hr tht hv klld th ctrpllrs (xcpt th tw r thr tht w svd t bcm bttrfls); bcs t s
sh tht hv lstnd t whn sh grmbld r bstd r vn smtms whn sh sd nthng. Bcs sh s m rs.

Xmo5 (03/03/2017 02:55pm):
Okay, okay, I'll do the first one myself, but only since you asked so nicely.

Lily that is glad daisy ain't glittery
Note: ill oaths who wander rue lust
The lad that see string does untie weather,
Dope routes rue note reached by oath first.

Frame the shoes afar; shell oboe weaken,
Light form the shadows shalala Sprong;
Rainweed shall be baled tohat wise boarkin,
The crownless gain shill Abe Kong

Silly? Sure. Nonsensical? Absolutely. I took a few liberties, but probably not as many as
I could have.
Jackie Milton (03/07/2017 01:13pm):
Gimme a day. This looks fun
Xmo5 (03/14/2017 04:55pm):
I know we started saving daylight and all, but boy, the days are a lot longer than I
remember them from last year.
Jackie Milton (03/16/2017 05:10pm):
God made Earth in a day, that somehow translates to ~9 billion years. gimme a break, jeesh
Jackie Milton (03/16/2017 05:20pm | Edited: 03/20/2017 10:19am):
I'm's Make net snob him on long tom.
I went to high five her/him spoot new roham
lost hoard not dune to fan
cause that f'n trip get ham gone to his mind
f'n trip as that now stiff Jim's bean d-line
no little hate got my ba(n)con off the clean
new Jimies got my ham by haked
the way its mission Mike pay got me shaky.
Xmo5 (03/17/2017 08:27am):
Great, so now he thinks he's all powerful and it's somehow my fault. *eye roll*


Bonus points if you guess the source material :D
Jackie Milton (03/17/2017 01:53pm):
Shit. I missed some of it?
Damn, lemme fix it.
Xmo5 (03/20/2017 02:19pm):
Hahaha I hope you realize that all this ham and ba(n)con made me hungry. Relatedly, I
broke down and got the smokehouse bbq pizza from Little Caesars this weekend. So much
delicious... so many calories.
Jackie Milton (04/23/2017 10:53pm):
Hmmm. Since this is the map on pop culture. What culture is pop enough to be relevant to others yet obscure
enough to me to be interested in? Hah. nothing. I'll just write some not-as-personal-as-would-fit-elsewhere
Too bad TA fell away... and quadrant and conquer is off to a shaky start. If only the day had more hours
dedicated to fuckery :P
I did start up my own group here at the US Nerd Assembly. It's very space based. I am learning though, that
with a casual group, plotlines are hard to follow, and most the time is spent causing raucous in brothels...
sooner or later, my adventurers will have to get to a dungeon... Interesting to be the DM. Honestly, not a bad
leadership opportunity. You have a mission, and your only job is to facilitate the success of that mission playing
tho how players want to achieve that mission (having fun). "It's not about you" they say, in general about
leading. And I suppose it's true, haha.
Xmo5 (04/24/2017 07:10pm):
Quadrant and Conquer, huh? I like it. Though QnC doesn't have quite the same ring to it...

I always felt I would make a horrible DM, but I also always wondered whether it was
because I wouldn't actually be good at it, or just because I can't assess my own skill
level as a result of my dearth of experience with the gameplay which, by default, leads me
to A) Wonder whether I really know what a DM needs to do and B) Question my ability to
execute effectively. I'm always super self aware of my inadequacies when I'm in uncharted
territory, sometimes to the point of stupidity. It's almost like it's a runaway feedback
loop in which my brain tells me "Whoa there! You don't know what you're doing... be
careful and don't do anything stupid!" ... "Whoa there! You don't know if that thing
you're about to do is stupid or not... don't do anything!" ... "Whoa there! This guy was
kind enough to give you direction, but trust me, you're so worried you'll do the wrong
thing that you'll sit there, mouth agape, for a solid minute considering every possible
interpretation of his words before you ask a clarifying question that you really didn't
need to ask, but you had to out of fear of looking stupid by accidentally misinterpreting
and deviating from his obvious instructions, only to find out that you would have looked
less stupid than if you froze in panic, asked this dumb question, and then didn't hear the
answer because you were too busy having this internal conversation about how stupid it
made you look... Just sit down and play with the rocks over there... they can't tell the
difference." .. .Ahem... anyway, my point is that I think I'd be awfully bad at it, and
the question is whether it would get better or whether I would just plain suck.

Okay, time to proofread my sister's (undergrad) thesis on infectious diseases, of which I
know very little. :)

Jackie Milton (04/24/2017 10:32pm):
Hooyah infectious diseases! I am currently working on a research paper about the cultural significance of the
middle finger. Research is pretty fun for this topic.

The first times are pretty tough since you're just settling in. Honestly the hardest part is getting your wily
adventurers to stay on somewhat of the track of your story. So far, my group has completely avoided all
dungeons to disrupt churches, brothels, and bars. Not to mention murdering the homeless and paying off the
police... but I humor them because that's what makes it fun, not any story I write, though I try to make that an
Xmo5 (04/26/2017 07:23am):
Yeah, I would probably have to humor them in that case too, but as the DM, that would
frustrate me. When I have something I want to show to people, or a story I want to tell,
or some other such plan for how events will unfold, I get frustrated when people are
disruptive of that plan. I think it stems back to A) I planned it this way and, while they
may not realize it or think of it like this, their failure to follow along in whatever
applicable way reflects some degree of them not caring about what I tried to create (which
I usually care a lot about) and B) When I have a plan, it's because I think it's the ideal
execution and it's frustrating to watch the impact of my story's climax, for example,
repeatedly drop as people continue to interrupt or get distracted/stop listening.

Reason A makes me frustrated indirectly. Mostly it makes me feel sort of embarrassed,
which I then find frustrating because I cared about the impact it would make and now I'm
embarrassed because apparently the audience (for lack of a better term) doesn't have much
interest. Reason B is frustrating in the same way as any well-thought-out plan falling
through. You know for sure, this is the best way to get the bang for your buck and you got
the right coupons during the right sale and you time it perfectly during your lunch break,
but then it turns out the registers are down at the store right during the time when you
get there. But... but... you had the perfect plan! Everything could have worked out
exactly the way you'd hoped until that obnoxiously timed inconvenience threw a monkey
wrench in it all.

Side note, turns out the lead singer of Stone Sour is also the lead singer of Slipknot.
Who knew? Not this kid. Also, assuming he writes the lyrics, he tends to write really good
lyrics. Stone Sour's song structure is super formulaic, and I think there's a bit too much
repetition of the chorus in most cases, but the two verses they usually get in tend to
have really good lyrics. Funny, I've known the song Through Glass for ages, and always
liked it, but I never really listened to the verses for some reason. Here they are:

How do you feel? That is the question
But I forget you don't expect an easy answer
When something like a soul becomes initialized
and folded up like paper dolls and little notes
you can't expect a bit of hope
And while you're outside looking in, describing what you see
remember what you're staring at is me


How much is real? So much to question
An epidemic of the mannequins
contaminating everything
we thought came from the heart
It never did right from the start
Just listen to the noises
Null and void instead of voices
Before you tell yourself it's just a different scene
Remember it's just different from what you've seen


Their song Tired has some pretty good lyrics too, as does Slipknot's Snuff. Anyway, not
sure of your familiarity with the material, but I thought the writing was generally good,
and better than I would have expected.

Xmo5 (05/02/2017 05:06pm | Edited: 05/02/2017 05:20pm):
This rocket looks at the massive text wall in front of it and thinks,
"Gee, I'd be no more successful at getting over that wall than a boat.

A text is a text, no matter how tall
Keep building it up and you'll get a text wall
Build me up buttercup, but don't let me down
Call me Sir Dumpty cuz I'll litter the ground
A text is a text, so don't drop the ball

A rock is a rock no matter how gray
This rocket looks rock-like, wouldn't you say?
To find out which it is, you should check if it floats
Or light it on fire; I've seen rocket boats

~~~~[ . ] TT========== [ . ] TTBB [ . ] BB ~~
~~[ . . . ] TT == ~~~~~ == CC [ . . . ]HH BB ~~
~~CCC ==== ~~ ~~~ == [ . ] ^^ [ . ] == BB ~~~
~~[ . . . ] ==[ . ] ~~ ~~~ ==CC ^^CC == [ . ] ~~~
~~OO ===CC ~~~ TT =========== CC~~~
~~OO HH [ . . . . . . ]TTTT [ . ] ~~~~ == ~~~~~
~~~~~OOOO[ . . . . . . . . . . . ] ~~~~ [ . . . . ] ~~~
~~~~~~~~~~ ^CC^^TTC[ . ] == [ . ]CCCC ~~~
Jackie Milton (05/09/2017 03:06pm | Edited: 07/02/2017 10:05pm):

fantastic. absolutely fantastic

Hah. I read it again. The meta on this joke is really making me feel like AWBW is my Home...
Xmo5 (05/09/2017 03:51pm):
Clearly it was fantastic enough for you to write a whole mom poem based on my poem
structure. Derivative, sure, but I'll take it as a compliment. ;)
Jackie Milton (05/11/2017 03:21pm):
"my poem structure"

Integrity. absolutely without integrity
Xmo5 (05/12/2017 10:14am):
BountyFrog (07/03/2017 12:05pm):
Wow... 400+ comments...
Xmo5 (07/05/2017 11:58am):
And yet, not a single one says "Poopty, peupty pants."
Jackie Milton (11/07/2017 10:40pm):
Maybe a little late, but I really hope that was original content. Immature. Vulgar. Gold.
Xmo5 (11/08/2017 01:37pm):
Not really. I stole the "Poopty, Peupty pants" part from Schfifty Five. I mean, it was
original content for them, presumably, but not at the time that I wrote it here.
Jackie Milton (11/08/2017 08:46pm):
Darn. That is vile.
Xmo5 (02/16/2018 01:30pm):

Who said that?
Xmo5 (03/02/2018 11:48am):
A meta's a meta, no matter how how high
Another floor up and you might start to cry
You bit off a meta that's too much to chew
But remember this meta's designed around you
A meta's a meta so let's find out why

A rocket's a rocket, no matter how quick
Start up the engines and go for a trip
If it moves at high speed then you might need a coat
And this rocket looks half as fast as a boat

A joke is a joke no matter how dumb
Loved by many and reviled by some
Tell a joke to your boss and you might get a laugh
Mention his mom and he'll fire you fast
A joke is a joke and they're not all whalecum
Xmo5 (03/02/2018 12:14pm):
A nitty's a nitty no matter how gritty
Give it a polish 'til it shines nice and pretty
Of nitties gritty or clean I'm remarkably keen
Gritty nits overlooked I call ripe for the picking
The grit in my nitty is why I'm so witty
Xmo5 (03/02/2018 12:22pm):
A doubt is a doubt, no matter how wee
Let it take root and it grows like a tree
I doubt certain things can be sent in the mail
Send the wrong thing and you might go to jail
When in doubt you can always check xkcd
Jackie Milton (03/07/2018 01:32am):
A month is a month no matter how you
Or me for that matter, put it past due.
I began to write here, saw what i meant,
Put that post elsewhere for its content.
A month is a month, but friendship is true.
Jackie Milton (03/07/2018 01:50am):
Obscene is obscene, no matter how vile
I haven't spat garbage in quite a long while.
But the harder I try, the worse off I am,
The more that I think and the more that I cram
Obscene with obscene, my mind I defile.

so here I go:

A lad is a lad, no matter the gender:
To hold one's own dick (that's figurative) with splendor.
Swing it around for all to see
Proving it's bigger grants authority.
A lad is a lad; expect no surrender.
Xmo5 (03/07/2018 10:02am):
A dick is a dick, no matter how short
Though it may be the focus of many a retort
So bigger and better the lads will all claim
"Long enough for a flagpole" or "for landing a plane"
A dick is a dick, but what's an airport?
Xmo5 (03/07/2018 02:11pm | Edited: 03/07/2018 02:18pm):
Liam slowly drifted into thought, his mind soaring high above the clouds, unconcerned with
his surroundings or the latest news about John Kerry, instead escaping back to his youth,
recalling the hot summer days working at Kung Ravioli, tiling the floor during the hottest
summer and longest drought on record. That was some of the hardest work he'd ever done,
but that summer was truly the source of his fondest memories, which proved to be ample
compensation for his labor - the flickering lightbulb in the kitchen that finally burnt
out during the busiest night of the year, the images of hungry customers sloppily stuffing
their faces to great comedic effect, the rebellious teens trying to ping the owner with
the after-dinner mints on a slow Thursday, the egregious typo in the restaurant sign that
the owner adamantly insisted to be intentional - now all blending into a single nostalgic
embrace that warmed and comforted him in his old age. The restaurant name was particularly
impactful because it had always been the owner, Rick Lloyd's dream to own a business of
repute, much like his step-brother, Krzysztof, who had a renowned bakery, and so he
founded Kung Ravioli, so named in honor of two of his favorite things in life, Italian
cuisine, which he would famously serve, and William Shakespeare, to whose works his
exposure consisted entirely of acting the part of Petruchio in his schools adaptation of
The Taming of the Shrew and having read his copy King John several dozen times - a copy
which, unfortunately, had been produced with a glaring misprint in the title. Once the
restaurant name was decided, however, it was set in stone, and despite the constant
ribbing from his childhood friend, J.R., who would occasionally come all the way from
Washington DC to visit, they could not convince Rick to deny that his odd spelling of the
word king was intentional for the sake of giving the establishment character; it was
witnessing this stubborn devotion that had the most meaningful and lasting impact on
Liam's life, though he didn't know it at the time.

It wasn't until years later, when he was serving as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force that
the ugly mugs of Rick and J.R. popped back into his head rather oddly at lunch one day
and, in lieu of all the paranoia of uranium weapons technology and threats of nuclear war
that would normally weigh on his mind in these volatile times, he pondered what it was
that made Rick so determined as he began to munch on his predictably stale and meager
rations. The only possibility that came to mind was that, during the eight months he
worked for Rick, no other issue had ever become the source of irrational disagreement, and
so there must have been more behind his gruff voice, bushy beard, and overall burly
appearance than a grizzled old fool, because grizzled old fools don't turn pennies into
private sector success, they don't welcome customers personally a hundred times a day, or
make sure each one gets a first rate experience, or treat disrespectful hooligans with
fairness and dignity, and they don't stick out their neck to give a helpless young boy on
the street an opportunity to turn his life into something meaningful. To say Rick was a
good guy was an understatement, and it wasn't until Liam was able to identify the root
cause of the issue - that the stubborn, incitable characterization of Rick was something
thrust upon him by ignorant interpretations of his motives and that his reactions were
reflective of his need to defend the thing he cared about most, his American dream and
metaphorical child he'd raised from nothing- it wasn't until he'd come to that conclusion
that he was able to realize the value in what Rick had one for him, allowing him to break
his mold, giving him the freedom to be Kung of his own story.


Original story, written with the following constraints:

-Multiple lists of random words were generated, approximately 5-10 words per list

-Words were generated by drawing blindly on a smartphone keyboard and accepting the

-Each sentence must contain all of the words from a list, in order

-The lists must be used in the order they were generated

-List words were not allowed to influence story content until their turn in the order**

-Lists 1-6 were generated before starting the story, list 7 was generated later for length
after lines 1-6 were used

-Mild proofreading and corrections after finishing (and 1 edit), with minimal impact.
Slight word change, addition of a comma, etc.

List 1: high, John Kerry, kung, ravioli, tiling, drought
List 2: truly, lightbulb, hungry, ping, typo
List 3: Rick Lloyd's, of, much, Krzysztof, kung, John, been
List 4: once, in, Jr, dc, not, deny, been, odd
List 5: 2nd, mugs, oddly, uranium, weigh, munch
List 6: possibility, during, eight, other, bushy, don't, sector
List 7: good, until, identify, upon, mold

* Mild creative license was taken in rare instances (Jr, for example). Lists 5, 6, and 7
allowed selecting from any of the 3 suggestions offered for each word, not just the
default one. This was in an attempt to avoid words like Kung, Krzysztof, Jr, and dc.

** Obviously I knew what the lists said because I made them, but I generated the lists
about a week in advance with a vague idea of what I wanted to do with them and the intent
to get to it "sometime" and didn't think any more on it. I invented the rules for the
specific process as I wrote the first sentence and just sort of took it one list at a time
without looking ahead to plan ways to incorporate future words. The exception here is
obviously list 7, which I generated after writing most of the story, but I needed another
sentence (at least) to wrap it up. I didn't want much more than that because at that point
i knew the direction of my story and I didn't want that to influence my potential word
list, especially considering my change in technique for the last few lists.
Xmo5 (04/24/2018 01:25pm):
A map is a map, no matter how small
Though it's greatly improved if you scrawl on its wall
If the comments slow down it can get a bit bland
Two thoughts in the head are worth one writ by hand
A map is a map, but it can't write or call
Xmo5 (04/24/2018 01:39pm):
A thought is a thought, no matter how fleeting
You can gather them up and have a thought meeting
Some thoughts are thought through and others are not
So think on yours hard and don't be a tho(ugh)t
A thought is a thought, but I'm bad at completing...
Nyvelion (05/25/2018 08:58am):
I like the nice rhymes that have been posted here. Well done!
Xmo5 (05/25/2018 01:42pm):
Thanks! If you're interested in a scavenger hunt... 25052 :)

And another penned by Morgan:

zolthorg can help you on your way
Xmo5 (06/15/2018 09:26am):
Original text:

Humbly venturing forth, he rode into the night until his lids, like rocks, did weigh upon
his eyes. Stopping for a rest, he strode into the inn and requested a bed, which the
innkeeper happily obliged to provide him, for a nominal fee of course. The next thing he
knew, he was awaking to bright sunlight. Upon leaving the inn, realization struck him that
his horse had not been tied up last night, and so he begrudgingly made his way to the
nearest pub where he found the horse, entirely expectedly, passed out on the ground in a
pool of his own vomit. Not a pretty sight at all. A local maiden came upon the scene and
made a snide remark, and so our rider extended his arm and struck her thusly. He then
consequently died in a hail of retaliatory gunfire from the townspeople, leaving his horse
a free beast, though he would not know for another several hours. And so, as demonstrated
above, there is always a silver lining.


It's like it's a bit bent and moves that night, until your clothes, like a stone, do not
blush your eyes. After a break, he stopped with a chat and asked for a friendly bed for a
small fee. Another thing she knows is she wakes up in bright sunlight. He left the
restaurant and realized that his son was not connected last night so he killed him when he
came to the next pub where he thought it was entirely assumed that the horse was released
in the store. The pool was not very friendly. The local girls came and made important
comments, our pilot came out and hit the idiot. Then he died from the village for revenge
and left the horse, although he did not find it for a couple of hours. As I mentioned
above, there is always silver lining.
Xmo5 (08/17/2018 09:35am | Edited: 08/17/2018 09:36am):
Oops, not where I meant to leave this comment. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
JJEmpire64 (09/23/2018 08:41pm):
The amount of comments on this map is insane.
Tmi489 (09/23/2018 09:01pm):
speakng of word etymology from sometime earlier
when do people start marking new words at all
Xmo5 (09/24/2018 10:27am):
People are making new words all the time. Sometimes it's just a variation on an existing
word that gains traction, sometimes it's a new meaning for an existing word that gains
traction, and sometimes it's a new word altogether, like "selfie" ... *shudders*

The upside to this is that it makes language interesting because it's always fluid and
evolving, bending to your will to be as exacting or open to interpretation as you like.
The downside to this is that common usage drives linguistic evolution, so we get those
stupid examples of empire/imperial and embassy/ambassador and many, many others. If you
haven't noticed, I love language, but I wish some of the choices and customs had been
thought through a little bit more (at least for English).

Also, without insanity there is no reason; each is only measured by the absence of the
other. We're just checking the calibration in a meticulously chaotic way.
Tmi489 (10/14/2018 10:03pm):
Or we could just go like this.

Xmo5 (10/15/2018 12:56pm):
This is good. I like this.
Xmo5 (12/06/2018 05:07pm):
Hallooooo out there! Anybody listening?
dpsi (01/17/2019 12:04am):
Like if you're reading in 2019
Xmo5 (01/17/2019 04:51pm):
Uhm…. b

(that's a thumbs up)

Jackie Milton (02/04/2019 12:16am):
Are map comments dead in general? Has discord killed this once great art. Are these places left only for
us to dump our longings and nostalgia?
Xmo5 (02/19/2019 09:36am):
and the darkness whispered back "Yes..."

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