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maps_id=63876 (Design Map by Xmo5)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 6.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
Xmo5 (03/28/2014 02:09pm):
Okay, this one is pretty much intended to be for competitive play. Those of you who are
good at judging that kind of map, let me know what you think of it!
Last Edited on 03/28/2014 02:09pm
MorganLeah (03/28/2014 03:41pm):
Well its certainly set up to have some very intense contested key properties (the towers
in particular). Whether theyre too contested or not is hard to say without some playtests.
The airports might be in a bit too strong of a position, swapping them with those cities 2
spaces away would probably be better spots for them. Otherwise Id say it looks good.

Also the map title is 2meta4me
Xmo5 (03/28/2014 04:45pm):
Yeah I made the towers pretty contested with the thought that they`re mostly contested by
the enemy neutral base and have good defense potential (ie artillery and 0 star terrain on
3/4 sides). That at least gives a chance for the "defending" side to capture and protect
before the pressure gets too intense, but I`ll admit that`s one of the parts I was worried
about. I`ll see how it turns out in the game I`m playing.

Also, I originally had the towers in the corners so the airport was meant to put more
pressure on that area. As it is now you`re probably right though- I`ll swap them after my
current game is over.

EDIT- Airport and towers each swapped for a city slightly further from the battlefront.
Last Edited on 04/04/2014 03:12pm
BountyFrog (03/30/2014 12:02pm):
Why is no one commenting on anything?
alamech (03/30/2014 01:24pm):
Well, I guess itīs the weekend, also awbw is similar to correspondence chess - sometimes
everyoneīs just sitting over his/her games, silently scheming. Then, thereīs this
apostrophe bug, which has probably eaten a few comments. The established forum is
currently down too and http://isndev.omgforum.net/c5-advance-wars-by-web isnīt directly
BountyFrog (03/30/2014 02:56pm):
Im glad somebody answered me, I thought it went down for good or something...
Xmo5 (03/31/2014 09:11am):
Nah, like alamech said, weekends are like that. Plus the apostrophe thing and a lot of
people being scared off due to the recent major site issues.

I don`t typically have time during the weekend to get on awbw a lot so don`t expect me to
be around :P
MorganLeah (03/31/2014 09:27am):
Aha! An apostrophe substitute! Nice find! I`ll just test it out...
Xmo5 (03/31/2014 09:54am):
BountyFrog (03/31/2014 02:07pm):
Its weird, last weekend it wasnt like that...
Nyvelion (03/31/2014 05:05pm):
You don't need to substitute, just type a backslash before every '.
alamech (03/31/2014 06:14pm):
like this: ' ?
Edit: Ah! Thanks for the tip, but just substituting with ī or ` is less tiping, at least
on my keyboard.

Edit the second: In most of Europe it was the first warm and sunny weekend, I think. And I
assume people sned press messages and broadcasts (well, I did), but you probably know that
better than me, was there real silence in your games list?
Also, not all weekends are like that past one, sadly, thatīs a condition for good things
to happen in our space-time; also bad things. Things in general. Donīt forget your scarf
when you go out, itīs the season to get sick easily.
Last Edited on 03/31/2014 07:02pm
Xmo5 (04/01/2014 11:03am):
Hmm, like this: ' ?

Well whatta ya know? It worked! I must have misread your last comment because I thought
you said backspace, not backslash. Now it's working fine with the backslash :)
Last Edited on 04/01/2014 11:04am
walkerboh01 (01/22/2015 02:40am):
Pretty decent overall, but the airport position is a bit too strong (by about 2 spaces too close to
the front), and the name is horrible. =)

Nyvelion (04/03/2015 02:07pm):
Are you taking suggestions on a map name?
Xmo5 (08/14/2015 02:27pm):
Well that would depend on the suggestion.
Jackie Milton (04/24/2016 01:48pm):
How about "Jackies Forever"?
Xmo5 (07/18/2016 02:56pm):
Good effort, but I'm the patty cake champion.
Jackie Milton (10/29/2016 12:30am):
Yeah? Well, I'm and official member of the Clean Plate Club. So take that.

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