Nyvelion 3v3
Creator: Veritech II || First Published: 04/10/2014 || Players: 6 || Size: 18x18
Categories: None
Rating: 7.00 in 3 ratings
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BountyFrog (04/10/2014 03:46pm):
Why did you put Nyvelion in the title?
Nyvelion (04/10/2014 04:58pm):
I too would like to know that.
BountyFrog (04/10/2014 05:12pm):
lol, I thought you knew that!
Xmo5 (04/11/2014 11:50am):
Everything is too neat and orderly for Nyvelion... I won't stand for this heresy
BountyFrog (04/11/2014 12:01pm):
Lololol, so true! (No offense Nyvelion)
Nyvelion (04/11/2014 03:03pm):
Of course. Neat and orderly are both synonyms to oppression to me. Chaos is preferable.
Nyvelion (04/11/2014 03:07pm):
Seriously though, why me. What did I do.
How this a map for me if there isn't even Grey Sky, my favorite army. Though at least you
didn't use Pink. I don't like Pink. Purple is ok though.
BountyFrog (04/11/2014 03:29pm):
Come on veritech, please answer him, im curious... :/
Xmo5 (04/11/2014 08:47pm):
Yeah agreed on the GS thing. I would have understood if that were the case. But this, this is
very far from Nyvelionized in any way I can think.
BountyFrog (04/11/2014 08:55pm):
I wonder if he even knows... lol
Nyvelion (04/12/2014 02:07pm):
I don't think he knows anything.
Nyvelion (04/12/2014 02:07pm):
Not sure who you meant, but I felt like saying that.
Veritech II (04/14/2014 03:34pm | Edited: 04/14/2014 03:38pm):
[quote] Clearly its a 3 vs 3 map. [quote]
Nyvelion (04/25/2014 05:42pm):
That is not clear at all
BountyFrog (07/13/2017 07:35am):
Wow this is old...
Literaljoker99 (07/15/2017 10:19am):
Sorry, but this is my first time playing AWBW, errrm... how do I start my turn?

Literaljoker99 (07/15/2017 10:20am | Edited: 07/15/2017 10:20am):

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