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Shaka-no-baka (Design Map by Xmo5)
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay

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Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Xmo5 (04/11/2014 11:26pm):
Okay, here is my actual attempt at Red11's challenge. Original requirements:

The Shaka map-making challenge. You design a small free for all (ffa) map, must be
18x18 tiles. Armies 5 or 6. No more than 64 properties including hqs. Map name must have the
word Shaka in it and be published here before June 30. I judge the winner, based on
creativity, terraining, interest.

This was a little difficult for my design idea, but I think its alright considering I didnt really put as much
thought into balancing it as I should. FTA counter is hard to make fair on a map like this too unless you
make it so certain players cant interact early on. Oh well.
Last Edited on 04/11/2014 11:27pm
Red11 (04/12/2014 12:09am):
ENTRY 1 - Shaka-Shaka - BountyFrog
ENTRY 2 - Shaka-no-baka - Xmo5

I think the map is very good, but please note there is no requirment for symmetry in this
competition, nor is balance high priority.

Competition Note : Up to three entries per person.
Last Edited on 04/12/2014 12:10am
BountyFrog (04/12/2014 08:00am):
Ah, okay thanks, I was wondering that... By the way nice map Xmo! Maybe even better than mine... ;) lol
Last Edited on 04/12/2014 06:05pm
Xmo5 (04/15/2014 03:14pm):
Can't believe I made it into the "New" maps category with this :)
Nyvelion (08/13/2016 09:35pm):
I can't believe it's still in the "New" maps category.
Do I just have a very different definition for that word?
Xmo5 (10/26/2016 10:00am):
I New someone would bring that up eventually... oh well, what can you New?

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