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After the Earthquake (Design Map by MorganLeah2)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
pen (08/15/2014 11:35pm):
MorganLeah (10/15/2014 07:03pm):
I don't know what vague unfinished form this was in when you said this (probably nothing
but plains and some sea in roughly what the sea+pipes is in now), but thank you :p
Mori2 (10/16/2014 01:20am):
Cool ideas here.
Clavus (10/18/2014 11:50am):
Note that it's pretty easy to rush the enemy HQ at the start. If you don't commit to defending it from
the very start you can end the game very early. See my game here:
MorganLeah (10/18/2014 01:28pm):
Well, yes, the vulnerable HQ's are a central design point of the map. However, I did just
touch up the terrain in that area to make sure it can't be done that quickly.
Slazzy (01/28/2015 05:15pm):
Clavus: actually, it isn't. you overlooked **SPOILER WARNING** that the shoals connect the
Last Edited on 02/05/2015 05:54pm
MorganLeah (01/31/2015 11:33pm):
Seeing as he had built a recon that crossed over on his defensive side, I'm pretty sure he
was well aware.
Slazzy (02/05/2015 05:53pm):
I don't see that.
MorganLeah (02/06/2015 03:43pm):
Okay, well, if you look at the game he linked, in the upper right area, there's clearly a
BM recon on the other side of the shoals, one tile north of the HQ...
Slazzy (02/11/2015 07:47pm):
I'm confused. Game-link is corrupt.
Last Edited on 02/11/2015 07:49pm
MorganLeah (02/12/2015 06:56pm):
Yes, it is because they're mostly deleted after a few weeks, but you can still see it...
I have circled the recon

It has come to my attention that it might not look that way to others, for some reason.
Anyway that's what I can see, so there you go.
Last Edited on 02/12/2015 07:06pm

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