Destiny Awaits (Remake)
Creator: excomotive || First Published: 08/03/2014 || Players: 2 || Size: 36x22
Categories: Casual Play, Heavy Naval
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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excomotive (08/03/2014 10:10am | Edited: 08/03/2014 10:14am):
Remake of my original map:
Now with wider chokepoints.

I'd recommend settings funds to 1.5k (37.5k/player/turn) or 2k (50k/player/turn) to fully
utilize all the ports and airports available.
Xmo5 (08/12/2014 08:36am):
I think I prefer the look of this one better. It just seems to provide a lot more
maneuverability for the naval battles (which was obviously the purpose) and probably makes
them more strategic as a result. The ghost ports are nice additions too, IMO.
Everdan (02/10/2015 11:52am):
Looks good, but I think the centre might be a little cramped, since land-based indirects are able to watch that
narrow strip of sea. With the base positioning I think it'll end up being a left vs right, with the NW and SE corners

That said, the outward-facing port on the home islands is a nice touch, creating essentially two naval fronts with
inherent imbalance. Also like that each player has at least 1 airport which can't be carrier-locked.

Maybe you could mix up the reef positions a bit more. Other than that it looks good.

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