Creator: Magic Elves || First Published: 10/03/2014 || Players: 12 || Size: 35x35
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Rating: 4.17 in 6 ratings
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Magic Elves (10/03/2014 06:05pm | Edited: 10/03/2014 08:25pm):
Try and secure as much as you can with your advance force before your main army breaks the
base seam and comes to back you up! Get both an inner factory and a lab and be able to
send powerful ranged units across the map to bombard your enemies, with few other units
able to reach them! Halt your opponent's piperunner production by blasting the seam
leading to their factory! Skulk through the forests, then deliver a crippling strike to
your opponent's rear flank! It's PIPELINE PANIC!

I built this map with two things in mind: a map that got more accessible and less
defensive as time goes on, and for piperunners to be a threat that can be averted by
blowing seams. The recommended way of playing this map is fog of war on, broken COs, mass
damage COs, and Sonja off, rockets banned, and piperunners as a lab unit.
MorganLeah (10/03/2014 06:56pm):
Er, that player number you set when first making a map is actually completely meaningless,
all it cares about is how many different countries' HQ's have been placed. This was
originally a 3 player map, for example:
Magic Elves (10/03/2014 07:10pm):
There were 12 players already signed up, but the game was still asking for more. I'm
pretty sure once you get above 8 players, things start getting weird because of the whole
deal with notepad and all that.
MorganLeah (10/03/2014 09:41pm):
Hm, that's possible. Maps greater than 4 player basically never get played to completion
due to people dropping out anyway, so I don't make many player maps, so I don't know if
there's any weird things associated with them.
Xmo5 (10/04/2014 11:52pm):
Agreed- it's very rare to find 8+ player matches that get played through to completion, at least
nowadays. I don't know what it was like back in the Renaissance. If there's any chance of
having games finish on many-player maps now, its with the group of people I play with because
we're pretty anal about not getting booted.
DSMaps (06/12/2021 06:55pm):

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