8 armys 4 teams 2 winners 1 cube
Creator: likeok4[BOT] || First Published: 10/07/2014 || Players: 8 || Size: 15x15
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Xmo5 (10/08/2014 12:29pm):
I assume the teams are ABCDDCBA, meaning each player is next to their partner and everyone
has a corner player and an edge player.

I think corner players have effectively no chance of making it to the middle and might be
choked out too easily by their attacking neighbors with more power. I'd recommend giving
them a property closer to where the pipe corners are and block it off a bit from the next
door enemy. You could also make things asymmetrical (kind of) by giving YC a base where
their city is to the west. They would beat their teammate to it naturally, but have an
extra power source to defend themselves with. Same with GE and the city to the north, OS
and the city to the east, and BM with the city to the south. I'd be tempted to make the
used silos into neutral cities too since funding will be low, especially for air units.
likeok4[BOT] (10/09/2014 10:41am | Edited: 10/09/2014 10:45am):
The teammate is on other side meaning you and your team mate have to survive and possibly to get the 'cube'
and defend inside it while trying to get others hqs (and defend theirs).
All though it can be tough if you and your teammate is in the corner which is why they'll need a tactic (and a lot
of speed) however i'll try even it up.
And i might remove the airports and replace them with cities (that are already captured)
And labs are going to be moved to where the silos are and the cornered hqs get a city where the labs were.
Hopefully i'll sort the map out and make it even.
however i think a conered and a edged player as teams would be quite fair.
Xmo5 (10/09/2014 01:56pm | Edited: 10/09/2014 01:59pm):
With these countries as the players, the teams should be as follows:


This balances turn order so Team A has the first and last turn, Team B has 2nd and 2nd to
last turn etc. Also, make sure that each team has 1 corner player and 1 non-corner player
and that each team borders the same number of teams that go before/after them. For
example, if you switched GE and YC's positions here each player would be grouped with
their teammate; all teams would move before enemies on the counter-clockwise border, but
after enemies on the clockwise border. This is important, so if you don't set them up this
way, expect to do some thinking to make it work.

The other things I mentioned (like the extra base) are to make things more fun for corner
players who are naturally at a disadvantage due to the map layout. Unlike playing against
the AI, playing against real people doesn't usually present the option to overcome map
imbalances by simply coming up with a good tactic/strategy. People are smart, and if the
imbalance is too great, even a novice can beat an expert. If you'd like to keep the
imbalance, it might be fun because the team has to decide whether to be aggressive and
attack the neighbor in the corner, or be defensive and focus on protecting their own
corner. I just wanted to make you aware that the imbalance was there- with teams it's less
important, so you can do with it what you please depending on the type of game you want.

Oh, and also be careful about giving 4k+ to anyone as a starter. It makes recons possible
from the Day 1 which can get really annoying sometimes. The roads and close proximity make
this worse. Maybe make recons lab units?
likeok4[BOT] (10/10/2014 10:49am):
Recon units will be lab units since they are like troll units.
plus 4k as starter is alright but if they did get recons they'll be wasting their turn to capture the nearby cities and
people on other side will have an advantage.

likeok4[BOT] (10/11/2014 12:36pm):
Xmo5's original one left RF in between GE and OS.
So this will be the offical teams for this map. (unless someone wants to change it)
Einwand (10/11/2014 04:38pm):
I'm not sure how you missed it, but you forgot to give GS their second city.
Xmo5 (10/13/2014 10:06am):
Indeed, easy fix at least. Also, you are correct in that my first comment implied leaving
the positions as they are, but I was mistaken. My second comment is the correct team
pairing for this map- I would leave RF and GS where they are and instead switch YC and
GE's position. That will make the turn order go clockwise from teams A-D and then
counterclockwise for the second players for D-A. It's actually a pretty cool visualization
of turn order balance.
Meta Rexy (10/18/2014 03:59am | Edited: 10/18/2014 04:00am):
Yea... I was wondering why you didn't set those types of teams earlier, Likeok, because in our game you have OS and YC teaming up, despite them being on opposite corners of the map, as well as BM and GE. They are totally screwed unless they make alliances.
Cluster of properties in the middle means that in most cases whoever caps first (or holds Sami) is going to get all of them. Also FTA regarding the missile placement. If RF plays smart they should have no problem launching most of the missiles.
Needs balancing. I understand you're going for the small urban arena type of motif, but even replacing the pipes with mountains goes a long way towards making this map less chokepointy.
likeok4[BOT] (04/20/2015 12:33pm):
Updated map:
Added pipes to help stop instant attacks.
Added forest in middle of roads as a little support when attacking.
Removed bases in the middle and the airport and added a Com tower in middle and 4 more labs to help anyone
who didn't capture one.
[Hoping this is better than last one intensifies]

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