1vs1 Verdun
Creator: wyj_0081 || First Published: 10/16/2014 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x17
Categories: A-Rank, Hall of Fame, Fog of War
Rating: 5.84 in 32 ratings
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Meta Rexy (10/18/2014 05:26am):
Two words.
Xmo5 (10/23/2014 02:12pm):
Nah, Jake is the real threat here.
Nyvelion (11/06/2014 09:48am):
I'd fear Grimm.
excomotive (11/07/2014 07:50am):
Even on a map that is 99% roads, Koal is still only barely average.
Meta Rexy (11/11/2014 01:07pm):
Was being sarcastic lol
No I'd really be concerned about Max with his movement bonuses and buffed tanks and copters.

This would be hell to play in fog lol.
Nyvelion (12/11/2014 03:57pm):
99% roads would be something for Koal, but that's different from this. Koal basically
needs a road completely surrounded by roads to be able to really take advantage of his
power. Instead, look at this map, how often does that happen? About 15-20% of the tiles?
If someone sees the opponent picked Koal, all they have to do it stay on the abundant
forests and capturables, or force Koal to attack from those spaces, and Koal doesn't get
an advantage. There are just enough non-roads on the map to avoid Koal's advantage on
roads, with little change in formation.
the FANG (05/06/2015 06:43am):
I have to announce that although this map seems to be boring, it's still a good map
worthy trying and better than many other maps.
This map is designed for fog wars, but totally different from other foggy wars I
played. By using recons, almost all opponents' troops and formation can be seen,
and it's not very hard to guess what's in the woods. So it's rather a no-fog game
though you can't see the troops out of vision. I think this type of games is better
than a simple fog war.
Another point is that the terrain is very flat, which makes tanks and recons very
important while artilleries are almost useless. Also, these vehicles are much
faster to reach the battlefront than the infantries. As a result, the infantries are
limited in the opening.
CO tiers on this map is different. I don't think that's something should be blamed.
Max, Grit: top
Jess: high
Adder: high
Koal: mid
I agree there are still some problems on this map, for example, the indirect troops
are useless, the terrains are malformed. But this map gives me the best fog war
experience. So I rate it 7.
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